3. The Rationale of Makeshift Dungeons

He could hear her fear. He could hear it in her heartbeat racing like mad. He was just a split second away from kicking her down the stairs and into the bloody floors of the dungeon. Fucking rationale though kicks in before his animalistic instincts would deal the final blow. He didn't survive 1100 years without rationale.

What was the rationale? Keeping this woman alive was practically like dancing around death—or more adequately—listening to death. It was more or less a life or death decision, this not killing her. It was like "It's either you or me." But that was just his bleeding ears talking. The rationale was that this girl, if he so much traumatized her, he would lose all brownie points he ever garnered from Sookie. That blood bond they have? Sookie would probably submit herself for a regular dialysis treatment. The rationale was that he was putty in her little hands and this malfunctioning music box was in the way. Though in the way, killing her, torturing her, keeping her in the dungeon, is not exactly the right thing to do to get to the finish line.

Another rationale is that he is not actually going to die because of her singing because he is already dead; he is rather, worried about his patrons. Also, even if she can't technically kill him, she still does make him want to scratch of the negative affix of Undead. Then again, the truth of the matter is, the summary of all summaries is: if you kill her or traumatize her, all chances with Sookie is kaput.

"Wrong room." He closed the door and lead her to a different room, perhaps a notch less worse than the dungeon; the men's room.

"I don't need to urinate. Why are you taking me to the men's comfort room? "

Before the little girl could fight back or run away, which wouldn't have helped anyway, Eric had locked her in a stinky public urinal.

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