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Buffy was bitching on and about why they can't be again. It was starting to piss Spike a lot. That's really not what she said on the bed, under it, in the closet, in the mausoleum, and even in her very own shower. He wanted to bitch about it, be the bad poet he normally was, rant back at Buffy, but she said the same things all over again and it was grating on his nerves! He was old; he didn't need that kind of shit.

Good for Spike, he recently bought a laptop and has this penpal who can really relate with him. He's not really his penpal, he's a chat mate and he comes from Shreveport, Louisiana who is a vampire just like him. Spike really envied the guy but also didn't.

He wasn't a stud before becoming a vampire and this guy was, in fact, a Viking stud and there was practically nothing cooler than that either last, last millennium or today. Also, this guy had his own business and lives in this ultra cool place, and he, on the other hand, was stuck near graves, drinking beer, sporting black nail polish in his mausoleum.

Then again, he didn't envy some aspects about the guy, like how old he is—meaning he's probably been through more shit than him. He also didn't envy the fact that Mr Viking's sire was a man that had influenced his early sexual escapades in more ways than one.

But really, they were very akin to each other. They both epitomized cool badass, vampires with their blond, brushed up hair and piercing blue eyes. They both were great fighters. Also, they were both caught by the balls by some unique chic.

SpikeBloodyCool: She won't have sex with me today, damn it.

Vikingsexgod: At least she has sex with you on other days

SpikeBloodyCool: Yeah, the only thing I beat you at

Vikingsexgod: You beat me , too. Have you seen that site? It sucks big time, I always go on second. Here's the link : ….

SpikeBloodyCool: oh, I've seen this site. IT so rocked that I won. Hey, you won one challege. Who do you want to be you vampire soul mate?

Vikingsexgod: Do you know the guy who won numero uno on the sexiest male on television this 2009? I want to tear out his lungs. I don't even know him and he beat me. That shithead. Have they seen my ass? It's rock hard, damn it!

SpikeBloodyCool: LOL. LOSFL. ROFLMAO.

Vikingsexgod: Hey, I'll take to you later. Sookie's here, I can smell her.

SpikeBloodyCool: You are so OWNED.

Vikingsexgod: yeah, yeah. What's that I hear? It's your master, Buffy. Go fetch.

Vikingsexgod has signed out.

Spike sighs, still feeling very deflated.

SpikeBloodyCool: BUZZ!

BuffywillBeatyourAss: What?!

The End

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