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Chapter 9- In Your Arms

Christy's alarm went off. Four-thirty in the morning. Reg was probably up already, and Christy got up to dress into her clothing. Her room was empty now. Only the mattress, her clothes and the alarm clock. She put her pajamas into a bag along with the alarm clock and she snuck out with the passage. She'd only use it one more time after this. She met White at the tea shop through the back door. She had walked the whole way, rather, she ran most of the way.

"White," she said, gasping. "We're good to go." He led her inside and she put the bag into White's car. Today was it. Reginald ran down the stairs when he heard the door shut and White's voice. He saw Christy and he slid down the railing. She was looking at White while he explained to Patrick she needed to stay here until one int he afternoon. Only then was the path completely safe. Christy gave White a hug before he left the shop for the day. She looked at Reg.

"Here we go," she said. "One o'clock sharp." He nodded.

"I can't believe you two," Patrick said. "I swear Reg, you finally get a real adventure."

"Go now," Patrick said. "It's about an hour from here to the palace." He literally shooed them out of the shop until they were outside. It was eleven thirty, but Reg kept his watch on good hand for them as they set for the palace.

"Crap, it's bigger on the inside," Reg said as they headed through the passage at one. Christy led him through the twists and turns. She gasped, seeing the corpse of a three of hearts. She looked at he wall, clearly seeing the message on the wall written in blood. 'A.W. waz here' it said.

"Nice system," Reg said slowly as they kept going. White was at the entrance where she had followed the suit through that one day.

"Get him out of there," White said, tossing her a bobby pin. She took it and began picking the lock. Ten stayed silent the whole time, but it was hard to resist not grasping her in his arms the second she had successfully picked it.

"Queen alert!" White said.

"Come on!" Christy urged, but Ten didn't need it one bit. He dashed out of the cell, grabbing Christy's hand.

"Dah!" Reginald said as he saw suits in the tunnel. How was this possible?

"The queen summoned more," White said as he caught up to them. Reg looked at White, and he returned the signal.

"Christy, get Ten out of here. Ten," White threw him his key to the house. He caught it, coming to the conclusion of what was happening. Christy gave Reg one last glance before she ran with Ten out of the palace underground. White and Reginald began dealing with suits. White tossed Reg a dagger. He used it proficiently; then White took out a sward.

"What's with that?" Reg asked, fending off a five of hearts and feeling worthless and annoyed.

"Experience leads to a better variety of tools to use," White responded as he kept fighting. They dealt with the suits as they came, wondering just how many suits the queen really had. The White Rabbit was staring to think there were tow decks in the assortment, for he thought he wiped two six of hearts.

Christy ran with Ten back to the tea shop. They needed a break from fleeing. The house was another few blocks yet. Patrick discovered them on his lunch break.

"Ten!" he exclaimed. "You're a mess!"

"I know," he said, but Patrick noted Christy didn't look much better from the disgusting underground of the palace. "But we made it. I don't plan on staying much longer."

"Oh," Patrick said. "Where's Reg?"

"Um...he and White kinda had ta..." Christy started. Patrick held his hand up, not wanting to know, but he knew Agent White wouldn't let anything terribly bad happen to Reg.

"They should be out in no time," Ten said, looking at Christy. They stayed for a few hours, but White and Reg never showed up.

"I'm starting to worry," Christy said, and Patrick felt the same. Reg had been out for countless night and hadn't returned until dawn, but this was different. He was in some real trouble with the suits. Patrick began pacing.

"We'll stay until they show up," Ten said. Patrick insisted that they clean up if they were sticking around. Timmy came in to help Patrick with the clothes washing. Christy went in first to the bathrooms and by the time she came out, Timmy had her clothes washed and dried. Ten went next, and While he was taking his turn, the back door thrusted open. In came an exhausted Agent White and an injured Reginald. With the shop closed, Patrick had just set dinner on the table. He gasped, calling for Christy. White and Reg both had taken quite the beating, but Reg looked far worse. Among the wounds, Reg had a large gash that ran along his left arm. The cut was deep, and Reg held out through he running, making him tired beyond comparison. White had his fair share of wounds, mostly cuts from bladed weapons along with the millions of bruises, making him look like a purple and yellow spotted agent. Christy came flooding into the room, seeing her two friends beat.

