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Naruto returns to the village after the sasuke retrieval mission only to be ridiculed by his father, mother, sister and both the uzumaki and namikaze clan. After being banished from both clans he goes into the darkness and cries for someone to take away his pain and his suffering little does he know that a certain dark master is watching and listening to him.

Everybody was waitng for the blond enigma, and the emo uchia bastard to return to the village. the mission was givin to shikamaru and his team by minato namikaze, the fourth hokage of the hidden leaf village. the hokage had givin this mission because his daughter naruko was to be wed to the uchia once they reach 18 in fact they had one time had sex infront of naruto when he was only 11 years old just to make fun of the fact that he couldn't get the damn clone jutsu. Naruto was considered the failure of the uzumaki and namikaze family so instead of trying to encourage him to be better they used simple thing like making him watch sasuke and his sister have sex infront of him to torture him and the funny part is that his sister agreed on having sex infront of her brother just to torture him.

In fact minato, kushina, naruko, the sensies of the rookie nine and the whole rookie nine were waiting for naruto and sasuke to return.

"Its them!" kurenai shouted as the whole gang looked toward the farthest side of the gate to see naruto carrying sasuke on his back.

As naruto approached then he saw his family running towards him. He smiled thinking that he finally got the recognession that he always wanted as a baby… if only he knew.

He saw his sister run to him and was about to hug her when SMACK. He felt a hand go across his cheek." Naruto you pathetic excuse of a ninja look at what you did to sasuke-kun! I hate you!" she said as she and sakura and ino picked up sasuke and took him to the hospital while the other followed them while minato, kushina, and kakashi was left behind to lecture naruto even more.

"naruto what the hell were u thinking? My mission to you was to just bring back sasuke-san not leave him in a bloody pulp after this you will come to the clan council we have a few things to discuss." Minato said as he shushined back to the clan hall were the clan was waiting while kuchina just looked at naruto before muttering "damn you boy." Before she shushined away while kakashi was sending a hateful glare at his student. Naruto was left there to cry as he thought that everyone abandoned him. He cried in the darkness.


A dark deity was watching the whole scene before him he was dressed in a black battle kimono with black long sleeved war pants. He had hair the color of a eerie dark black and skin so pale that at looked like if you touched his face your hand would go straight through him. He had a huge sword at his side. His eyes were sky blue with a whitscratch in the middle. His name was…. Darkrai.

Darkrai looked at his new apprentice and smirked. So my successor has finally choosen to fall into the darkness huh?" hahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA." He laughed as he opened a portal to the shinobi world. I guess its time I made my stand!" he said as he walked through the portal.

With naruto

Naruto was infront of his clan as they were about to pass judgment on him." Naruto you have serverly injured your sisters husband and almost cause him to lose his sharingan what do you have to say for yourself?" minato asked as he starred at his son. Naruto didn't say anything for a good minute before he slowly chuckled before" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I see I am asked to leave because of what? That I completed a mission givin to me by my so called father and all because I injured a traitor? This village has fallen minato." Naruto said as everybody looked at him in astonish that he would even call his father by his first name.

Now listen here young man you will respect your father do you understand me?" kushina asked as she was offended by narutos new attitude." I respect no one from this point on. I only respect those who deserve my respect kushina." Naruto said as everyone continued to look at him with shock in there eyes and face. Kushina had a scowl on her face as she looked her son.

Naruto that's no way to talk to your mother now apologize." Minato said but he was surprised by his sons response. "fuck you." He said and minato lost it he rushed his with the intent to hurt him for not getting the respect he and kushina deserved(coughbullshitcough) he was in reach of narutos face before naruto side stepped him and punched him in the gut. Minato fell to the floor coughing up a little blood as naruto exited the room but not before saying." You all have just sighned your death warrants you bastards!" naruto said before he slammed the door and left the clan not ever wanting anything to do with that damn clan.

A few hours later

Naruto was infront of the council waiting for his next judgment before these old fools. In here was jiraya, tsunade, kushina, minato, and the whole council including the civilian, and the ninja council.

Naruto uzumaki namikaze you are here by charged with the attempted murdur of sasuke uchia you are herby banished from the hidden leaf village." danzo said as the rest of the council cheered.

Do you really think I guve a flying fuck?" naruto asked as the whole council stopped cheering and looked at the blond in shock." I no longer wish to be here with a bunch of fools who cant tell from a body and the chakra that sealed inside of it, I no longer wish to be here filled with a bunch of fossils that cant even run a damn village right. So in truth im glad im leaving this hell hole." Naruto said as red chakra began leakin ffomr his body at a uncontrollable rate. And im glad to finally be able to spread my wings." Naruto said as he lost consciousness and passed out. But the strange part was that he was still leaking red chakra. Seeing his minato looked at inochie and said." Inochie use your mind projection jutsu theres something going on in his head and I want to know what it is." Minato said as inochie nodded his head. He quickly went through the hand signs. Mind projection jutsu!" he yelled as he tapped narutos head and naruto's mindscape was projected infront of the council what they were seeing scared the living hell out of them.

Naruto's mindscape

Naruto was yelling and he was yelling loud as he grabbed his head in pain as he felt all the memories in his mind replay infront of him. He remembered the time when sasuke and his sister had sex infront of him when he was just 11 years old he remembered when all those mobs attacked him and his parents didn't do anything about it. he remembered all the pain and suffering he experienced" HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" he yelled as chakra surged from his entire body.

HMMMMMM so my container has finally lost it huh?" the kyuubi asked as he saw his host slowly walk toward the cadge. That's it boy take this damn seal off and let us persue our revenge and annilate this pathetic village!" he said as naruto got closer to the cadge and was about to remove the seal when someone grabbed his arm he saw that it was…. The great deity darkrai. AAAAAAAAAGH DAMN IT ITS YOU!" the kyuubi screamed in rage at the sight of the great deity.

Darkrai smirked at him and said. Aaaaaaah its good to see you to kyuubi." Darkrai said as he looked at his new successor.

Who are you?" naruto asked. I am the great deity of darkness, the created of the shadows, the one who created darkness itself, I am the great darkrai creater of darkness." Darkrai said as naruto stared at him in awe.

What would a powerful deity like you would want with me?" naruto asked as darkrai chuckled at him. Well that can be answered simply naruto. I have chosen you to succeed me as the great creater of darkness." Darkrai said as naruto looked at him in shock. Now accept the orb of darkness and become my descendent!" he exclaimed as he held out a orb of darkness and smashed it into naruto chest. For a second there was nothing until a dark light erupted from his body and black out everything even the kyuubi's angry look in his eyes.

Outside of narutos mindscape

Naruto had begun to fidget and twist and turn as a dark mist covered him until his whole body was covered in nobody could see anything. Until the fog had lifted. When the fog was gone everyone was shocked. He had lost all baby fat on his face. His skin had paled impressively, his whisker marks had been replace with a cross shaped scar on the left side of his cheek. His cloths had changed noticeably as well. His outfit now consist of a black sleeveless turtle neck, with black paints on and black shoulder pads.(just think of zack fair) but the most surprising thing was the big blade he had on his back. It had looked like a fusion of many different blades put together.( yea its clouds fusion sword.) naruto had looked himself over and smirked as darkrai appeared out of the shadows. And so it begins hahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAH." Darkrai laughed as the rest of the council members looked in pure shock and horror at the killer intent both dakrai and naruto were unleashing.

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