Chapter Three

Skull Fuck

Once outside in the blazing heat, I noticed quite a few things. One, there was desert all around, except for some tall... oh what would you call them? Peaks? What every they were, they towered above the average person. Two, there were three suns; two golden hot and one blue. Never in my life time had I seen a blue sun, so I was amazed. Of course, Riddick wouldn't give me time to just stare at the sun, so after pushing me in front of him, we began to run. First toward the two golden suns. Once a mile or so away from he wreck, Riddick grabbed the head piece that had been placed on him to keep him mouth shut, and threw it to the ground before turning and running the other way.

"What the hell was that for?" I growled; Johns wasn't an idiot. It wouldn't throw him off our trail. Surely Riddick was smarter then that.

Riddick let out a growl as we began our long trek toward the blue sun.

"Might keep 'em away for a while." He mumbled over his shoulder as we ran.

I was surprised that I could even keep up with him; after all, he was stronger then I was. But then again, I had always been exceptional in running at school; I could run the mile in less than six minutes while all the rest finished around eight or nine.

But boy did this air make it harder. I felt winded, running; more winded then I've ever been really. My breathing came out in raspy little gasps as my throat began to dry in the heat.

And or course, being the klutz I was, and not looking where I was going, I tripped on a stupid piece of rock, hitting the ground with my bare knees. Now not only was I dirty, but I was bleeding. Letting out a grunt as I tried to regain my breathing, I looked down at my dirtying clothing. I wore black tennis shoes with brown cargo pants cut at the knee, as well as a black sleeveless jacket with a white undershirt.

"Waitin' around for Johns so get you?" Riddick asked in his deep voice as a shadow over came me. I glanced up from where I sat on my knees to the muscly convict staring down at me.

"Why do you care? I thought you killed people; why drag me along?" The thought hit me suddenly as I looked up at him. Why had he gotten me out of my shackles? Wasn't I a burden anyway?

Not giving me an answer, he turned to leave me sitting there.

"Can't we at least walk?" I muttered, hopefully loud enough to reach his ears, "They can't have found out we left yet."

"Sure kid." Riddick mumbled, turning around looking down at me once more, "But if we aren't running from them, who knows what else could get us."

He did have a point.

"My name isn't 'kid', ya know." I told him, crossing my arms and squinting up at him.

"I don't wanna know your name." He growled, turning around to leave me behind, once again.

"It's Raion. Raion Turow." I mumbled, rolling my eyes as I started to run to catch up.

Only to run into his back.

"Turow..?" Me mumbled softly, and I had to strain to catch it.

"Yeah, why?" I asked curiously.

"That's not what the others called you." He growled, losing that brief soft self that had shown for only a moment.

"That wasn't my real name. I was adopted. I don't know who my real parents are." I mumbled, curious about why Riddick was asking, "But why is it..?"

"It's not." He answered my unsaid question, "Come on."

We now made it to huge hills of rocks and rubble, and everything was covered in blue. It was the blue you got in your eyes when you've had your eyes closed outside in the bright sun for a long time, and you've just opened them. It was almost a scary blue.

We sat atop one of the hills, hidden behind some rocks as we waited for the hunting party to walk by. They gave us enough warning, of course, what with Imam's Arabic singing.

So as we sat there, listening to the old mans other language, I tried to figure out Riddick's thoughts.

"Why are we waiting here?" I whispered to him, glancing his way as he looked around the rock, "Why aren't we still going?"

"It's just as easy to get your prey from behind as it is for them to fall into a trap. Maybe easier." Riddick growled to me in his deep, gravely voice.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I growled, trying to look around the other side of the rock. A small landslide of stones under one of my feet almost sent me toppling down to Johns and the others, but luckily, Riddick grabbed me and swung me around, face to face with him.

"Be. Quiet." He snarled, his hot breath hitting me in the face. What, did he forget his tooth brush?

The group had stopped beneath us by now, Johns telling them to shush while they all stared wildly around for Riddick or myself.

Johns began to make a hasty jog up to where we were. My insides jumped and I began to panic. Where were we going to hide? This little mountain only had this one big rock that we were hiding behind. There was no where else to go. But Riddick held his hand up to me, telling me to move back around the rock, away from where Johns was coming. But what about the others..?

To my surprise, they were moving down the little valley they had been walking in, and, hopefully, if no one turned around, they wouldn't see us.

Now not only were Johns going up the rocky hill, but so was Fry.

Once around Johns and Fry, we made our way past the small group of Imam and his boys as they looked something over. Instead, we started our way toward... trees? They definitely looked like trees from where I was. Sure to keep hidden from Johns who now stood atop the mountain we were hiding on, we made our way over to them. Riddick was ahead of me; after all, the air was starting to get to me, and once he reached the so called trees, he paused before letting out a dark chuckle.

"These ain't trees." He growled, looking down at them.

Finally reaching his side, I saw what he meant. They were bones. Not just a couple of bones, but whole skeletons of creatures twenty times bigger then the average human. Riddick and I made our way down to them, we stood on a cliff before, and walked along the ribs of some bones. I let my small tanned hand run over the ribs as large as my arm in wonder. What kind of creature had this kind of skeleton... and were there even some alive?

It looked like a herd of whatever creature it was... and from what I saw, we weren't going to be seeing live ones any time soon.

"Come on." Riddick grunted, shoving me with his shoulder toward a large collapsed carcass.

I stumbled for a moment, glaring over my shoulder in mock anger. All he did was stare back at me with a blank expression. His emotionless face was starting to freak me out.

