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Full Summary: Bella and Edward have been best friends since they were little, but as they grew up and went to different schools and towns, they never heard from each other. Will their love pull them back together again? But what happens when they realise they can't be friends anymore because of his popularity and her plain nature. Will they be able to let each other know their true feelings? All Human

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Chapter 1

August 1999 (11 years ago, Bella and Edward are 6 years old) (setting in Forks)

"MMMMUUUUMMMMMMYYY! Why do I have to go with you?" Bella whined. "I wanna go see grandma!"

Renee turned her head towards her daughter with a tired expression. "Bella, darling, we have to go meet out new neighbours. It's rude not to introduce yourself." Bella pouted. "You'll have a fun time there, maybe there might be a few kids for you to play with, don't worry."

She dragged her stubborn child to their house which was 6 houses down where they lived. Once they rang the doorbell, a woman opened the door. She was very pretty and had gorgeous caramel hair that came down her back.

"Hello" greeted Renee. "Umm, we live down the street and thought we come by to say hello. I'm Renee Swan and this is my daughter Bella." Bella hid behind her mother, scared of the woman in front of her.

Before the pretty woman was able to speak, two boys ran out from behind her and into the front yard. "Emmett, Edward, come meet our new neighbours!" called the pretty woman. "I'm Esme Cullen, and those boys are my two sons. I also have another daughter upstairs..." but as soon as Esme mentioned her other child, another child (this time a girl) came running down the stairs and stopped next to her mother.

"HI!" she exclaimed. "I'm Alice!

"Umm...hi" said Bella, still hiding behind her mother's leg.

One of the boys, Edward, had run around to where Bella was hiding. "Hi, I'm Edward." Bella was unaware of him, until he tapped her on the shoulder, causing her to be frightened.

Once she calmed herself, Bella looked up at the boy who was just a few inches taller than herself. He had emerald eyes, the kind that makes people forget where they are. His hair was a gorgeous reddish-brown and was messed up so much that Bella thought he just woke up. "Umm, I'm Bella."

"Do you want to play with us?" Edward asked. Bella thought he seemed okay, not as energetic as his sister, but he seemed quiet. Just like her. "Okay" she said.

And from that day on, Bella and Edward had become such close friends as they grew up.

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