An: Hiya, Azusa-Angel here with my first Kingdom Hearts fan fiction. This will be a very long story, with many couples, chapters, and ideas. I guess I'll have to give a little background info on this story so you can understand it. It's set in this time period for starters, there isn't any heartless or key blades in here, so if you're looking for fighting and action, there will be only a couple drabbles with action. Now, Key blades are just a very special, expensive, rare kind of sword that can be summoned out of thin air.

The main setting is Twilight Town and other worlds in the game will be towns or cities. All the characters are interrelated, which means that each character has a tie to another character who knows another character, like the movie He's just not that into you. This will be kinda like that, except way more couples and twists.

The ages are very different, the youngest being middle school while the oldest is after college. Some ages will be different in the game, so I'll write down the ages of the main characters and along the way, side characters ages will be added. Also, some of the characters will be OC, so don't tell me that they don't act like that because I already know.

Also, or the first time, there will be no POVS, so I will be narrating the story, line breaks between sections signalize narration and the story itself. It also means setting changes. The whole writing is a collection of love stories with different twists and problems and solutions. Also, love interests will be different than normal ones, but it doesn't mean that they will end up with them. So, don't bash if you don't like the current couples, they will probably change and I'm the kinda person who doesn't mine different pairings, I like most of them, but I don't mind the rest.

Sora: 21 Kairi: 20 Namine: 16 Roxas: 18 Olette: 13 Hayner: 13 Yuffie: 14 Aerith: 22 Cloud: 25 Leon: 29 Tifa: 27

So now, this is The Game of Love...


The Game of Love

Chapter 1


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Love… It's a mysterious thing, don't you think? Love comes in many forms, crushes, likes, true love, and many other kinds of forms. Love also makes you do stupid things, there isn't a guidebook or a set of rules to follow. You learn from only one thing, experience. No one knows where you can find it, it just happens. So, let's see how these indivivuals handle the loops, twists, and turns, in…..The Game of Love.


"SORA HIKARI!" A loud booming voice echoed through the halls as many college students froze from the sudden sound increase. One student in particular froze at his name, his untamed locks of spiky brown hair swished as he suddenly pivoted on his heels, to be met with this sight of one angry Ansem, the Twilight University Headmaster, through his cerulean blue eyes.

No one had ever seen Ansem so mad before. His eyes were bulging with a crazed look, his cheeks were flushed with anger and is you looked closely enough you could see tiny puffs of smoke coming out of his ears. Still, Sora Hikari, a senior in Twilight University, was grinning, though inside he was panicking and sweating like he was a little kid who was caught red handed stealing from the cookie jar.

"Yo! A-Dog," Sora joked, hoping that he would laugh like usual when they talked. Though, it didn't work this time. Ansem was glaring at him, the menacing look in his eyes growing.

"Come with me," he dangerously whispered, a slight horse sound tugging in his voice, alarming the young man that he had been yelling before. With an iron grip, he grasped tightly on to his students collar, before dragging him down the hallway as many by passers stared in shock.

He cast his pleading eyes to his best friend, Riku, who just mouthed 'Sorry!' before walking stiffly away with a look of guilt in his face. 'Traitor!" He mouthed to him, as he was pulled through heavy wooden doors before Ansem slammed the double doors shut. Still in the Headmaster's grasp, he was shoved into the chair in front of the heavy wooden desk which was in front of Ansem.

Sora was frozen in his seat, he licked his chapped lips, preparing to plead if necessary. Ansem took a few calming deep breaths before locking his eyes with Sora's. His hands were folded in front with him as he just stared at the younger man.

"Sora," He started in a even tone, "Do you know why you're here?" He asked and upon receiving a no, he sighed once more. Rubbing both of his temples with fore finger and thumb he cast a long breath.

