Warriors of the Light –the missing scene

When I originally envisioned this story there was the scene with Castiel and Sam after they flee and hide in the past…and once I was writing I realized that for story continuity (the historical flashbacks are from the diaries Dean and Sam find and read) I couldn't work it in…but I felt I had cheated Castiel out of a shining moment so I wrote the scene and here it is for those who want to read it…(Warning death of character)

The missing scene…

There was a thunder in the night sky and the ground shook as Castiel and Sam arrived in the past. Disorientated and weak Castiel fell to his knees on the ground with the unconscious Sam lying next to him. A few seconds passed before Castiel was able to lift his head staring out into the darkness. When he touched Sam's forehead he had gathered all the faith he possessed and concentrating the last of his angelic powers had thrown himself and Sam into the past not caring where they would end up as long as it was far away from Lucifer's reach.

His eyes struggled to focus and the cool air of the spring night wrapped around him. The moon light broke through the clouds illuminating a granite gravestone which stood a few feet to his left and in the distance he could see the warm lights of a lonely homestead.

He looked down at Sam's still body and despair filled Castiel's heart as he saw failure.

'So tired…' he thought while waves of nausea battered him and his hands shook.

In his mind he saw Dean's eyes light up when he had offered to heal Sam after hiding him somewhere in the past. The warmth of faith had lifted his spirits and had made the impossible seem possible. Gone were the doubts and gone the guilt of being an instrument to manipulate Dean and Sam in fulfilling prophecy as Zachariah and the other Angels had envisioned. When he had broken with Heaven he had not broken faith with his Father but had refused the path Michael and the other Angels walked. Castiel threw his lot in with the Winchesters and till now never regretted anything.

Sam's breath rattled calling Castiel back to the here and now. Death was only moments away so Castiel lifted his arms, gazing towards the sky and prayed to his Father for the last time. He had promised Dean to heal his brother but he had promised too much.

Instead of dying with his brother Dean at his side, Sam would breathe his last breath lost in the maelstrom of the past with Castiel as his only witness though the angel would follow shortly. Castiel cleared his throat.

'Father, hear me…' he whispered 'I need your help one last time for this man…'

A faint high pitched ringing broke the eerie stillness of the night, the air reverberated with electrical energy and Castiel closed his eyes in defeat. How they had found him he didn't know but his failure was absolute. He bowed his head waiting for the final blow to be delivered by one of his brothers but instead he felt coolness wrap around him.

'You have done well, my Brother. It is time for you to rest' the voice soothed his soul and Castiel breathed deeply.


'He will be in my care now, Castiel'

The angel smiled as peace filled his heart and his last thought was with Dean.

'It is done…'

A bright light erupted from Castiel's chest and his Grace poured forth spilling over Sam's lifeless body and flowing into the ground.

Nathanial watched as the empty vessel slid to the ground before leaving.

to be continued : Warriors of the Light: Samuel Colt – In the beginning