Yes, to all you people out there who have ever read any of my stories, I am starting a new fanfiction.

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These things just come to me naturally!

Like this? Well... I got this inspiration from another story I read, but... well duh.

Everyone needs inspiration!

And I'll stop blabbering now...

The Darkest of Days

An Original Fanfiction by

X-Scree Scree-X

Chapter One

Crashing to Death

I had forgotten the reason why I was here. It was my parents' idea to send my off to some distant planet I knew nothing of. They didn't tell me why or where I was going. I was a pawn in a chess game. I was a puppet being controlled by the puppeteer. I was just... me. And what was there to say about me? I was a normal teenage girl, fourteen going of fifteen, with way too long blondish brown hair, glaucous (OOFF:/ No, that is not a typo. Glaucous is a shade of blue. Never heard of it? Look it up. Just sounds so much better then plain "blue eyes"...) blue eyes, 5"4 height and lightly tanned skin. By my description, some of you have probably assumed that I'm a pretty, preppy girl who wears every shade of pink possible, as well as make up. If that is your conclusion, you are sorely mistaken. I could care less about what I look like and what kind of clothing I wear. Most called me the "bad child" of my family. I was born to Michael and Emelia Yaers, two middle class people living on Helion Prime. My father worked as a Merc for most of his life, but stopped going out, and instead owns a company, while my mom stays at home. I wasn't an only child, unfortunately, having two older sisters and a younger brother. Only thing is, I wasn't related. At all. After my two older sisters were born, my dad and mom decided they wanted a boy child. Once they met up with a doctor and were told they weren't going to be able to have another kid, they went out and found a couple who didn't want the kid they were having. They were told by the doctor it was a boy, so my parents waited. Then came the day I was supposed to be born, and low and behold, I was a girl. So, having already bought me off my parents' hands, they took me in, only to have my younger brother a couple years later.

Yeah, my family was screwed up. I could vaguely remember being pushed into a corner once my brother had been born. I wasn't the child they had wanted, so why pay attention to me? But I continued to live with them, my "family", until now. I think they had told me this was some special trip for school, but I knew that was a lie. They were sending me off. Getting rid of me. Why have another worthless mouth to feed when I wasn't even their child?

No, it didn't hurt. I had never loved them like a mother and father. My two older sisters, Cicily and Della were alright to me, and Jareth and I got along, but it never did feel right. I was actually pretty excited that I finally got to go on an adventure all on my own. By myself with no parents or siblings.

And who am I? Raion Dai Turow (ray-on die tur-oh). That was what my parents called me, after all; my real parents. To my other family, I was Julie-Ann Margret Yaers. I much preferred my birth name to a name so used as that one.

So here I was, in a cold, dead sleep in cyro. They had told me that the trip I was going on would be a long one, and the best way to live those long years would be to sleep it off. I didn't know if I technically got older, or what, so I just nodded my head and let them put me under. The ship we were on, the Hunter-Gratzner, was something of a cargo ship, that now held about forty or so people. I had met only a few of them, including the holy man, Imam, along with the three boys with him, the pilot and docking pilot, a couple of other kids, including Jack, Matts and Helen, and a couple others. On the way to my cyro tank, we passed the "dangerous criminal", Riddick. I was told by one of the other kids that he was being transported to a new slammer for killing tons of people. He was bound in his cyro tank, with something like a horse bit in his mouth and a black cloth tied around his eyes. He was much taller then I was, with somewhat dark skin, almost bald head and huge muscles. I wasn't a small girl - after all, I did work out some times - but I could never have gotten that big. Every muscle on his body must have been toned. Even though he was blind folded, his head seemed to follow me as the others and I walked by.

Cyro... how to describe it... Sleeping doesn't fit, because when you're asleep, your brain's still alive and moving. In cyro, it's not the same. No, you don't die, but your body... hibernates. But of course, for us, it felt like only a few minutes.

I had fallen into the fake sleep of the cyro, only to be awaken by a jolt. Getting me awake was a job within its self. I didn't wake easily and enjoyed the confides of my dreams. Cicily always joked that a ship could crash into our house and I'd still be out cold.

But the jolt had woken me up, and at first I though it was just a little turbulence and that I should just go right back to sleep. But the bright red lights ablaze in front of me warned me before I could even close my eyes again. Something was wrong.

I was now fully awake; not an ounce of drowsiness clouded my brain as the adrenaline ran through my veins. Panic began to course through my body as I look around for a way to escape my shaking prison. I ran the captains word through my head in case we had an emergency. In case of emergency... in case of emergency... damn it! I couldn't remember a thing!

I looked through the plastic that held me secure in my cyro tank to see the youngest member on the ship, Helen, screaming for help. Her brother, Matts, still hadn't woken yet, and stood slumped against the side of the tank. No... wait. He wasn't asleep. Blood dripped down from his now bright red shirt.

My heart leaped into my throat as the panic hit me again. This was real. People were dying. I began slamming my fists against the front of my cyro tank, trying to get out. I had to help Helen. At least help her. At least do something.

I had been hammering against the wall for only a few seconds before everything went upside down. Literally. I was tossed around like a rag doll in my tank; hitting the sides and roof like I had been put in a dryer.

Instinctively, I bent my head down to my chest and wrapped my arms around my head, curling into a ball to keep as safe as I could.

It dragged on like that for what seemed to be hours, and my whole body ached. I couldn't take it anymore. It just got worse and worse as we carried on. I had finally decided to just give up my fetal position to be tossed around like a toy when a loud scraping noise reached my ears and I was sent up to the roof before falling down to my knees.

It became still and silent, but I crouched there, whimpering lightly. Was everyone all right? What if I was the only one alive? Where did we crash? Questions raced through my mind as I slowly looked up from my crouch.

Chords and things hung from the ceiling and sparks erupted from a few of them. My cyro tank was banged up, but look well enough. The ones across from me, though... were gone. That whole wall that should have been across from me was gone, and I was left staring across a bare and desert land.

Taking a deep breath, I stood to my aching legs and gently pushed open the tank door. My breathing came out in sharp gasps; my side hurt. But as far as I was concerned, I was alright compared to some... I took a soft step out of the tank, looking around at my surrounds. There wasn't much around but the half of ship I was left on. I was about to take another step out when a long, screeching moan paused me in my steps. By the time I realized the noise was coming from behind me, the large and heavy cyro tank held down my bottom half. My breathing became staggered as the weight of the metal tank pressed against my middle. I was going to me cut in half.

I closed my eyes as I tried to conserve energy. Maybe I'd just... rest my eyes... for a... second...

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