To my readers

Listen ya I understand there wasn't fighting in the latest chapter I posted last night but come on you guys I need some more reviews being favorited for all my stories is cool and all but I want to see some reviews from ya let me know my work is appreciated now as I stated from the darkness to the light for that redo I have decided to make it purely Naruto x hinata story no harem no ifs ands or buts it will strictly be a Naruto x hinata, also I was thinking for that story I would make sasuke more like a brotherly figure to Naruto sasuke will still have his plot from the Naruto series such as him seeking revenge for on itachi with him finding out the truth of the Uchia clan the same way he did in the regular anime/manga but instead of Naruto trying to stop Sasuke from descending into the darkness it will be sasuke who will be trying to save Naruto from the darkness. Also for the all four stories the way the Naruto plot is set up Naruto will become a kage of ether village where someone takes him in or a village in which he creates on his own and he becomes that villages kage. I respect kishimoto's plot and all in the regular naruo series but come on now lets all behonest with ourselves if somebody was to treat you like shit in a place that is suppose to be your own home why would you ever want to go back and prove them all wrong? Proving someone wrong is always the best revenge but not for naruto's case but anywho im going to have the new story on Naruto from the darkness to the light uploaded by tomorrow night. I cant do it tonight like I wanted to because I have to review somethings for a test tomorrow well I well make sure it is uploaded tomorrow, but honestly now that I think about it you guys I think I should redo road to dawn as well the story was rushed way to quick I didn't put as much detail as I wanted to so im thinking about redo it as well but give me some of your thoughts you are my readers and I need to listen to your opinions