I originally published this on SVS under the title "Lineage" but saw that this title was already in use, so in order to avoid confusion have re-titled it.

Even before the writers of the show let us know I had felt strongly that Dean & Sam must have come from a hunting background and some of this story was already written in my head ...now with more reveals by the writers I continue to fill in the blanks...I started writing my story down this in October 2009 and only finished last week. I was in two minds how to end it because when I started I didn't know that there would be a 6th season, so my ending brings the Apocalypse arc to an end ( without any reveal on what will actually happen...you'll understand when you read it, but I do come full circle )

I hope you enjoy it and leave a comment.

Each chapter is preceeded by a quote...either from the bible or from a famous person

Please be advised that English is my second language. I have tried to my best to correct spelling and grammar.

thank you!

Warriors of the Light


'Even though I walk
through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil'

Quiet descended on this place of battle in the South of Wyoming, many miles away from any civilization. Littered around him were the broken bodies of his men. The smell of death hung in the air. Samuel Colt sighed deeply easing himself down on to the ground.

The civil war had ravished the land tearing at its innards. The people were tired and the end was near for the South. His men though had fought a different war. Under the cover of the skirmishes and battles between North & South a much more desperate fight had played out.

Samuel shifted slightly and pain shot through his body. Not long now but he had one more promise to keep.

On the horizon a faint burst of reddish light heralded the beginning of a new day. The world was safe again. The Apocalypse deferred, Nathaniel had left to return to wherever Angels go. A faint smile played on Samuel's lips as he remembered his initial encounters with Nathaniel so many years ago. His eyes had burnt, his ears would bleed and his body shook when Nathaniel spoke to him those first times. Samuel Colt had considered himself a religious man but he had struggled with the truth of Light and Darkness. He denied, he drank, he cried, he ran.

Without Sarah he would have lost his sanity. Sarah's lovely face appeared before him, the woman he loved, the woman he would soon leave behind. Steadfast she stood with him, waited for him weeks on end not knowing if he would return and many times her skills as a healer would snatch him from Death's door. She would be here soon to minister to the wounded. Her skills would not be required today.

Sorrow filled his heart. Regret spilled out and Samuel squeezed his eyes shut. The memory of lying to her was not a proud one. Nathaniel had never hidden the fact that once he left a vessel the damage to the body may be too great and death could follow. Samuel had hidden it from Sarah though.

The sun was rising and the first rays of light caressed the devil's gate. Samuel looked up from where he sat. The Colt was still in the lock. 'Sarah will have to remove it' Samuel thought '…and keep it safe'

He turned his head to the faint sound of hooves closing in. Sarah was arriving with his two apprentice hunters who he had left with her under the guise of providing protection to his wife. They would now be all that was left. The burden would be heavy for young Michael Wallace and Anthony Hardecker but Samuel knew he had trained them well.

Sarah Campbell brought her horse to a stop at the entrance of the church yard and in one fluid movement dismounted. Her eyes were dark with worry. The bodies were clearly visible on approach. Desperately she weaved through the dead scanning for Samuel only to glimpse him propped up against the gate. She flew to his side, dropping down on her knees. Her hands were tugging at Samuel's shirt to view his injuries when Samuel caught her hands with his. Her eyes met his and in that long moment she knew. Realization was like a physical blow and she rocked back on her heels. Samuel smiled at her his hands still cradling hers.

Wallace and Hardecker slowly approached the couple. They had stopped, checking each body but not finding anyone alive. Their faces were white and fixed in grief on surveying the battle field. They stopped at a respectful distance not wanting to intrude on the couple.

Samuel waved them over.

"Anthony, Michael… Bury the men here where they fell. After I want you to leave and never return. Forget this place…" The two men quietly nodded and turned away to tend to their fellow hunters.

Samuel Colt drew in a deep breath forcing his lungs to expand, willing his heart to keep beating a few minutes longer. He looked at his wife and drew her closer. His gaze dropped to the middle of her body where the gentle rise of her belly gave him joy.

He laid his hand on the promise of new life.

"His name will be Nathaniel Campbell" Samuel could see Sarah bristle at his wishes to use her maiden name but she held her tongue. "Tell him his father died in the war. Once he turns 18 give him my diary and he will understand."

He smiled at her, drinking in the love that shone out of her eyes. "Take the Colt and hide it away. It will not be needed in your life time." Tired he closed his eyes.

Samuel held Sarah close wrapping her in his love while silent tears ran down her face. She felt his breathing slow till it finally stopped. The war was over - for now.