Back To Wonderland

Chapter 2

Back to the O.Z.

Hey guys, this is really short cuz it's kinda like a filler chapter, I promise the next will be longer! ok so chapter is 16 years after Hatter asked Alice to Marry him .DG is making her first appearance in this chapter yay!

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DG pov
I walk along the path that leads to the castle that Justin Heart has ruled Wonderland from in the past year me and Azcadelia have been here. How we got here I'm still not to sure I mean we know the OZ is the outer zone of the earth but now we're thinking it's like a Bridge between wonderland and earth. There had never been a Strom in the OZ before that day, it was around a year after we saved The OZ, Azz and I we're walking by the lake when the storm hit I don't remember anything more other then waking in the arms of a handsome man with clear blue eyes. Since then I've fallen in love with Justin's crystal blue eye and big heart, he's the sweetest man I've ever met in all my years. Just before I approach the castle I adjust my pig tails and smooth the wrinkles in my dress which is very similar to the dress 'The Gray Gale' was wearing when I saw her. As I walked around to the back of the castle to the secret entrance I looked up to see Justin and Azcadelia passionately kissing on the balcony. It felt like my chest was ripping in two as I dropped the rose I brought I've never been in this much pain before I thought my sister had changed after the spirit of that evil witch had left her but then again what do I know! A hat by my secret door caught my attention as I walked over to it I saw a note addressed to me tucked in to the ribbon. I carefully unfolded it.

Dear DG,

I'm sorry for what I've done. I should have never said I loved you, when the truth was I was deeply in love with your sister Azcadelia
-Love Justin
P.S. Please deliver the hat to Hatter (David) and Alice, simply use the key I gave you to go through the looking glass, they live in The Manhattan Lofts, room 248-thanks dear

Was written in the most beautiful penmanship I'd ever seen, tears streamed down my face as I read the note, he doesn't love me and never did he was just using me to get to Azz was shaking in anger and sorrow how could he do this to me! As I look down at the key he talked about I know no matter how mad I was at him I loved him to much to not take the hat to the legendary Hatter and Alice.

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