Ruined Plans!

Just a little story out of boredom.

What Esther was thinking when she attempted to kill Daniel at the tree house.


He's not dead! I screamed inside my head. Watching his trembling body lying on the snow covered ground. Beneath the burning tree house above which was ready to give way at any time and crash to the ground in a burning inferno. How on earth did he survive that fall? I need to finish him off.

Looking around, I searched for anything, something. Something that will kill him. Then, my eyes me the large rock, just a few centimetres from where Daniel was lying. As soon as I saw it I ran towards it. The tree house was creaking and cracking above. A large burning half of it came crashing down. Splinters flying around as it hit the ground. Picking up the rock, it was heavier than it looked. I moved towards Daniel.

Heaving the rock above my head I stared at him. His eyes half open, his little mouth trembling. Boo-hoo!

I couldn't wait any longer, I had to do it now!

"Don't worry, you're going to heaven now!" I whispered to him. Just as I was going to let the rock crash down on his little head I was pushed from behind. The rock falling out of my hands and landing next to Daniel.

Falling to the ground I turned behind me to find little Max giving me an evil stare. That little bitch just ruined it! I glanced at her, my eyes returning an evil glare.

"Oh God, Daniel!" I heard over the sound of crackling fire and crumbling wood. Kate was running up from the house, her arms and legs moving fast. Oh great, here she comes!

She jumped down beside Daniel, putting one hand on his chest and the other under his chin. I watched on. Kate then jerked her head towards me. She instantly knew I had something to do with it.

"Move away from the fire! Go! Go!" She cried to us. I was shocked at what she said. I was expecting her to stand up and throw me into the burning pile of wood. But she didn't.

Max got to her feet and ran away from the tree house. I followed, looking down at Daniel. His glazed eyes following me. Looking at Max. She was staring down at her brother. A pained very worried expression on her face.

But now, I was worried. Very worried.

What if Daniel remembers that it was me that started the fire? That it was me that pushed Brenda at the playground? That it was me that killed sister Abigail?

Everything that I have done just to get one man would be ruined. All my hard planning down the toilet.

I have to find out another way to get rid of him.

Or, I'm dead!