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Hibari's Special Training

by: La Plaridel

Chapter One


That is what Hibari feels once when he gone home at this late hour to feel another presence in his own territory.

Upon entering the entrance door and when he is about to change his Prefect uniform into something comfortable for his few hours of sleep, he sees something unfamiliar lurking in his bedroom. He knew perfectly well that something is wrong in this house when he enters inside. As always, his intuition serves him very well.

With tonfas ready at hand to beat this crap of a sorry-self herbivore who comes across in his turf, he strides towards his bed with long steps. Impatience of disciplining this intruder is already engraved into his mind with every step he makes.

As he is in front of the defenseless body whose back is only shown to this vicious prefect, he knows himself too well that he will make sure that this person will soon wake up in the hospital with bandages all over.

Tch, that's what you get for trespassing.

"T-Tsuna-san," is the whimpering words mumbled but completely heard by the ominous carnivore who was about to attack. Somehow, he knows that voice perfectly well that it wasn't someone who tries to have a score to settle with him or even tries to defeat him inside his territory. The fuzzy image of a certain herbivore comes into his mind. That couldn't be—

As if given a signal, the body turns to face him. Her face reveals neither comfort nor tranquility. Her whole body sweat a lot as if she fought thousands of herbivores before coming here and her face is flourish with red. Hibari can smell the intoxicated liquor with every exhaling breathe she gives. Everything about this girl looks dreadful.

This person, he knows, is one of Sawada Tsunayoshi's followers.

And the name? He really can't recall any names that come from weak herbivores anyway.

But she is a minor; that he knows. Drinking at that current age is illegal and worst of all, she trespasses into someone's house without the acknowledgment of the resident (Him of all people she comes across to) and thus, she deserves to be bitten to death by him.

But he knows perfectly well that beating a very weak herbivore in a state of slumber is like beating a dead canary. He, despite being too vicious, completely knows what morality is all about anyway.

So instead, he smirks at the sudden idea, when dawn comes and when she is finally aware of her circumstances, she will be disciplined. And also, he takes another mental note; he will make sure that the one who holds her responsibility who is known as Sawada Tsunayoshi will take the same procedure.



It's almost seven in the morning and this fool is still here!

He, this time, won't hesitate any longer.

The prefect pulls the blanket as hard with one fourth of his strength used, making the girl under the fabric, falls on the cold floor. The sudden pain inflicts on her body makes her "Hahi-ed". She groans as she slowly rises up with her hand on the aching bottom.

Ah finally, the green eating intruder wakes up.

Haru feels her whole body ached after when she felt her body moved so suddenly. Her mind is still blazing with pain. Is this perhaps what it feels to have a hangover?

Wait, hangover? She can smell the liquor of her own breath. Wait, wait a second. Her eyes widens as she exhales on her own breathe in her hand once more. It is really the scent of liquor! Since when, when did she drink a horrible thing?! Did Gokudera influence her to drink? Wait, that is too impossible, he is only a smoker, will drinking count? She doesn't know! She couldn't recall what just happen!

"Woman," a cold voice lurks from her behind. She screams as she jerks up from the floor, making her aching body aches for more. She can see the face of the penetrator but her vision is still a blurry due to the cause of liquor. Who is this person and wait a second, where is she?!

She can't tell due to the darkness around this room.

"Why are you here in someone's bedroom?"

"Hahi?" The thought doesn't register to her. Guess that the hangover causes her dizziness. And besides, she woke up all of the sudden, how can she expect to reply to that stranger?

But when she realizes that the voice is not anyone she knows (especially it belongs to a male), she snaps her herself in the rigid of hallucinations as she scurries away from that voice. She hides herself from the blanket as a protection of her woman dignity as she shivers.

What just happened?

Did she, not only got drunk, sleep with a man as well?

No, that can't be right.

She tries to recall. For some reason the recollections of a blurry man comes to her mind. She can't tell who he is and why is she suddenly recalling about that man but somehow she can get the connection.

Oh no.

This can't be true!

Her face turns red even beneath from that soft fabric that she holds on as her solely protection.

Tch, typical herbivore. Hibari's eyes narrowed as he leans and pulls the so called protection of this girl. He doesn't respond to her usual "hahis" as he waits for her reply.

"Get away from me!" She screeches.

"H-Haru k-knows that you… YOU intoxicate me, a minor, with liquor!" She points a finger at his face.

Hibari's eyes narrows. Was this some sort of result of intoxication? Why is she blaming him even though she doesn't even gives him an eye contact?

"It's me, weak herbivore." He knows that these words can calm this annoying girl.

How long has he been acting "calm and nice" and haven't bite this girl to death anyway?

But at least he can finally convince the girl to look at him in the eye and later on, brown eyes widens due to realization.

"It's you!" She points at him again.

This makes Hibari's eyes narrowed. Not only annoying, she can be rude as well.

"You're that Hibari-san, right?" She knows who he is, after all. He is one of those Vongola Guardians that Tsuna told her back in the Future.

"Why are you here in my room?" That line Haru ask isn't really what she was trying to say. But when she realizes after that misleading phrase, the guardian of cloud raises his tonfas in front of her as his face darkened.