"Do you remember your last Home Ec project?" He asked the boy, who was deep in thought. Snapping his fingers, with another half smile, he answered the older man, "We were learning how to bake cakes, I didn't finish mine so the teacher let me use the oven for 30 more minutes. I'm supposed to get it…….3 o'clock…." His words became slower and quieter with every passing second. His gaze was locked on the clock, as it chimed to 5:30, the time where the last classes end and the school day were officially over.

"I see, you remember," Ansem nodded, "Do you know what time it is?" He asked, as if he was talking to a 3 year old. Gulping with a scared look he whispered '5:30' with a slight squeak. Ansem sighed once more as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Now, Sora, since you didn't turn off the oven, the cake got one fire, then the counters, and the whole classroom caught on fire. We were able to stop the fire, however the Home Ec classroom is where the main water pipe, which sends water to the whole school, melted. Do you know what this means?" Ansem cast a tired look to the boy, who was reaching into his coat pocket already.

"How much?" Sora sighed, opening his leather wallet and his hands already counting bundles of cash.

"500,000 dollars," Ansem answered as Sora squeaked and his wallet toppled on the carpeted floor.

Seeing one of his favorite students in such distress, he felt guilty and immediately racked his brain for another solution. "Sora, I like you. You remind me of Mickey, my best student. Now, I am offered to give you an alternative solution. For the rest of the year and during the summer you can be helping one of the doctors with one of his newest patients."

Before he could finish, Sora immediately fell to his knees, sobbing dryly. "Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" He yelled the last part with tears streaming down his face. Ansem, who was silently grossed out, petted the man's hair awkwardly.

Sora, who had finally come to his senses and was sitting down embarrassedly, apologized profusely before going silent. Chuckling, Ansem smiled as he wrote down on a scratch piece of paper.

Handing it to Sora, who was still clueless, he smiled with a slight quirk, "Good, in the rest of you free time except for Sundays, you will be working at…"


"St. Michael Hospital, please come to Twilight Middle School as fast as you can!" A panicky, slightly shrill, voice sobbed into her cell phone. "My friend, Yuffie, fell off the balance beam and I think her leg is broken!"

Saying goodbye, Yuna stuffed her cell phone into her basketball shorts pocket before crouching down with the rest of her class around a girl roughly around the same age as her.

"Yuffie! We heard what happened and got here as quick as possible, are you okay!" Rikku and Paine rushed to their friend who was clutching to her left leg, which was bended into an odd angle. A girl with short black hair and charcoal black eyes with creamy white skin. The offending girl glared at her three best friends with an expression of pain the screamed 'What do you think?!'

Rikku and Yuna grinned guilty as Paine just looked away. Yuffie smiled, despite the pain, but then it immediately turned upside down as she had a sudden mood change. "WHERE THE HELL ARE THE DAMN PARAMEDICS!?" She yelled at the top of her voice, not even caring about the school's strict rule of language.

Like an alarm, two men rushed inside, equipped with various medical equipment and tugging a gurney behind them. The two rushed to Yuffie's side immediately, pressing various spots near her knee and calve. By now, Yuffie was already hyperventilating, so the doctors had to put a respirator mask on her nose and mouth, letting air pump through her lungs.

Hoisting her up on the gurney, one of the men, whose nametag read 'Kenji Kotobuki' faced Yuna, Rikku, and Paine, who were watching anxiously on the sidelines, staring frightened at their friend. "She'll be all right," Kenji assured them, who let out a breath, "She won't have any permanent damage, maybe a cast for a few months, but she'll be alright," Saying goodbye, the wheeled out Yuffie as they stared in shock before they finally disappeared.

"It'll be alright Yuna," Paine comforted in a solemn voice as she stared at the doors, which were swishing open, close, open, close. "Doesn't your aunt's husband work there? Dr…"


"Leon here," A low muscular voice broke the loud chit chat that was happening in the staff room. An old man, who was sitting quietly in the corner in a small table gestured to the seat in front of him. Nodding, Leon strode over to him, ignoring the questioning stares and whispers of 'Leon never comes to the staff room' he sat down in front of the bearded old man, who was smiling , making more wrinkles on his face.

