"Wear something comfortable is a little vague to tell someone what to wear on a date," Cameron said as she sat down in the chair on the other side of House's desk the next morning.

House watched as Cameron took a bite of her muffin and noted she also liked pecans, "I thought you'd be the kind of woman who liked surprises."

"I am okay with surprises," Cameron answered, "I just want to know what to wear to the surprise."

House was about to answer but an idea popped into his head and a devious smile spread across his face, "I got a better idea don't worry about picking out clothes to wear."

"What am I supposed to go naked now," Cameron asked playfully but not liking the look on House's face too much.

"Never mind we'll go with your idea," House said.

"House," Cameron said exasperated.

"Since you don't know what to wear I'll pick you up something," House said like it was a logical solution.

"I take back what I said about surprises," Cameron started not expecting that answer from House, "I am not too sure about you and surprises."

"What you don't trust me to bring you something to wear?" House asked innocently.

Cameron rolled her eyes, "You'll probably bring me a g-string and a see -thru bra."

"You can provide your own underwear… or unless you want to go commando I'm cool with that too," House said with a leer.

"Fine you can bring what I wear," Cameron said knowing that when House got an idea he wasn't going to let it go. She also knew whatever happened she could always get her own clothes if House brought something she didn't want to wear.

House gave a nod and a mischievous grin as he took a gulp of his coffee. The date was going to be more fun than he realized.


At three House walked into the conference from his office with his backpack on his shoulder, "You all hold down the fort I'm cutting out early."

House started to walk towards the door.

Foremen just shook his head and went back to reading a medical journal.

Cameron studied House wondering if him leaving early had anything to do with picking her up clothes to wear,

"Aren't you scheduled for clinic duty in an hour?" Chase asked not thinking too much about it.

House stopped and smirked thinking sometimes it was just too easy. House turned and looked at Chase, "It sounds like Cuddy, it has moisturized hair like Cuddy, but you seem to be lacking the chest balloons. Guess since you're not Cuddy you get to cover for me."

House noticed Foremen grin behind his medical journal.

"That's not fair I was going to," Chase started and half looked at Cameron.

House saw where his eyes were traveling and cut him off, "You're right it is unfair."

"It is," Chase said tentatively. Surprised House was agreeing with him.

"Sure I shouldn't just single you out like that. So let's play a game," House said with a tone that said he was clearly up to something.

Foremen and Cameron looked up from what they were doing to see what House was up to.

"What sort of game?" Chase asked in an uneasy voice.

House didn't answer but put his backpack on the conference table and walked to the middle of the room, "Cameron come over here."

Cameron hesitated for a moment but got up from her chair and stood right next to House.

"Okay," House announced as Cameron got in position, "we'll let fate decide which one you is lucky enough to get to do my clinic hours."

House looked at Cameron, "I am going to close my eyes and Cameron you are going to spin me around five times as fast as you can. Then with my eyes closed I'll point and whoever I point at wins."

"That's not what I meant…" Chase started but a glare from House stopped his protest.

House noticed Cameron hesitate and decided to test her, "I know touching me will make the sexual sparks fly."

Cameron caught herself from gaping and gave him a scowl, like she would have if House and her weren't going out.

A little harder than necessary Cameron grabbed House, one hand on his stomach and the other on his back, and House closed his eyes. Cameron did everything she could not to think about how she could feel House's abs under his t-shirt; apparently he was doing crunches along with the running. As quickly as she could Cameron turned House around five times, let go after making sure he was steady, and walked back to her desk.

The three ducklings just watched House in anticipation. Foremen wanted to object at how silly it was and that House should do his own hours but knew it would only draw the fire to him.

After a few moments House said casually, "Chase."

"Yeah," Chase offered automatically.

House casually lifted his finger towards where Chase's voice came from and opened his eyes, "Winner."

Cameron and Foremen both started laughing.

"That is not fair," Chase immediately protested but feeling stupid for falling for House's trick.

As House picked up his backpack he answered, "Anybody ever tell you that you sound like a broken record? Remember I am there from four to seven tonight." Without waiting House walked out of the conference leaving behind an amused Foreman and Cameron but a pissed Chase.

As House entered the elevator he thought about how he killed two birds with one stone, he successfully pawned off his clinic hours and saved Cameron from being asked out by Chase again. He knew Cameron was going to be too nice to break's the marsupial's heart.


