"Hey Danny" hollered Tucker "get over here."

"Hey guys."

"Hi Danny" said Sam.

"So now you two are officially a couple, right?" questioned Tucker.

"No Tucker, Danny and I kissed, he gave me a class ring, and we both confessed that we love each other 'cause we felt like it" snapped Sam.

"Jeez, no need to be so sarcastic about it, all you had to say was yes" huffed Tucker "you should be nicer to me considering I'm going to be a very rich man, what with all that money I'm going to collect with that little bet I made."

"What the hell are you talking about Tuck" growled Danny.

"Don't worry you both each get a hundred dollars though that's probably though that's probably the amount of pocket money you got a day when you were seven Sam, but I'll give it to you anyway seeing as I'll still have nine thousand and eight hundred dollars left".

"What!" Sam and Danny yelled in unison.

"It seems that practically the whole school wanted a piece of the action, some teachers even decided to place a bet after I promised to keep their information confidential."

"Please tell me your joking Tuck" sighed Sam.

"Nope, everybody was willing to put in a nice bit of money in to bet when you two lovebirds would admit your feelings."

"We're not lovebirds!"

Suddenly horrific realization that they could no longer deny the accusation and they would have to put up with Tucker's merciless teasing dawned upon their faces.

"You know what forget it" sighed Danny "Now, who has any idea what I'm supposed am I supposed to o about the problems that include but are not limited to Valerie, the A-listers, the family reunion I have coming up, and the interview of doom tomorrow?"

"You lost me at the family reunion and interview, you should really tell me these things dude." Said a very annoyed Tucker "I mean who else is supposed to keep track of your schedule, if you don't tell me what's going on"?

"Quit your whining Tucker, now Danny what's this about a family reunion"?

"Aww, Sam wants to introduce herself to Danny's family, how adorable".

"Shut it Tucker or you'll find out exactly why I wear combat boots" responded Sam. "Now Danny could you get on with telling us about that family reunion of yours."

"My ever so dear aunt Angelina is planning a family reunion and has decided to invite both sides of my family which definitely isn't asking for disaster to strike."

"How cute" said Tucker with an overly satisfied smirk on his face "not only do you two both speak fluent sarcasm as your second language which happens to be nothing compared to Esperanto, you both have annoying family members."

"Shut up Tuck, the idea for a universal second language is a good one, but most people don't even know what it is let alone speak it. While we're on the topic of family member how'd your parents take us dating Sam?"

"Everybody on the face of the planet that is connected to civilization think that you're the best person on the face of the earth, my parents are easily swayed by popular opinion, how do think they feel? They're calling up every person they know to brag about how their daughter is dating the rescuer of the world."

"That must be annoying."

"It is, now you should just forget about the A-listers , and Valerie may be stubborn and thick-headed but she's still sensible, I'm guessing she doesn't think what happened at Axion labs isn't your fault anyway and as long as you don't avoid her like you were obviously planning on dong than she won't have time to think up of far-fetched conspiracy theories."

"I hope your right, t my luck that Valerie is a good friend and its way better when she's shooting at my enemies and not at me, it's just my luck that she's a decent ghost fighter. That interview I was talking about, Jazz was being a whiner so my mom scheduled one for tomorrow."

"Ouch, you know if I was still mayor I would've been able to set a farther date up."

"Let it go Tucker, a sixteen year old mayor isn't the best of ideas, the thought of what you would do n office is enough to give me nightmares."

"Glad to see that you have so much faith in me Sam, and Danny you're going to have to face two of your problems right now."

"What are you talking about Tucker?"

"You're so spaced that you didn't even notice we're right in front of the school."

"Well time to get this over with."

A/N Sorry for the wait, I was suffering from post-Fang depression, anybody here who reads Maximum Ride will know what I mean. A word of warning the next chapter is going to be extremely clich├ęd and unoriginal, it's when the interview starts that things will get interesting.