"Merlin, it better be good," Leon whispered to the head doctor, as one by one the onlookers continued their conversation, "You know how I hate to be here."

"Well then, I guess there is no beating around the bush with you," Merlin chuckled, before a mask of seriousness slid onto his face, "I'm trusting you on a very important case. If you recall, patient 214, Kairi Valentine had recently woke up from her coma," Merlin asked as he sipped some decaf coffee from a pearl white mug. Leon nodded, looking through Kairi's folder which Merlin had set out from him.

"When we found Kairi, she was screaming 'Turn on the lights!' 'Turn on the lights!' while clutching her head, but the lights were already on-," ."She's blind," Leon interrupted as he stopped at the last page of her folder, before shutting it completely and sliding it into his briefcase.

Sighing, Merlin nodded, "However, when we told her that, she said she could still see. When we tested her vision, she said she saw a doorway, a keyhole on a lock, and a small creature with beady yellow eyes, a pure black body, and black antennas. She said it was called a heartless. We are believed that she can see, just not what's in front of her. So, Leon, we trust you to help us figure out this mystery." Leon sighed as she developed a headache from the explanation of the girl's health.

"I will handle it," Leon nodded, his fingers tapping the edge of the stain glass table. Hearing a beeping sound, Leon turned to his pager, which was hidden underneath his white lab coat. Glancing at the small screen, he read out loud his new patients diagnosis, "A broken leg, broken in three places and a crushed artery,"

"That sounds serious, you should get going," Merlin said as Leon nodded once more. Grabbing his briefcase he stood up. "Can you tell me you patients name?" Merlin called after him, his left hand raised to his mouth, intending to make the sound travel toward him. Picking up his pager, he read the name that was just scrolling by, "It's…"


"Yuffie Kisaragi fell of the balance beam and broke her leg!"Olette cried out in shock, as she stared at Hayne and Pence, who had witnessed it firsthand. Nodding to their girl best friend, Olette stared in shock, THE Yuffie Kisaragi, the martial artists pro, the one who single handily defeated Seifer, a Senior at Twilight High School, in a Struggle match, BROKE her leg. In a gymnastics stunt she could easily do nether the less.

"It's a shock to me too," Hayner sighed as he ran his hands through his untamed dirty blond hair. "It's not her fault though, I checked the balance beam and I think she slipped on this weird slippery substance I found," Pence chipped in, clutching his camera he held in both hands.

"I hope she's okay, she may be a year older then us, but she was really cool," Olette said thoughtfully, smiling optimistically, making Hayner look away. Pence smirked, knowing why Hayner was acting this way.

"Well, on a lighter note, did you finish the History homework during study hall?"Pence asked the two, as the trio walked down the endless hallways, intending to go outside before the school rush started. Hayner snorted, as Olette giggled, while Olette does her homework during study hall, Hayner waits for the last minute and does it during the 5 minutes before they were supposed to hand it in.

"Hayner, you have to do your homework if you want to go to the 7th grade beach trip," Olette scolded, though she was smiling at him. Hayner rolled his eyes, disregarding everything she said. Once they reached the open doors, they were met with a sight or thundering rain, heavy storm clouds seemed to have drifted overhead Twilight Town while they were in closes.

"Darn," Olette pouted, grabbing an umbrella she kept in her back pack, "I wanted to see him again!" At the mention of 'him' Hayner immediately looked at Olette with a dangerous look in her eye, jealously filled in his veins.

"Oh Hayner, stop it," Olette whined, pushing Hayner slightly on the chest, "He's not bad," Olette seemed to misinterpret Hayner's look, "I talked to him a couple times and he's really cute." Pence inwardly laughed at Olette's cluelessness. He knew about Hayner's crush, it was obvious, hopefully this will give him a push to confess to her.