At 6:45 Cameron was standing in her living room in a plain green terry cloth robe. She had thought about teasing House by wearing her blue silk robe that only went down to her thighs. It was something she had bought because it was on sale but never actually used, probably because she never had a chance to. Cameron decided to save it because she figured House would either make her go to wherever they were going in her robe, or he would forget about the date and try to get her into the bedroom. Not that she was opposed to the idea but she really wanted to see what House had in store for her.

At that moment Cameron heard a knock at the door and walked towards it. After looking through the peephole Cameron opened the door to let House in. As House walked in she raised an eyebrow when she saw two gift-wrapped boxes in blue paper, one was a flat box that she knew held clothing but the other was about the size of a shoebox.

After Cameron closed the door she turned to House and crossed her arms over her chest expectantly, "You brought me gifts?"

Cameron noticed House was in blue jeans, sneakers, and a fitted grey tee. She wondered why House just didn't tell her to wear jeans and a t-shirt, it wouldn't have given anything away. House was up to something.

"Keeps the element of surprise," House said and handed her the longer box first, "So what you got on under that robe."

As Cameron started to remove the paper from the box she answered coyly, "You did give me the option of going commando didn't you?"

House's eyes widened and cursed himself for walking into that one. To counteract the effect of her statement House tried to remember the old woman with syphilis who had kept hitting on him when she came into the clinic.

As Cameron opened the box she laughed and looked at House, "You're joking right?

"What that outfit's got you written all over it," House teased pleased with her reaction.

Cameron shook her head and removed a pair of pajama paints and a more modest tank top than she wore on their last date. What was shocking about the items were what was on them. They weren't just pajama pants but they were dark pink and had a red care bear pattern, Cameron decided it was better not to tell House she knew the red bear was Tenderheart. The tank top was black except for a medium sized heart in the middle of the chest.

"Is this another jab at me being over caring," Cameron tried to act annoyed but was failing miserably. The pajama pants were really soft flannel and she imagined they would be really warm.

"That would be hypocritical of me since I said that was one of the reasons I asked you out," House said but didn't deny that his choice had to do with caring personality, "Don't forget this one."

Cameron eyed House suspiciously as she put down the box and nightwear before taking the other box. Once again she tore off the paper and her earlier guess was confirmed, it was a shoebox. As Cameron opened it she laughed and shook her head harder at what she saw. The slippers were like the big cartoon themed slippers you'd usually see at the mall, and of course the care bear theme continued. At the end of the slippers a pair of Tenderheart faces looked back at her.

Cameron didn't know if she wanted to laugh at the absurdity of it or if she wanted to cry at how sweet the gifts were. It was one the nicest things someone had ever done for her. Cameron was starting to think relationship House was a different kind of animal.

House got a little uncomfortable at the sight of Cameron's watery eyes, "They had matching little girl Care Bear underwear but people would've called me a pervert when I checked out."

"There's the regular House," Cameron thought but still wasn't deterred from her happiness.

"Now go get changed or we won't get there on time," House said feigning impatience.

Cameron gave an amused grin before picking up her gifts and going down the hall into her bedroom. She removed her robe and quickly got dressed into the tank top and pajama pants. Cameron closed her eyes at how soft and warm the pajama pants felt. Next Cameron sat on the bed and placed the slippers on the feet, they felt softer and warmer than the pants. Looking into the mirror Cameron thought she looked ready to go to a slumber party instead of a date, Cameron wondered if House was trying to send he a hidden message. As she looked at her hair she thought about putting it into a ponytail to complete the look but decided not to since House liked her hair down.

On her way out Cameron grabbed her waist length dark jean jacket and went back to find House still standing at the front door. She imagined House had to fight the urge to snoop, or that he realized there wouldn't be enough time to really go through anything.

Cameron blushed as she saw House look at her appraisingly, and if she wasn't mistaken just as much as when he saw her on their last date.

Cameron recovered and looked at House playfully, "I don't think it is fair I look like I'm dressed to go to bed and you're dressed in jeans."

"You women always find something to complain about," House said feigning seriousness.

Cameron was about to roll her eyes when she saw House toe off his shoes, unbuckle his belt, undo his jeans, and slowly slide them down to reveal a pair of pajama pants. Cameron laughed so hard she started to tear up as she saw House was wearing black pajama paints with black and yellow Batman symbols.

House looked amused at how funny Cameron found the situation and merely grabbed his wallet and keys out of his jeans and put them in his pajama pockets. Next he folded up his jeans and slipped his shoes back on.