"White!" she exclaimed first, seeing his condition. Then, she looked at Reg, seeing his condition wasn't much better.

"They gave you two a good problem," she said, examining White.

"I'm fine, Christy really. This has happened more than once, but I swear that queen's got two decks working for her. That was a lot of Hearts, Spades, and Diamonds. Makes me wonder what happened to the Clubs," White said. "Reg there looks worse than me."

"Yeah, well I didn't expect the Diamonds to put up such a fight, not to mention a distraction for when the Spades came," Reg said as Patrick led him over to the couch.

"That looks serious, Reginald," Patrick said, looking at his son's shoulder and arm. "They got you good." Ten came out of the shower and Timmy handed him his clothes, explaining the noises coming from downstairs. Ten ran down after getting ready, meeting Agent White and Reg, seeing the scratches and huge gash on Reginald's arm.

"White!" he exclaimed. "I've never seen you this horrid before!"

"You've also never seen me deal with two decks of cards," he replied as Patrick returned with bandage wraps and fluids to help clean the wounds they had. White winced slightly as Christy put the alcohol over his deepest cut. He never got used to the sting that stuff brought. Patrick was finishing with Reg's gash and Reg was holding in the stinging factor. His face showed them all though.

"Christy can finish with you," Patrick said. "I'm starving. The soup is hot off the stove. I'll bring some over."

"Thanks Dad," Reg said as Christy sat next to him. Ten was conversing wit White, getting information from him about the queen and what was going to happen to them.

"The king is letting you return to the palace for duties, but you only have to show up about to times in the week and of course emergency. He passed me a note before Reg and Christy came. The queen, I have no idea what she's going to think," White was saying. "But you're safe I think." Christy sat with Reg, talking about what happened too.

"Reginald, you had me worried sick," she said, wrapping the bandage around his arm. "I'm just glad to see you okay now. You and White make such a good team."

"Yeah," he told her. "But I did what I had to, you know?"

"I guess. You were brave to stay," she said, wrapping him in a hug this time after she finished his arm. Patrick brought the fresh, hot soup over to the living room. Ten and Christy stayed for dinner and Timmy even joined, listening to the incredible story of the day from all the different viewpoints. After dinner had finished, Reginald asked Christy an interesting question.

"You do realize the throne is never going to be yours right?" he asked.

"As I said, Jack can take it. He'll enjoy it more than I ever would," she said. "Besides, I don't think I'd be as happy if I couldn't run down here to help with the tea shop."

"What?" Ten asked.

"Yeah, I was thinking about taking a job here," she said.

"Well, I'd be happy to have you," Patrick said. "I could always use an extra hand in the morning with opening up and there's always room in the kitchen or a waitress." Ten, White and Christy left the tea shop, reaching their homes. Ten stepped out of the car, Christy following.

"Would you do the honors?" Ten asked. Christy reached into her pocket, gabbing the key. She unlocked the door to the house, showing Ten the new place.

"This is...amazing," Ten said.

"I brought you your stuff, Ten," White said. "It's in my car. The essentials, that is. You'll have to get anything else from that apartment of yours." White left Ten and Christy to their new house, returning to his own.

Christy touched the only silver necklace she had that was upon her neck and she turned to Ten. She was free. SHe was relived of her duties to be the future Queen of Wonderland, a position she didn't like, and she got to move into a house with her most trusted friend. Her father cared truly, but he was busy so often, he didn't express it much.

"Welcome home," Ten said to Christy, lifting her off the ground as if she were ten years old again. She laughed as he set her down.

"Permanently," she added.

"What would you call the palace then?" Ten asked.

"A temporary home," she said. "Just a place I was in and came out of...alive." Ten chuckled at her joke, though it wasn't one a matter of hours ago. She hugged her best friend from when she was two years old. That best friend she will always have...That lucky Ten of Clubs.