"What's his name?" Hayner growled, his hands balling up into fists so tight his knuckles were white. Olette smiled as she opened a clear plastic umbrella, "His name is….…"


"ROXAS!" A red headed pyro, wearing the same black trench coat with silver lining as his friend, who momentarily stopped and glanced at him, before continuing on his way. "Roxaaaaas!" He whined, gaining speed, he launched himself to the spiky head blonde, who toppled over from the sudden weight increase.

"Axel. Get. Off." He growled, pronouncing every syllable clearly. Rolling his eyes, Axel hopped off the younger teen, who dusted off the back of his trench coat from dirt and other germs that was on the abandoned buildings floor.

"Where ya going?" Axel smiled foolishly, rocking on the balls of his feet with his hands behind his back. Roxas rolled his eyes at his immature best friend, sometimes he felt older then the spiky red headed man, who was currently brushing his long mane of hair.

"Home," Roxas replied as Axel frowned, his shoulders drooped and his lips settled into a pout. Roxas sighed, he knew what was going to happen next, it happened every time after a meeting. Preparing for one of his, what the Organization XII calls, one of his pout sessions.

"But Rooooookuuuuu," He whined, dropping to his knees and wrapping his skinny arms around his leg, "Xion has a mission, Demyx won't stop playing his guitar, Marluxia looks to girly, and Larxene is in one of her moods," Though Roxas found the situation quite humorous, he had to feel sorry for the guy. When Larxene was in one of her moods last time, let's just say Marluxia wasn't able to get off the ceiling.

"Axel, we just got back on a mission and I'm tired, we don't want to be late to the meeting tomorrow ," Roxas reasoned, gently taking of," Roxas reasoned, gently taking off Axel's hand from his leg. Seeing his friend so distressed, he groaned. Extending his hand out to him, Axel stared at it confused.

"Come on," Roxas sighed, "We're going to that new place down town…"


"Café Brioche?" Namine asked her friend Selphie, as she was just shoved a flyer into her delicate hands. "Why are you giving me this?" Namine asked questionably to the brown headed girl, who was currently checking her Hello Kitty wallet for money.

The green eyes girl grinned to her best friend, "Well, we," Selphie slung her arm around the blondes shoulder, "Are going to Café Brioche today!" As soon as she heard this, she sputtered as her eyes widened profusely. As soon as Selphie said that, Namine froze as she clutched her orange binder to her chest.

"But Selph, we have a huge English assign-" Before Namine could even finish, Selphie groaned loudly as her arm dropped from her shoulders. Side stepping so she was facing the petite blonde, blue eyed girl, she firmly grabbed her shoulders so Namine was staring directly at her.

"Nami, I love you. But you need to loosen up," Selphie exclaimed, "You're smart, quiet, and cute, but you need to learn how to have fun! You always do your homework, never go to dance clubs, and you haven't even been to a school dance," Namine blushed at her accusations, knowing they were all true.

"Fine..." Namine mumbled as Selphie cheered in victory. Grabbing her wrist, Selphie sprinted off as Namine was dragged along with a frightened look on her face through the thick rain. Coming to a complete stop, Namine gasped for breath as her hands rested on her knees.

"Nami? Are you all right?" Selphie asked, oblivious to her friend's dismay. "Namine, stop kidding around, we have to get a table!" Selphie yelled as Namine stared incredulously at her friend, who seemed to be full of energy.

Despite the pain, Namine smiled weakly as she wobbly stood up with a slight 'humph'. Walking behind Selphie, occasionally hiding behind her, the two walked through the crowded café, searching for available seats. Spotting one, the two ran, well more likely Selphie ran and Namine ran embarrassedly behind her from being seen, to one of the empty booths, sitting across from each other.

Taking two of the menus from the small little rack, the duo sat in silence, scanning the choices of deserts, drinks, and small snacks. The two eagerly looked at the delicious choices, both lovers of sweets and/or sugar.

"I'm going to have the Strawberry Mille Crepe, the Brioche, a Cinnamon Roll, and maybe a Chocolate Log Cake, oohh, a Raspberry Danis-" Selphie listed off many possible choices she was going to have as Namine politely listened, nodding every few seconds. Namine isn't listening

She's just politely disinterested….