Cameron stopped laughing but was catching her breath as House said in a light tone, "This is as much as you get. I don't do slippers."

Cameron stood a little straighter, "I wasn't even serious so the pants is more than enough from me… So you going to tell me where we're going that allows us to be dressed like were ready to go to bed? And it better not be a hotel." Cameron added the last part playfully but she almost wouldn't mind just curling up on the couch with House and watch television, she felt extremely comfortable.

"Damn didn't even think about a hotel," House played, "But if we're going to get there in time we got to go."

Cameron took that as a no to him disclosing the location of their date but if it was as thoughtful as her clothes she decided she didn't mind.

"Let's go," Cameron said and opened the door for House to go first and followed after him, turning off the lights and locking the door behind her.

Once outside Cameron began to look around for House's motorcycle, "Where's your bike?"

"Who said we we're taking the bike?" House said and started walking up the sidewalk and Cameron furrowed her eyebrow suspiciously, followed to catch up to House and deciding to take his hand like it was the status quo.

House led her to a parking lot across the street from her apartment build and Cameron gasped in delight as she saw House's red 1965 Corvette.

"We're taking your Corvette?" Cameron asked not hiding her surprise.

House bit back his 'duh' comment and instead grinned at her enthusiasm, "Where we're going the bike wouldn't be a good choice."

Cameron looked at House questioning as he let go of her hand and preceded to get in the driver's side, Cameron mimicked him and got in the passenger side. Cameron shook her head as she remembered House told her he wasn't the type of a guy to open doors for her. Cameron never really cared for that anyway and she decided if House kept it up she would probably start opening doors for him. Cameron grinned again as she pictured House getting upset at her if she even tried that.

House noticed Cameron Cheshire grin but attributed it to the sappiness of the situation and started up the car, backed up, and drove out of the parking lot.

As he started to drive towards the highway House found himself pleased that so far Cameron was enjoying his choices. Knowing this House felt much more confident that Cameron would enjoy where he was taking her.


After an hour and after they got off the main highway Cameron had no idea where they were going or where they were. The drive was nothing to complain about, Cameron loved the feel of the wind whipping through her hair and watching the summer sun set on the horizon. Her and House had a relaxed conversation of mainly trading jokes, House's arsenal was a little more extensive than hers.

Throughout the drive Cameron tried to get House to tell her where they were going only receive a deflection for an answer, seemed House was intent on keeping the surprise.

After another fifteen minutes Cameron finally sighed and turned to House, "Not to sound like an impatient five year old, but are we there yet?"

House was about to tell her no when he saw the water tower landmark he was told to look for when he got directions of the website, "This may be the first time a positive answer has been given to that question but yes."

Cameron looked around quickly like an over eager child as they turned onto a side road in a small town. There was an out of place car dealership, and a gas station with a fast food restaurant built in.

As House pulled the car into the gas station Cameron looked disappointed and House rolled his eyes, "The 65's weren't known for their gas mileage I need to fill up. Go use the restroom while I'm out here."

As House got out the car to pump the gas Cameron got out as well she thought she might as well go while their there, "Should I get us some food from Wendy's while I'm in there?"

"I'll be in there in a minute after I'm done," House told her as he held the pump into the car.

Cameron understood the implied hidden statement, "House you're paying for the gas the least I could do is pay for the food."

House wasn't convinced, if it we're Wilson he would make him pay for the gas and the food, but with Cameron he wanted the date to be as close to perfect as he could manage it.

Cameron wasn't going to be defeated, "You can pay for wherever you're taking me. Let me at least do this."

If Cameron had looked defiant House would have held his ground but instead she looked hopeful and that reminded him more of the Cameron he knew when she first started working for him. Finally he relented, "Fine single bacon burger and fries. But don't get me a drink and the same goes for you."

She was about to question why she wasn't allowed to get any drinks but decided House wouldn't tell her anyways. Instead Cameron went inside and did as House asked.

A few minutes later Cameron was placing House's order and her garden salad with chicken to go as House came in and used the restroom himself.

Cameron received their food just as House came out and they exited the gas stop/fast food place and got back into the Corvette. As they pulled out of the gas station they only traveled a quarter mile down the two-lane road and Cameron gasped as she saw the sign to where they were going.

