Warning: So many cuss words in this chapter.

Chapter Seven: Kirisaku Junpei

It was already the third day since Kirisaku Junpei was hospitalized.

The thought made him scorned, gripping the hospital sheets as he gritted his teeth. His whole body was actually immobile. His body was wrapped in hard cast from his legs, arms and even his upper body. Only his head and fingers seemed okay but the way he remained like this like some sort of coma state made him flinched.

It was no wonder that the hospital took extra precautions to this man. In fact, they were already used to this, already made a conclusion to whom had caused this.

But none dared to ask him.

As Junpei turned to look at the window beside him, he grey doted eyes stared at his reflection, growled when he saw his despicable sight. Despite his neck, being bare and un-bandaged, he got band-aids and ointments all over his face. He admired his face, took properly care for it and made sure he didn't have any scratches on it. But ever since that day, he felt anger upon those who caused him this.

"Kirisaku Junpei, am I correct?"

Junpei nearly jumped out from fear (if he could actually jump) due to that voice from behind. His head turned to see a tall endearing man leaning at the wall behind the shadows. His features blocked by the darkness known to a shadow that penetrated the ¼ of this room.

A thin line in the corner of his face curved in a sadistic smile was clearly shown right in front of the immobile man. He shivered in fright when the strange man gave a disturbing laugh.

Shaking his head from his idiocy, he gave a rueful glare as he growled. "Who the fuck are you? I already said that I don't need visitors!" That damn nurse.

The strange man gave that disturbing laugh again. "For an injured person, you sure talk loud. Well matters aside, Junpei-kun. I have a reason of meeting you here."

Junpei scoffed. "Junpei-kun?" He visibly twitched by the strange man's informalities. "And reason? Tch. I don't need bastards coming here without any merits."

"Oya? Touchy, aren't you? I've heard from a decent time that you were once a soft hearted man back in those days."

That was when Junpei seriously eyed on him. "You mean the time I was working at that yakuza place?"

He gave a soft laugh. "Yakuza? Hmmm… I don't think an infamous clan such as the Hiroyasu is considered that kind of petty name. For some reason, I started to doubt your background."

"I w-was a pornography artist in t-there!" Junpei exclaimed. His flustered face showed his embarrassment. "A-and how the fuck am I that famous to everyone, huh? First, was that prefect and now you!"

"Prefect?" His voice questioned.

"Y-yeah! That famous prefect here in Naminori! He was the one who fucking did this to me! If I hadn't listened to that strange baby, maybe I should just bring that girl directly to my house instead!"

"Oya? There was a glint of mischief within his smile. "It seems an unexpected encounter with the prefect, Junpei-kun."

"You got that right!" Junpei snorted, not realizing that he started to get comfortable talking to this strange man despite his suspicions. "You see, I am new here in Naminori, got here a week ago, looking for some young girl to use for my upcoming pornographic movie."

"In fact, this movie was supposed to by my first pornographic film. I am actually an Indie film director," he gave a light chuckle. "But when I thought that all young girls were not worth in my sight and went to the pub for relaxation, I saw her. I saw her right inside a pub of all places!" He sneered, evilly. "A brunette! She was darn pretty and kind of erotic when she gave that worried face!" He smiled, evilly. Recalling the features of that said girl in his mind.

"Oh?" The man from the shadows mused.

"The surprising thing was, she just came directly to me and my crew. In fact, she was not there to drink some booze like anyone else. She was sayin' that she was looking for her parents or something. But as a kind man that I was," he laughed at the memory. "I offered her some drink. Thinking of it as… sympathy." He smirked. "Of course, like every naïve Japanese young girl, she refused, but I didn't give up. To make her trust me, I told her," his smile grew wider, "that I can listen to her whims while offering her this "safe" drink as a gesture of a friendly and harmless gentleman. Of course I lied about the last part but who wouldn't have thought that she actually believed me? Oh yeah, she mentioned that it was the first time that someone actually listened to her story. That was the biggest advantage to make her my star!" He grinned.

"Then after a couple of drinks, without her realizing how long she had been drunk, she collapsed in the table, muttering of some kind of tuna or something. Thinking that we succeeded, we carried her out to the pub and into a dark alleyway where we…" his smile was suddenly replaced by a grimace. "…meet that strange looking brat."

The shadow man widened his smile, a baritone strange chuckle came as to expressed his amusement.

"That baby," he continued, unaware of the man's tone. "Tch, I shouldn't have listened to that damn baby! His offer was tempting, you see? We were actually going to head for my apartment to start the film but seeing that it would take us two hours to reach there, we were having some troubling matters with the transportation. But that baby… that damn baby came all of the sudden and offered us a good place to stay. Hell, it was two blocks from that dark alleyway!"

"It was obviously suspicious! I mean, who would want to believe a young talking baby in the middle of a dark alleyway, anyway? But he told us it was… vacant. An empty place for us to shoot a film but when we reached there….fuck! it was too big! A spacious place to not only shoot some scenes but also to do more shit! It was incredible that the door was open, maybe some fool failed to lock it. But right after we left the girl on the bed and ran to get our equipments from our apartment…" his voice trailed off as his face gave the worst scorn he ever put on.


As Junpei and the crew ran towards the bus stop, they suddenly stopped by dark presence behind them. For some reason, they were giving the cold chills over this feeling.