"Would you two ladies like anything to drink?" A charming voice smoothly interrupted Selphie's small rant and snapped Namine back into reality. Namine quickly looked up as her breath slightly hitched and a dark blush adorned her ivory cheeks. She quickly covered her cheeks with her palms as she smiled slightly to him.

"Hi, I'm Cloud, I will be your waiter today. Can I start you off with something to drink," He smiled to the two, which made Namine melt but Selphie ignored it. "Yes, we'll both have a glass of water, no ice cubes please," She answered for both of them, preventing Namine from embarrassing her further. Cloud quickly jotted down on his paper as he smiled and told them they would get there drinks in a bit.

When he left, Namine's crystal blue eyes never wavered from Cloud as she sighed dreamily inside. "Namine?" Selphie asked to the girl, who was smiling idiotically in one direction. Following her gaze, Selphie smirked as she grinned ear to ear.

"You like him!" Selphie chirped as Namine finally realized what she was doing and stared at her lap, embarrassed that she was caught. "Shuddup," She mumbled softly, but it was droned from the loud giggling from one, Selphie Tilmitt.

"My little Nami's growing up," Selphie fake sobbed into her hands as Namine tried to make her stop, unsuccessfully of course. "This is gold," Selphie laughed.

Abruptly, Namine stood up, still looking at her feet, "I'm going now, I'll be at the …"


"The Final Fantasy bookstore," Aerith muttered underneath her umbrella as she read from a piece of yellow scratch paper from her nimble fingers. Walking quickly to the cover in the bookstore, Aerith closed the black umbrella and place it inside the umbrella holder as she took of her white drench coat and placing it on the coat rack. Now wearing a sea green turtle neck and a brown skirt, Aerith looked around the large book store, scanning the masses of couches, desks, and comfy chairs for her sister in-law, Tifa Leonhart.

"Tifa!" She exclaimed lightly as she rushed over to a long dark haired woman who was currently wearing red reading glasses and pouring over a Webster's Dictionary. Hearing her name, Tifa looked up slightly before smiling and greeting her sister in-law and settling down on a hazel colored couch.

"I'm sorry for troubling you Aerith, but I needed to talk to you," Tifa smiled sheepishly as she slid her reading glasses off and placing them on a wooden coffee table and staring Aerith straight in the eye. Taking a deep breath, Tifa closed her eyes slowly as she opened them, looking at Aerith who as staring worriedly at her.

"To tell you the truth, Leon and I are sort of been in a strained relationship recently," Tifa confessed as she stared at her hands which were lying limp in her laps, "With his promotion and me making my book into a movie, we haven't been able to talk like we use to and it's been stressful. That's why I called you here, I need help," Tifa cast pleading eyes to Aerith who frowned and hugged her slightly.

"Well, I think you should be patient until you guys get everything settled," Aerith advised as she twirled a lock of her chocolate brown hair, "It's been hard since change has been happening so just wait until you guys are comfortable and talk it over."

"Thanks, this helped a lot," Tifa smiled as she pushed her bangs out of her eyes, "Leon just got two new patients and a new college helper, I think he goes to your school," Tifa thought out loud, her pointer finger tapping her chin.

"Really? What's the helpers name?" Aerith asked, interested on who her brother will be working with. "I think it's Sora Hikari?" Tifa thought as she slid her reading glasses back on and scribbled something in a pocket notebook.

"Sora?" Aerith tilted her head as she furrowed her brows, "Why would Sora work at a hospital?" Upon hearing that Aerith knew the helper, Tifa smirked as she lightly elbowed Aerith, "So, you close to this Sora?"

"N-o, we're just friends," Aerith stuttered, her cheeks flushed at the accusations pointing to her. Tifa smirked, ignoring what Aerith what was saying, "Whatever you say, whatever you say…."


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