My fics are getting shorter and shorter because they're so random and I wish I can just stop, but I can't! I love Rachel and especially love Eric, but I don't think they'll go well together.

"Bitch! Can you please, shut the hell up?!" Eric Northman just realized that yielding to Sookie Stackhouse in the way of hiring her niece was a bad decision because she was so… so… perky. She was cute, in a "duct tape her mouth, lock her in the torture cell and eat her slowly" kind of cute.

"Sexist! Do you want the full force of the American Civil Liberties Union coming down on you, I'd work something out." Rachel Berry was damned hell determined.

"Why are you here, anyway? Aren't you supposed to be in Broadway or that musical show where they sing pop songs and you pop your eyes out like a fish?"

"I am appalled Mr Northman! I am simply here to widen my range of expertise and experience—to broaden my horizon!" She said this with that distant look toward nowhere as if her dreams were just waiting in the next room. "Also, another line in my 6-page resume is always a positive because it is very competitive in the real world. You might not know this, but I was born to be a star! I need every edge I can get to win against those…"

"Edge? Do you want the edge of my teeth plunged into your throat?"

Rachel Berry was speechless.

For a second.

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