" I think I'll skip out to" Conan tells his friends " Besides me and Vye already know what know what we'll look like in 10 years" he thought to him self"

No you don't I want to see the punk I have to look after in 10 years" Richard said throwing Conan into the machine

"Come on Vye you'll love it" Mitch said while he and George pushed vie into the machine

"I can't wait to see these results "Rachel said with a smile

"This is bad" Conan thought to himself" "CLICK

Wow look at Vie although she looks as serious as ever "Amy giggled while looking at Vye's photo"Now it's time to see Conan's huh" as she noticed Conan was trying to hide his photo

"What's wrong Conan" she asked him"

"N-Nothing you wouldn't want to see my photo it's not that great" Conan said still trying to hide his photo.

"No you don't I said I wanted to see your photo" Richard said snatching it from Conan

"Hmm I feel like I've seen this face before" Richard said to himself "Dad of course you've seen that face Conan is Jimmy's cousin" Rachel tells her father

"Are you sure about that he looks too much like him to be a mere cousin almost likes…

"Almost like I could be Jimmy" Conan said out of the blue

Conan pulled out his bowtie and said "I am Jimmy"

"WHAT"? Everyone said at once "And I can prove it Rachel "hm"Rachel ask me a question only Jimmy would know

"Alright when we were young and i as playing hide and seek no one could find me where was I"she asks him

"let me think ah i know under the moveable stairs near Teitan elementry you ha gotten stuck under them after hiding"he awnsers

"He really is jimmy"she say with a suprised look"

"What" everyone says suprise except for Vye and Dr Agasa