Once inside, he looked up into what would be the back of the creature. Large holes let down blue light into the bone structure, giving us a clear view of the sky. Once done observing the holes, he looked to me.

"Hide up there." He grunted, looking for a hiding place for himself.

"Hide? But they're not-" That's when I heard both Imam and Fry say something from up on the cliff where we had been only minutes before.

Riddick raised an eyebrow, looking down at me with a slightly amused look.

"Shut up..." I mumbled, reaching for the bone above me. My hands grasped it, but I lacked the upper body strength to pull myself up. I got my chin all the way up to the bone, but was unable to push any higher.

"Dammit." I cursed with a swoosh of air, kicking my legs to try and get up.

From below me, I felt someone grasp my hips. I would have let out a squeak of terror if I hadn't been practically thrown onto the bone.

Looking over my shoulder, hair everywhere, I saw Riddick looking up at me with a rock hard expression.

"Quiet." He hissed, before he found his own hiding spot.

It wasn't long before I heard some of the boys talking to themselves in Arabic, and even another boy running a piece of bone along some other bones just outside of the creature I hid in.

I suddenly heard Johns large boots sneaking around below me, and I held my breath, afraid that he'd find my hiding place like the last time. Before I knew it, a black gun swung just above my head before it disappeared back to where it had gone. My heart leaped into my throat, hammering a millions miles an hour as Johns left. My heartbeat still hadn't gone back to normal when Riddick showed up below me, gesturing with his head to follow him. So, as lightly as I could, I jumped down from my hiding place and followed Riddick out of the body we were currently in, to another only a few feet away. That's when we saw Fry, fixing her air pump. I wonder if those things really worked...

Riddick pulled out a small, bone colored white shiv and began his way toward Fry, who was now leaning against the ribs that separated her from us. Was he going to kill her? Was he going to give Johns more reason to want the both of us dead?

Speaking of the blue eyed devil... Johns walked over to Fry, a hat on his head and a bottle of whiskey in his hand and mouth.

Once he reached Fry, he held the quarter filled bottle out to her.

"Drink?" He asked. Oh look. Shows that demons really do have a heart for she-demons.

"Probably shouldn't do this." Fry mumbled as she took the bottle from him and began to undo it, "Dehydrates you even more."

Johns took off his hat, chuckled a, "You're probably right," and squatted at her side.

"You could have stayed back at the ship. Probably should have. If we don't find water, you know what happens." Johns mumbled. Was he looking out for her?

And water sounded really good right now, what with my dry throat...

"I wanted to get away." Fry told Johns, holding his bottle in her hand.

"I've never seen a captain so ready to leave her ship." Johns said quickly after her.

Fry paused, giving Johns a quick look before she began to stand up, mumbling, "I think we should keep moving."

"What'd Owens mean..." Johns interjected, looking up at her from where he was, "About not touching the handle?"

What did Johns know that we didn't?

Fry stared out over the bone yard, not answering his question as Riddick and I came closer to her, still protected by our bone barrier.

Johns stood up, giving her one of his cocky ass looks that said, "I know what you did."

"This is between you and me, Carolyn, I promise." Johns mumbled as Riddick and I listened.

I had to bite my tongue to keep from gagging; the lies coming from between his teeth were smothering me.

"I'm not your captain." Fry snapped, leaning back against the bones, closer to where Riddick stood.

At this, Riddick raised his knife, or shiv, and started easing ever closer to Fry's unprotected neck.

"During the landing..." Fry mumbled, looking away from Johns, "When things were at their worst, Owens was at his best. He's the one that stopped the docking pilot from dumping the main cabin."

I felt my eyes widen ever so slightly. So... Fry would have willingly killed us for her own life? I didn't really take her to be that kind of person...

Riddick's shiv stopped before reaching Fry, and his hand began to go back down. What was he thinking about?

"Passengers..." Fry mumbled.

"And the docking pilot being?" Johns asked. What a smart ass! Like he wouldn't know. Now he just squirting lemon juice on the wound. I actually felt kind of bad for Fry, having to put up with his ass.

Fry just looked at him, trying to remain as expressionless as possible, although she'd never be able to beat Riddick.

He now brought his shiv back up to Fry's head. What was he going to..?

All he did was cut a piece of her hair.

"I guess I'm a little more glad to be here than I thought." Johns mumbled with a smirk before putting his hat over Fry's head and walking away.

Riddick took the piece of hair he had cut from Fry's head and sniffed it, almost like a tiger scenting from it's pray, before he blew it away in the wind.

Once Fry had walked away, I looked back up to the animal who was now my... care taker wouldn't settle it. I don't know... more of an older sibling dare devil thing? But I crossed my arms, looking up at him with a raised brow as he turned back to me.

"What now?" I asked, "Who knows how long they'll be wandering this planet..."

"We go back." He mumbled.

"Back?" I asked, confused, "Why? To get caught?"

"Naw." Riddick mumbled, pushing past me with a smirk, "Just skull fuck the rest of 'em."

I nibbled on my lip for a moment before shrugging and following him out of the bones. Sounded like fun to me.

I'm probably 100% positive that all of you die hard Riddick fans have heard they're making a new Riddick movie called The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking!

And if you haven't... shame on you!

No, no, I'm kidding... but yeah, it sounds very interesting to me!

From what I've read, it sounds like it's going to be a bit more like Pitch Black then the second movie, which I personally prefer.

What are your opinions?

Until next time