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"What the hell?" Jim said, looking at his man down. "Whose there?"

"Up above this land so high, like a tea tray in the sky," The Black Rabbit finished March's song. She jumped down in front of Nivens. "Let them go. It's over...Jim."

"I know you," he said. "That voice. You were in that bar." She reveled herself and Hatter was slowly backing away. The man with the knife had backed off and Jim still had the gun. She knocked it out of his hands and Jim and the Black Rabbit had a face off.

"Run!" The Black Rabbit yelled and none of them delayed. Nivens let Hatter in front of him and March came out last. He grabbed the tea off the ground that was left, which Nivens found disgusting. Hatter ran with Alice asleep in his arms. Her head leaned on his chest and rain began pouring down. Nivens heard gunshots coming from the house and the cops pulled up to the driveway. Nivens stopped, looking back at the house. He ran again, knowing he would find out what happened on the new tomorrow morning. Or, should he say, today?

Hatter jolted into the bar. They were so tired. He held Alice and the girl behind the bar looked at them each as they walked in.

"You must be the White Rabbit," she looked at Nivens and he nodded. "Who's the girl?!" She was panicking now.

"Alice. Please, you have to help her," Nivens said. The girl nodded. She motioned for them to come around back. Hatter carried Alice to the back room.

"This place has an apartment in the back. It's rarely used, but the water works. Could you get some bandages from that cupboard someone?" she asked. March was no longer high on tea and he obliged to get them. She filled a tub of water for Alice. Nivens asked what he could do to help. Mostly, he grabbed a few things to help Alice and helped out behind the counter, as she could be there. He was younger than he had to be to work the business, but she'd take the punishment for that. That is, if anyone noticed. She held out her hand for Alice. Hatter was relentless, but she explained to him how important it was to get the clothing off of her.

"You can wait in there. I promise, she'll be fine," she told him. He handed her over, explaining some of wounds she had. The girl washed Alice, seeing many of the wounds were either over bleeding cuts or were not that deep. But, some of them were quite serious, probably from the lack of attention on them. She cleaned Alice so her skin was white again and the the cuts were not as bad looking. When she touched the deep one on her back, Alice woke up.

"Shhhh," she said. "I'm a friend. Hatter brought you here. You'll be okay. I'm sorry if this hurts, but you have one deep wound on your back." Alice didn't say anything as the girl washed her deep wound. She winced at the pain, now that she was conscious.

"Hatter carried me all the way here?" she asked when the girl bandaged the most serious of abuse on her.

"Yep," she said. "Almost wouldn't hand you over. I told him how I had to be in here with you. After all, we are both girls. I didn't think Hatter would help the situation. He's waiting though. You'll see him soon." Alice smiled slightly. She found she was wrapped in a towel and nothing more.

"Hey," Alice said. "My hair."

"Oh, yeah. It's blond. The dye came out in the tub. Sorry about your dress. The stains won't come out. But, I have a change of clothes. Always needed at a bar. Never know if you'll get tripped, spilt on, puked on, ex cetera," she explained. "They should fit you. Do you want another dress. It's a lavender color. I wore it for about two hours yesterday. It's not dirty. Or, you can take my t-shirt and skort."

"I'll take the skort," Alice answered.

"Hey, sorry, but you'll have to wear the same underwear and bra. But, those don't have stains on them," the girl said.

"What's your name?" Alice asked.

"Jane. I'm a friend of The Black Rabbit," she said.

"The Black Rabbit?" Alice questioned.

"She's friends with Nivens whose a friend of Hatter's...I think," Jane said.

"Oh, so The Black Rabbit is a she?" Alice asked.


"And The White Rabbit is a he," she said. Jane and Alice shared their first laugh in the bathroom. Jane was finished and she went outside to get her change of clothes.

Hatter watched her, asking about Alice. She told him she was coming around, for he heard them laughing. But, she came back with the clothes and Hatter still had to wait with the rest of his friends. The Black Rabbit walked in the door, not a scratch on her.

"Black Rabbit," Nivens said, greeting her.