"Coming here at late night, trespassing into my property, grouping like herbivores, have some shame, if I may ask?" For once, Junpei got the balls to turn around.

It was a kid.

Perhaps a much more matured kid that had that strange atmosphere that he rather not messed with.

He was wearing a uniform—a Naminori Middle school uniform which he heard of it. There was a "Disciplinary committee" band tied in his left shoulder. Was he… was this kid a member of some kind of school rule posing club?

But this kid seemed so strange…yet, different from those he encountered.

It was like he met the demon lord of the night.

"Who are you?" Hate to say this twice but he did have the balls for this.

"Hn?" His lips curved into a playful grin. "It seems that you are new in my town." He went with long strides to them which made them all literally flinched—possibly, brink to trepidation.

"Perhaps I should give you, herbivores a warm welcome then," he said, raising his—which appeared to be, tonfas from nowhere. "For starter, since I am strangely in a bad mood, I want you, our newcomers, to welcome you in the simplest way." At that exact moment, there was loud screams of agony throughout the whole street. Junpei knew that it was his judgment day.

He couldn't care about his men so he ditched them during the moment the kid beaten them up. He didn't have a choice! Screw his men! Screw this project! Screw this girl they left behind! He valued his life, damn it! He didn't want to lose it "again".

As he turned from the corner, he heard that cold, chilling voice again. "For a herbivore, you lack loyalty to a herd." Junpei never believe in supernatural crap but who wouldn't have thought that the demon of the lord was standing in front of his way?

With so much anxiety over him, he fell down to his knees, trembling as he stared wide eye at him.

"P-Please, don't hurt me! I...I do a-anything!" The teenager went closer. "I can give you money! All the money I have for this trip!"

He eeped when the lad kneeled down, giving a straight eye contact on him. If it weren't for his icy gaze, he would dare to run away again.

"You look familiar."

Junpei couldn't understand what he was saying.

"Are you, by any chance, a member of the Hiroyasu clan?"

"H-Hiroyasu c-clan?"

"Answer me, herbivore." A tonfa pointed at his chin.

He visibly flinched as he nodded vigorously. "Yes! I am—was! But I was the late lord's personal pornographic artist! T-To entertain him, that's all!"

His face remained unfazed as he stood up, most likely in deep thoughts for all Junpei give a damn care of it! But if this brat was not in the mood of beating him, now was the right time to make his exit and—

"For someone so cowardly herbivorous to have luck," he seethed as he suddenly plunged his tonfa right into his stomach. "I will make sure you don't have any...ever."

And thus, he got beaten twice as hard as his co-workers.

"And the next thing I know is that I ended up "here" in this damn hospital. I heard that the prefect who tormented us limb by limb was "kind" enough to call the hospital. And fuck he even owned the hospital! I can't seem to understand why he is the boss in this town!"

"But do you see anything suspicious towards the prefect?" The man queried.

"Now that you mention it…" He gave a moment of thinking. "He looks kind of familiar though. Hey! He even said it himself that he somehow knew me!" Then his eyes widened as realization hit him. "Maybe he is actually—"

"That's all I need to know," the man cut him short. "You have been a valuable company to me, Junpei-kun, giving me enough information towards the skylark."

Junpei tensed. Something was not right about this man. "Wh-Who are you…exactly."

The strange man chuckled in amusement as he slowly stepped forward to reveal himself in front of the man.

All Junpei did was to have his eyes widened in fear.




This town…

Large droplets of rain poured from the grey sky.

Can you actually free yourself with this town, boy?

A wicked smile formed under that bushy beard as a baritone voice growled.

A caged bird will always remain bounded behind iron bars. This small town you called "freedom"….

never accepted you here, boy. This town isn't for the likes of you.

Then he curved a mocking smile.


Hibari woke up with his eyes irritated by the sun's rays. He groaned as he slowly rose up from the bed sheets. Apart from his thoughts about biting that foolish girl to death for opening the curtains again, his thoughts quickly drifted to what he foresaw in his slumber.

A dream.

A dream he never thought he had for years.

Things had been strange for this past week. First was his encounter with that perverted pointy eyed herbivore, then he ended up having a special training with a drunken female herbivore in his room and now this dream?

In fact, all these things felt strange ever since his encounter with Sawada Tsunayoshi and the baby.

This Vongola, this mafia business, the Future that seemed so surreal… why was he involved all these?

After all these events, he still hadn't had the chance to fight anyone stronger let alone those in the future. This was why he hated to be controlled by a herd.

He grimaced at the thought as he stood up from his bed. Well, matters aside, he had paper documents to sign and a conference to attend with the Disciplinary committee.

As his eyes darted at to where he last placed his black jacket on a long stool, his eyes widened.

The jacket which was placed there was missing, instead was replaced by a yellow sticky note attached on the tip of the stool. He pulled it off, nearly tearing the tiny little note. He grimaced when he saw a drawing of his animated self who put a stupid smile on its face near his name. Then he read:


Haru should be the one who will take all your responsibilities for a day. So please rest up and relax for once in a while. Oh your breakfast is in the table.

Think of this as my returning favor, Hibari-san!

-Haru ~desu!

The next moment, there was loud bang in the front door and a pissed off prefect (minus his jacket) heading straight to Naminori Middle school.

End of Chapter Seven




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