There was a tall vertical sign that read Starlight Drive-Inn in faded neon letters and two dirt roads leading into two ticket booths. As House turned the car onto one of the roads she looked at House, astonished that he would even think of such a thing, she didn't even try to hide her expression as she saw House start to look smug.

House pulled up to the booth and addressed the middle age woman at the counter, "Two, screen six."

The woman looked offended by House's terse order but only replied, "That'll be nineteen dollars."

House handed the woman a twenty and she handed him back the tickets plus the change, "Restrooms and snacks are at the building in the middle. Just follow the signs to your screen and turn your radio to 88.7 FM."

Once again House bit back a sarcastic remark about who wouldn't figure out to follow the signs but once again decided to be civil as not to ruin it for Cameron. He didn't know if it was because of Cameron or the absence leg pain but it really didn't take too much effort to control his tongue a little.

"Thanks," House barely mumbled to the lady and then slowly drove over the earth road to the screen farthest back.

They made their way to the back of the complex Cameron noticed the big inflatable movie screens that the movies would be projected on. By the look of the place the screens must have been recently added because the entrance and other buildings in the place were definitely showing their age.

As they reached their screen House pulled the car into a row closer to the back but in the middle of the screen. Cameron noticed that there were only a few cars around them and nobody behind. It was still decently packed but nowhere near as full as the other screens. That made Cameron realize she was so in shock as they pulled in she didn't look to see what was playing on their screen, to be honest she didn't go to the movies that much so she never knew what was out. Usually what movies she did watch she waited until they came out on DVD.

House pulled into their part and shut off the car, he wasn't sure if he would need to turn on the battery yet or not. He'd let Cameron make that decision.

When the car turned off Cameron turned to House with a smug smile, "I can't believe you would even think of this."

House smirked, "I thought you'd think this is kind of lame."

Cameron leaned over the stick shift and with her hand brought House's head to hers for a gentle kiss of appreciation and pulled back to look him in the eyes, "Lame works for me. Besides I think your getting lame and sweet mixed up." Cameron leaned back in for few seconds and House moved his lips in response. House thought about protesting that he wasn't sweet but as Cameron ran her tongue over his bottom lip he decided to concede the point, and instead tried to move his hand to the top of Cameron's thigh but ran into the stick shift. House let out a grunt of displeasure and Cameron looked down to see what happened.

"This relationship is already causing problems," House said slightly breathless. Their faces still only inches apart.

"What?" Cameron said breathless herself but could tell by his tone he was only half serious.

"You've made me find a design flaw in my car," House said faking seriousness, "I can't grope you with that damn stick shift in the way."

Cameron laughed and playfully shoved House's chest to make him sit back in his seat

House kept a serious face, "I'm serious any woman that comes between a man and his classic car is doomed to fail."

"Well good thing we're two intelligent doctors that can find a solution," Cameron teased.

House smiled hoping Cameron would give him a lead in, "Good thing being the genius I am I already have the answer. Now all you have to do is decide the course of treatment."

Cameron looked at House and should have known his surprises weren't over with, " And what are my options?"

"We can either stay in here and watch the movie and keep our hands to ourselves…" House started.

"And we can't have that," Cameron interjected teasingly.

"Or," House emphasized at being cut off, "We can sit in front of the car."

"On the ground?" Cameron asked not thinking House would be the type of person to sit on the ground during an entire movie.

House rolled his eyes, "I have some stuff in the trunk."

"Like a picnic," Cameron said getting excited again.

House immediately looked disgusted, "Do women have to label everything? It's a blanket on the ground that we sit and eat on while we watch the movie."

"In other words a picnic," Cameron reiterated.

House stuck his tongue out in reply and Cameron laughed.

"I would love to have a picnic with you and watch a movie," Cameron continued to have fun with House.

House grumbled something unintelligible playing along and got out of the car and walked to the back of the car, "Make yourself useful and stand in front of the car."

Cameron was already getting out of the car and rolled her eyes but House couldn't see her. Cameron went to the front of the car and stood there waiting for House's next instruction.

"Catch!" House said and threw a folded up blanket over the car.

Cameron was quick to react and caught the blanket as it came over the windshield. She was almost caught off guard as another blanket sailed through the air, barely allowing her enough time to toss the blanket behind her without looking and catching the other blanket. The same sequence happened four more times except, to her surprise, the flying objects turned out to be four new king sized pillows.

When she saw the trunk close Cameron assumed nothing else was going to be thrown at her and grabbed one of the blankets and spread it over the ground in front of the car.

