A/N: I do not own Tim Burton's story nor own Lewis' characters. Mind you, this setting is modern and Alice isn't her English self. She lives in America in this fanfic, and I have twisted a lot of things. The animals like the White Rabbit are people, and their personalities are different.

I Need You Now

School is harsh. Alice of all people should know this. She spent countless hours in class daydreaming about numerous things, getting in trouble many times for it. Being in high school, she had no boyfriend and not many friends in general. She was always imagining her own world, but underneath, she was depressed.

Her friends dressed a lot in black, while she dressed in a dark blue. Her friends did drugs, sneaking it onto school grounds and doing them after and during school hours. Her blond hair had turned to black after her friend, Maggie suggested that dying their hair was the cool thing to do. They all went one day and got it done. Alice's blond hair went to black, and her friends had multiple colors. Some exotic like green and blue, and then there were other combinations like black and blond highlights.

Yes, her friends were crazy in a bad way, and she was crazy in another way.

However, Alice's friends had an influence over her, despite her lack of time with them. They gave her meds, which she took sometimes to help her depression and to catch some sleep. They were into rock and metal music, but Alice only pretended to listen to that. She had only really listened to a couple, but she had the CDs and pictures of the bands. She was lost, truly lost. In school she got by as far grades, but she settled for a lot less than what she could have done.

Her father was dead. She had never known him and her mother worked constantly and when she came home, she was drunk. Her speech slurred, she never paid any attention to Alice. This didn't make her sad in any way, for she was used to being alone probably more than normal for a six year old and onto teenhood. She had a house key, using it rarely because she spent more time at her "friend's" houses than she did her own.

So, what made this Wednesday different than any other? Nothing, as far as Alice was concerned. The bell rang, dismissing her math class, were she was interrupted in a daydream. Writing down an assignment she'd never do today, she left class. Finally, she thought, time for lunch.

She walked the hallways, and up the stairs. When she turned the corner, however, she hadn't seen the person jolting down the hallway and they ran into each other. The one binder she had fell out of her hands, and she and the person she ran into hit the floor.