"White Rabbit," she greeted. "The whole place is under investigation. The men and Jim were arrested. Then, a woman came up to me, telling me you talked with her before. She thanks you with everything." Hatter only nodded and Nivens explained about Alice. The Black Rabbit went back out to her job as if she was never away, though the clothing she was wearing said she did something. She put the swords on the bed int he other room. Nivens sat with his friends and Hatter was getting more anxious.

"March, I think we should go back to the house," Nivens said. March yawned, agreeing. Thank tea they were all off of school for the next week. There was the investigation and the new construction that was being done to the school were all factors. The construction was for the school and they gave the students time off to prevent complications. March and him left to go back to Hatter's. Nivens walked outside, standing up Hatter's bike for him; they'd been in a rush. Him and March unlocked the door to Hatter's house, and March went onto the couch, falling asleep almost at once. Nivens dumped that tea into the garbage. Nivens took the guest bedroom, forgetting everything as he too fell asleep.

"Thank you," Alice said as she changed into Jane's clothing.

"It suits you. Go on, Hatter's probably pacing," Jane said, walking out with her. She left to join The Black Rabbit. Alice stepped out, and Hatter stopped his pacing. Their eyes locked, and Hatter ran to her, grasping her into a hug, knowing he wasn't hurting her.

"Alice," he whispered over and over many times. "You had me on edge, you did. I was so worried."

"Hatta," she whispered. "I'm so sorry." She cried silently on his shoulder. They sat on the couch together, just holding each other. He stroked her hair, noticing her hair was blond.

"Your hair..." he said.

"I like it better this way," she said. "Original color." Hatter rested his head on top of hers. Alice still wept silently and Hatter just let her tears fall, for his were doing the same. "I heard you carried me all the way back here," she said.

"I did," he replied. "I didn't want anyone else doing it. That was my job. I don't know what I would have done if you'd been killed."

"I guess my curiosity got the better of me," she said. "I'm sorry for making you worry so. But, I must say you were mad to do what you did."

"The nickname Mad Hatter is there for a reason," Tarrant said. "I went more mad when I found out what happened to you."

"I must seem so careless to you," she said.

"Careless, maybe, but your muchness makes up for it," he said.

"My what?" she asked.

"Muchness. It makes you who you are. Which, I happen to like very much," Hatter said. Alice felt a small blush reach her face. He lifted her face up to meet his. She stared into his emerald eyes. She saw how much he cared for her.

"Tarrant," she said. "I don't know what else to say."

"Then, don't say anything," Hatter whispered slowly. Her head reached up and his reached down. Their lips joined together in the middle, leaving Alice speechless. She leaned backwards, laying down on the couch. Hatter followed her, their kiss still holding. He laid on top of her, neither of them let go. He pulled her closer to him and she put her arms around his neck. His mouth tasted of tea, Vanilla tea, Alice identified. Hatter pulled away, needing air.

"I'm sorry," Tarrant said, getting off of her. "That was uncalled for." Alice sat up.

"Wait," she said, seeing him about to leave. He turned around. "Come back here." Hatter turned around, wondering what she wanted. He stood a few feet from her.

"I didn't think that was uncalled for," she confessed, but silently.

"What?" Hatter said. "I can't hear you." She closed the distance between them, kissing him this time. Their eyes closed and Alice stepped back to the other other room, Hatter following. She sat on the bed. Hatter was being almost forced down. Almost. He laid back on the bed, Alice on top of him. When they let go, Hatter looked up at her.

"This may be uncalled for," Hatter said, but she knew he was joking.

"No, it's not," Alice said. "And unlike you, I'm not getting off." He smiled as she came down and kissed him once more. They laid down side by side after Alice let go of the kiss. She rested her head on his chest, fully conscious. She put her arm around him and he held her against him.

"Alice," he said. "I need you right now."

"I need you now too," she said. "I need someone to help keep me in a straight line."

"Alice," he whispered. "I think I've fallen in love with you."

"I can say the same, Tarrant," she said. Hatter kissed her one last time before they both fell asleep next to one another at The Devil's Pit. The Black Rabbit entered, finding them asleep. She smiled, packing her things, and leaving the door to the bar unlocked from the inside.

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