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I'm really sorry this isn't EVA-Life 2. I've been meaning to try and start work on that, but I honestly can't find any way to continue it, seeing as how much the Half-Life universe has progressed.

To be honest I don't think I was trying too hard when writing EVA-Life. I didn't really draw much from the EVA universe, only the Half-Life side of things, but then again I was inexperienced when it came to writing back in 2005.

In this fic, which is my take on the manga, I will try my utmost hardest to include every element from both EVA and Aliens vs. Predator. I hope the title of this fic, it's kanji and it's translation are correct.

So enjoy reading what I call a 'Seinen Science-Fiction Horror Noir Fan Fic.'


He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
- Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) German-Swiss philosopher and writer.


Neon Genesis: Lord of Star Demons

新世紀エヴァンゲリオン: 主悪霊スター

(Shin Seiki: Joutei no Yokai Hoshi)


Prologue – That Glorious Day

Death, destruction, oblivion and much more surrounded him as the wounded, black-haired, middle-aged Japanese man carried his wounded daughter in his arms, the snow pricking his bloodied face. His heart pounded against his chest and he felt himself weaker by the second as he lost more and more blood which ran down from the gash down the length of his back, inflicted by a piece of flying metal.

Oomans, driven by your ambitions coupled with your ignorance, you have driven yourselves to oblivion; where it awaits you with arms wide open, ready to ensnare you into it's inviting, warm embrace.

He could not have foreseen things would have turned out like this, that when the Giant of Light stood erect and revealed itself all before them it would trigger something close to Armageddon. He and his daughter would be right there in the middle of it – Ground Zero to be precise. Every one else that hadn't departed yesterday back to Japan was now dead, leaving only him and the teenage girl he carried alive.

We have been amongst you for centuries. You have provided us with much amusement as we hunt the most worthy of your kind, while at the same time observing how far you have progressed as a species. Knowledge, technology, and your tendency to search out the unknown; and look where it has led you.

And he did not know that right now that he was being watched, that a translucent humanoid figure that could easily have been spotted by the snow that stuck to his form leapt from one part of the ruined research structures to the other. It was as if it was trying to find as many angles as possible to observe the man and his daughter fleeing the destruction. The ghost-like entity squatted on a raised beam as it watched the man approached the water where a Mark 1 Protective System Capsule drifted in the water, where it was built to only house one.

Now, a new chapter in your tragicomic existence has a begun. And what lies in your arms will be among the few to write it. There will be others. We will find them. And in the end past all the blood, carnage and technology they will save you from yourselves and your greatest ambition…

That greatest ambition: To wipe yourselves out completely.



Wha…what's happening? Was that…an explosion?


My chest…hurts. I think I'm bleeding…


Dad? Dad? Where are you?

Those and much more were all around her as she felt herself being carried through one of research base's warehouses towards the edge of the ice, much of the structure already torn away. Dropping in and out of consciousness rapidly, she couldn't see who it was that was carrying her until they stopped moving and was before the water and the Mark 1 Protective System Capsule that laid in the water.

"Misato…you must survive. Look after mom for me."


Those were the last words the wounded, long purple-haired teenage girl of fourteen years heard from her father as he lowered her into the capsule amidst the snow, ice, bright shining lights and ruins around them. Her blood was in her eyes and pain stretched from one end of her chest diagonally to her right hip she gazed up at her father's face, which was obscured from view so that she could only make out his outline. That soon disappeared as the capsule closed itself and sealing her, the only occupant, inside. She felt herself being cast adrift to the sea before she passed out.


When she came to minutes later she was terrified when claustrophobic darkness was there to greet her. Panicking, she stretched her hands forward and touched the capsule's solid entrance hatch. A faint beeping was heard and the hatch opened, revealing the night sky streaked with holy light.

Shakily with her arm covering the gash she stood up on the capsule, the Antarctic breeze hitting her full force despite her wearing warm clothing. Her widened in shock and disbelief at what she saw half-a-mile away.

The Explosion. Consuming all of Antarctica and everything on it.


She felt her eyes water when she realized her father, the man she thought she hated, had given his life for hers. Unable to stand any more from the pain and grief she now felt she collapsed back into the capsule and passed out.

She passed out and did not notice the translucent object flying across the night sky, slowly as if observing the massive of ball of light the avoiding the waves of light escalating from it. The object headed downward towards the sea, landing on the water right beside the capsule; the water splashing onto it and messing with the cloaking field surrounding the object, revealing it for no one left alive or conscious to see.

It was crude, ornate looking craft, obviously used for transportation, which was not of humanity's designs, despite it's advancements in technology in the past few years. It looked inhuman in nature, alien rather. What appeared to be a doorway opened right to one of the large engine nozzles, fog-like atmosphere seeping out onto the ocean's saves beneath the craft, which splashed upward and onto a ten-foot tall figure obscured by the fog.

It was facing the protective capsule, and it appeared to express an interest in it, evident when where it's eyes should be glowed yellow, producing an electrical whoosh like sound. And in a dark, sinister voice it said, or rather growled…



Misato felt herself lying on a hard, smooth surface as she opened her eyes, an orange light shining down onto her eyes and causing her to wince uncomfortably. However as she moved her hand to shield her eyes she realized that her left arms was fastened to the side with a metallic cuff, along with her right arm. Her legs were also cuffed and fastened down as well. She felt herself panicking when she realized that she was stripped of her jacket, undershirt and pants, leaving her only in her underwear, and the wound that she had received had somehow healed, leaving behind a nasty looking scar.

She tried to open her mouth…

I…I can't speak…I…I want to cry out, but I can't…

…but nothing came out.

My…my…I can't say a thing. I'm…I'm scared…I'm so scared.

Panicked, she begun breathing in and out roughly, eyes darting left and right as she tried to figure out where she was and what was going to happen to her. The light shining down on her was turned off, bringing her vision back to know.

Oh God…what is happening?

She found about four towering looking humanoids standing above her, each one sporting braided dreadlocks and each with a mask covering their faces. Where from shock or just exhaustion she passed out before she could make out any more details of her captors.


Mercifully she passed out again, her head resting against the edge of the marble-like table, hoping that everything that she had just been through was a dream. But when she would wake up she would find herself in even more dire straits and unfortunate circumstances. Her captives would make sure of her survival once this cataclysm passes, for they had everything planned and now they would see how far she would go.

However for now they just watched her unconscious form lie there, wondering what thoughts were going through her head at this time.