Haru flinches when he gives her a dangerous smirk. "You are trying to test my patience, aren't you herbivore?" Without another word from her, or perhaps he is the impatient to wait for her response, he tells her, "I will bite you to death."

Haru hahi-ed as Hibari adds only on his thoughts, 'And also to Sawada Tsunayoshi.'



"Seems that someone is talking to you behind your back at this hour," the home tutor smirks. He is dressed with his Mafioso suit.

It is time for some tutoring since after the Choice Battle, Tsuna had so many absences and deserved to have extra classes during summer.

Poor Tenth, he hasn't rest since the return.

"Reborn!" Tsuna tries to complain but is too tired for another bicker. Besides, he doesn't want to get hit by an injured him. He hates studying. He didn't expect to have extra classes after their return.

When will he have the time to rest?

"Oy, Tsuna."

"What is it this time, Reborn?" He states rather than asks, impatiently.

"Ah, so you have the rights to speak in that way to your tutor, huh?" He kicks Tsuna on chin as the young Vongola flies away from his desk.


"I've been wondering what your family was up to after the return."

"What do you mean?" Tsuna, who has this unusual quick recover (perhaps thanks to Lal Mirch's Spartan training), asks as he massages his aching chin. He knows well enough that Gokudera is out for more training, Yamamoto is the same as him: Taking up extra classes and is trying his best to study, Ryohei goes to who knows where he is but if he recalls, the boxer said that he, Kyoko and his parents will go on a trip for the whole summer, Lambo is still playful and annoying, Chrome is with the Kokuyo gang and Hibari? He didn't dare to ask.

"It seems that what they all been doing are things they did in their daily basis," Tsuna smiles. "Well, I think I shouldn't disturb their rest since we just returned a week ago."

"That is why you are still a dame-Tsuna." Reborn snaps as he jumps over to the table. Unaware of Reborn's thoughts as he turns to look at the streets outside the window, he looks at Reborn as he asks what he is trying to say.

"Since you've been busy with your studies, I got some information from some nearby residents that a couple disappeared right after they started searching for their lost middle school daughter weeks ago."

Tsuna blinks, still clueless of the baby's statement. "Eh?"

"Until now, they haven't return to their home or perhaps Naminori," he says as he turns to face his student with eyes that shows that he is pretty serious.

"W-Who would—" Tsuna pause as his eyes widens. Realization is written in his face.

Oh no.



"I will bite you to death." With that he begins to strike her for a commerce attack. Haru quickly shuts her eyes, waiting for an expecting additional pain in her body. But before he can hit her, a soft soothing sound comes from his pocket. It's his cellphone ringing. Who could have called him at this hour? He knew well enough that he told Kusakabe that if anything's wrong, call him at nine in the morning! He stops as he stares at the vibrating tone on his pants.

Hahi! What a strange ringtone, Haru nearly said that if it weren't for her instincts that penetrates her from her slipping words.

Hibari lowers his tonfas, giving a glare at his victim then pulls out his cellphone and answers. "What?"

"Yo, Kyoya!" A cheery sound is also heard by her. Her eyes stares at him with bewilder. Who could talk to this dangerous man in such manner?

His face darkens as he heard that voice. "Bucking-horse." How the hell did this fool get his number?

Bucking-horse? Haru finds it weird to have that as a nickname.

"You seem quite busy, huh? Ah, that's right! Prefect duties! Sheesh, you should at least have a break." Hibari can tell that this goof gives him an imaginary grin.

"What do you want?" He growls.

"Oh, I was just wondering how are you and if you eat well or—"

Hibari hangs the phone.

Damn that herbivore! He turns to face the girl who was nearly forgotten as he smirks, "Now where were we?"

'midori tanabiku namimori no….'

For some reason, even if he loves the song, he really wants to throw his cellphone out before he can even destroy it. But he choose to none of the less, answer the phone once again.

"Sheesh, you really are impatient, aren't you Kyoya?" Dino says in a sheepish tone. "I was just trying to joke around a bit."

"If it's about a rematch, I will definitely offer the gesture if you won't just hide like a herbivore," Hibari says, annoyingly. His attention of beating this fool is better than beating this annoying girl in front of him. Hearing the Bucking Horse's voice reminded him that he has a score to settle with him.

"Say, I really hate phone conversations but can you open the front door?" Ah, it's really about time to beat this sorry self fool.

He hangs the phone as he grunts at Haru as he turns. "You can at least have a chance to escape while giving this opportunity."

"Hahi!" Haru can't believe it! Why didn't she manage to sneak out while this scary looking person was not looking! Damn curiosity over that phone talk!

"I was just curious who that cheerful voice belongs to!" She exclaims.

Tch. What a strange girl who rather chose curiosity over a phone conversation than escaping.

Seeing that strange look upon that man after he goes to the living room where the entrance door is, anger overwhelms her as her teeth gritting, her fist clenching and her veins popping. "WHAT WAS THAT LOOK FOR, YOU PORCUPINE HEAD! YOU-" She pauses as her head spins like an endless wheel.

She hasn't recovered from her early painful wake up call and her hangover.

"Ugh, I hate hangovers."

End of Chapter One

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