This is my first yaoi (boy on boy) so if you hate this kind of thing stop reading right now. But if do welcome my yaoi loving friends and read to your desire. Oh and like every other story I write I don't own bleach or their characters (sooob).

"Teacher I need to use the restroom." I asked as tried to hold in his fluids in.

"Hmmm," The teacher hestistated "Alright you can go but hurry back."

I got up and slightly jogged to the restroom to the nearest bathroom. As I jogged away I heard a small chuckle from behind but just shook it off thinking it was one of the students making a joke.

Soon the boys' bathroom was in sight I couldn't help myself but dance like a gay ballerina dance I ever did until I reached a stall. As I relieved myself heard a door open and close with a click. I ignored and resumed my business. Then I heard a voice behind me that I didn't want to hear "Heya King."

I jolted nearly missing the toilet, I turned my head and saw Shiro "WHAT YOU DOING IN MY STALL AND WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"

"Aaaaah don't be so mean ta me Ichi-berry." Shiro whined with a grin on his face.

I hissed at the new name he was given "Get out and leave me the hell alone!" I whisper out loud as my business was done.

Before I could but my dick in my pants a hand grabbed it "H-HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I gasped out as Shiro stroked my cock.

"What does it look like I'm doing? But don't worry I'm a professional." He said as e licked my ear.

I yelped in surprise and fell forward onto the toilet bowl. I gasped for air before Shiro sat me up straight and turned me around "Now this is going to fun Itchi."

Before I could ask what he was talking about what he was talking about a warm heat eloped my cock and in that moment I came. I heaved in pants "That wasn't very long, now was it?" he mocked and swallowed the hot cum.

I blushed "That's disgusting!"

"But you seemed to enjoy it though." He whispered lustful as he moved in for a kiss.

Before I could protest our lips clashed. Soon Shiro pressed his tongue against my lips asking for permission. Without a second thought I let him and our tongues clashed and fought with each other until I separated the kiss panting like a dog in heat apishly with my cock harder than before "Shiro" I moaned as I spread my legs wider "Please…HURRY!"

Shiro's eyes grew wide with surprise and smirked "Alright but I'll have to prepare you, so relax." He suggested as he kissed my forehead.

I nodded and tried to relax but when he inserted the first finger I bit my tongue guessing that butty holes were only made for exiting instead of entering "Here" He grabbed my and wrapped it around my cock "This will get your mind off the discomfort. So stroke slowly" he said as he bit my nipple. When I was getting used to it he inserted two more fingers, I grunted. After a while I got used I moaned "S-shiro.. ah shiro!"

All of a sudden Shiro's finger came and I moaned in frustration "I can't take it anymore," Shiro moaned as he unzipped his pants "You calling me his driving me crazy!"

I blushed, then without warning Shiro thrusted into me at full force. I screamed at the top of my lungs from the sudden pain "Breathe it'll feel good soon."

I took a few breathes and he continued after so many thrust I moaned "Hurry Shiro.. Ah.. Hurry I'm going to cum."

"I'm almost there too."

He went faster and soon we both came "Shiro!"


We sat there for few before we pulled away and cleaned ourselves "Well let's go before they think we skip class."

I nodded and left for the classroom.