The king and queen of Wonderland were ecstatic. They were about to have their first child. It's gender was unknown, making the surprise even better. As this news became the talk of Wonderland quickly, there were a few people who were especially excited (save the parents). The suit of clubs were anxious. They were the queen's attendants, thus, they would see the child before anyone else in the palace. Number Ten, being the closest to the parents of the other clubs, not to mention the head of the suit, would be present at the birth, for the king wished it so. Ten agreed to this; it would be a different setting, giving him a break from his original duties. Although this wouldn't take place for months, the planning was made as soon as possible.

Number Ten went out soon after work. It was Friday, the only day any suit was permitted to leave the palace grounds, so Ten decided to visit his favorite tea house.

"See how old Patrick's doing," he said, talking to himself. Walking into the tea shop, he asked for his friend, the owner. Ten was ushered to the back of the shop where Patrick lived with his young son, Reginald. Patrick met his friend's eyes with glee.

"Ah! Good old Number Ten!" Patrick exclaimed. Ten smiled as he saw Reginald crawling about like a wild animal around the area.

"Hey, I'm not that old, Patrick," Ten said in a joke-like manner, the became serious. "I'm sure you've heard already."

"The king and queen? Of course! This is exciting, is it not? And I'm sure you'll see the child before anyone?" Patrick said, pouring himself and Ten some Raspberry Tea. Ten sat down, sighing stressfully from what the work day had brought him.

"Oh yeah, they've asked me to e there during the birth. I have absolutely no idea why, but I agreed to it nonetheless," Ten told his friend while drinking the tea. Patrick's face told his story. He was absolutely shocked. There was a silent moment before Patrick spoke.

"That's... that's great, Ten," he said. "You're a lucky man, you know that?"

"Sometimes, but some days, I just don't know," the club replied. Patrick spit his tea out of his mouth, staring at his supposed serious friend. Patrick did this often, for he and Ten were such good friends that their informality with each other was, on some occasions, quite hilarious. Patrick set his tea cup down on the table and he sifted a hand through his dark brown hair. Setting his old glasses on the table as well, he looked his friend straight in the eyes.

"What are you talking about now?" he asked. "Anyone would give anything to be in your position!" Patrick picked up Reginald, setting him in his lap.

"It's not the pay or anything, that's great, but let's face it, I haven't been exceedingly outgoing for the past year or two. My social life isn't...that great," Ten informed Patrick. His words were all too true. Ten was single and his parents died some time ago. He had the other suits, but they were back and forth with the queen's missions and demands. Sometimes, he saw one of them one day, and the next...well, it's the queen's only form of punishment. At least, the only method Ten had witnessed her make. Patrick was a constant that Ten could see on Fridays and he had others, but Patrick and him were close. Patrick had some advice for every situation, and this one was no exception.

"You'll find a meaning in your life someday. We all do," the tea owner said. Ten hoped he was right. Regular conversation about work came about and the two friends caught up with one another until ten found it an appropriate time to leave.

"Yeah, it's about that time. Reg here is gettin' tired," Patrick said, standing up. Ten was about to walk out, but first he could hear his friend mutter, not sure if it was to him or if Patrick was talking to himself again.

"You're more important on the inside than the outside. Once you come to realize it, everything falls into place. Trust me on that."