"Grab the food from the car," House ordered as he came from the back of the car with a small cooler.

Cameron retrieved the fast food from the passenger seat, now understanding why they didn't get drinks. Now Cameron wondered what House brought, she thought if House brought a bottle of wine and two stem glasses she would probably die of shock.

As Cameron put the food in the middle of the blanket House opened the cooler and offered her a drink, "Got beer, coke, or diet coke."

"Diet Coke," Cameron, said not disappointed at the beverage choice. Cameron actually preferred House having beer and over wine, because it was more of him showing through. The hopeless romantic would have brought wine and a basket of homemade food but it was more House to have fast food and beer instead. The whole thing was like one of those romantic cliché dates but only with a twist of House added in, it actually made Cameron appreciate it more because it was more genuine.

House looked at Cameron like she was an alien, "A warm summer night at a drive-in and your going to drink Diet Coke?"

"You're the one who offered it as a choice," Cameron said back as she sat down on the blanket and started pulling their food out of the bags.

"Yeah for after you had a couple beers so you don't get drunk and then I'd have to do all the cleaning up," House said like his logic was obvious.

"Fine give me a beer," Cameron relented. Having a beer while sitting under the stars and watching a movie did sound appealing.

"Good choice," House said and handed a Cameron a beer before taking one himself and sitting downe beside her to face the screen.

As Cameron ate she looked up at the sky and noticed how clear it was and how many more stars were visible there then in Princeton.

Cameron looked back down and took a drink of her beer and said to House softly, "If somebody told me a few weeks ago that I'd be having a picnic at a drive-in with you and both of us in pajama pants I would've never believed them."

"Remember what happens in this relationship stays between us. I got a rep to protect. If the nurses knew I was capable of this they'd try to give you competition and Wilson would have one less problem in his marriage," House said with his usual snark.

"Don't worry I don't think anyone would believe me even if I told them," Cameron replied.

House nodded and understanding and continued to drink his beer. House looked up at the sky and figured the movies would be starting soon.

"If you brought me to watch a romance movie I'll know this is too surreal," Cameron said casually.

"No way…" House said shocked, "I brought you to see Debbie Does Dallas and Deep Throat."

Cameron had heard the names of those movies once and remembered hearing a group of frat guys talk about them in undergrad, "There is no way you brought me to see a porno."

"That's what the pillows and blanket is for. In case you get riled up and want to act along with the movie," House said in a serious voice having fun with Cameron.

"I don't believe you," Cameron stated firmly.

"Why not?" House asked sounding like he didn't know why she thought he wasn't serious.

"Because there is a family of four, three rows from here," Cameron said smugly.

"Parents are probably teaching them about the birds and the bees," House answered.

"House the kids look like they're seven!" Cameron said exasperated.

"That just means the parents are starting them young," House said finally cracking at Cameron's pouting attitude.

"Does everything need to be a surprise?" Cameron huffed and then remembered something House said, "Wait movies?

"Yep," House replied as he threw the wrapper to his fries and his burger back into the to-go bag, "It's a drive-in they always do a double feature."

"Never been before," Cameron answered and House stared at her in discovery, "Will you at least tell me why the pillows and extra blanket? Seriously this time."

"Last time I checked people put their heads on pillows and used a blanket to cover themselves with… it's to lay down with Cameron," House answered sarcastically.

Cameron looked from the screen to the pillows and blankets and grinned that it meant her and House would be lying side by side under a blanket, watching a movie.

Cameron knew he'd be annoyed but had another question, "How are we going to hear with the radio in your car?"

"At least that's a good question," House answered and got up and went over to the drivers seat the car.

Cameron watched as House came back around carrying his iPod and a speaker dock, a cord behind running back to the car from the dock.

"Thank the whoever the Arnello brothers car dealer is. They added a cigarette lighter on the driver's side allowing me to hook my iPod stereo, that has radio, to the car's battery."

As House set up his iPod, Cameron set up the pillows, two each and one leaning on the other to tilt their heads up and toward the screen. Before laying down Cameron decided to remove her jean jacket since it was a warm night.

A few seconds after laying down, House sat beside her and threw the other blanket open, and covered them before putting his head back on his pillows.

Next Cameron saw a picture jump on the screen and heard sound coming from House's iPod.

"Yeah no one would ever believe this," Cameron thought as she moved towards House and curled into his side.

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