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The Game of Love

Chapter 2

Decisions, Decisions

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Decisions, decisions, almost everything revolves them. What kind of juice to buy, clothes to wear, and even what friends to make. The whole world revolves around decisions, causing chain reactions that affect everyone around you. Now why am I babbling about this? Simple, love requires decisions too. Important ones at that. What if you see someone and think 'love at first sight', you have to decide to talk to them or to just leave them alone. Now, let's see how the contestants deal with the problems set out before them.


Namine shivered as she tightened her cream white scarf she had draped around her neck before setting off into the biting cold. Winter was drawing nearer and nearer, it was not long before snow would be falling from with rosy clouds that glittered in the endless sky. Namine smiled at the picture she inwardly painted in her mind, she had been so busy with school, her job, and of course, Cloud, she hadn't enough time to draw or paint.

Sighing, making a misty white cloud hear her face, she decided she should hurry home, night was approaching and she had to make her way through the hole in Twilight Town's walls, the dark and dreary forest, all the way to the abandon mansion where she secretly lived.

Picking up her pace into a moderate jog, she surveyed the familiar area of Twilights Shopping District. She waved at local shop owners she had come to known over the years, even declining a freshly baked cookie from Ms. Moogle, a local baker who had made sweets for a living. Slightly winded, she had finally reached the edge of Twilights walls of security, the only thing standing before her and home was the small park.

It wasn't one where most kids played in, it was old and rusty, with two swings that would certainly break without warning, a small peach slide that was slightly uneven, showing that some bolds had come out and moved some of the slide section, the last thing that was connecting the slide was a badly splintered piece of wood, painted different colors in its attempt to try to clean it up and a matching ladder, also painted different colors.

Namine grinned at the memories, as a child, she had usually played there, unable to play with the other children due to special circumstances. However, a shape, well more like a blob of a black murky color with silver lining was sitting there, just sitting on one of the uneven swings.

She squinted, she was too far away to see who it was, but could see faint outlines of the arms and legs. She wondered who was the person, who she had found out was male as she came closer. She was about to call out to him before she froze, her eyes terrified and frozen with fear. With the remaining sunlight in the sky, she could just make out a steely glint as the man took something from his coat pocket and pressed it close to what she thought it was his neck.

Namine didn't know what to do, it was obvious, he was going to commit suicide, but what was Namine didn't know what to do, stop him so he will live, or let him be and have the guilt on her small chest. Rushing into the playground blindly she had tackled the man to the ground, pinning his left hand that was loosely holding a silver kitchen knife, crystal tears leaking out of her icy blue eyes.


Suicide, a decision no one must make, yet they do. They want to end the pain, they want to die to escape the world. Pity the ones who are living, for they are the ones who have to deal with pain and sorrow . However, it doesn't mean to give up on life, you can always find love in your hobbies, job, and a special person. The pain, the sorrow, the evils of this world, if you can face that, the world will be different from what you once new, happiness, imagination, and maybe even love.


Tifa sighed as she fiddled with her khaki colored beanie and large tinted sunglasses. She didn't know why she was doing this, she didn't want to, but she felt an impulse too. Her relationship with Leon have been becoming more and more strained ever since Leon had gotten 2 new patients and has been so busy that Tifa had found herself staring blankly at the empty side of the bed in the past week.

Though it made her feel selfish, she wished that someone else had gotten stuck with the patients. She knew it was a terrible thought, the two young girls had both severe conditions and was proud of her husband to be trusted with them, but sleeping without the warmth and comfort that Leon had provided had been giving her difficulties.

Lately, she had been thinking about her relationship, her and Leon. She has been trying to piece back their relationship they had in college, the perfect couple who had understood each other completely, from the struggling relationship they now held. She loved him, she knew that, but she had found herself wondering as a lover or as a friend?

Tifa shook that thought straight out of her head, she loved him, and that was that. This thought reassured herself, there was no use to be here anymore. Standing up from the booger colored waiting chair, she had strode to the exit, a comforting smiled on her face. Passing the waiting desk, a water fountain, and the pamphlet podium, she found herself staring longily at the podium.

Making her decision she nervously shuffled to the podium, her eyes glancing at nearby by passers. Raising her shaking hand, she firmly grasped the white documents as she slid them under her jacket, the label 'DIVORCE' sticking out of the jacket zipper.


Divorce, what drives a person to compel to end their relationship. Stress, work, and misunderstandings are all factors in leading a couple to break up. Sometimes it's for the best and sometimes it's for the worst. However, it doesn't mean you shouldn't stop trying, don't stop rekindling the flame you once had. If it won't come back on, maybe it's for the best. It doesn't mean you won't find love, but you just have to try harder.


Hayner sighed once more, lying flat out on his back throwing a basketball up and down, up and down. The new boy, Roxas, has been clouding his mind, why did Olette like him? He had just gotten out on one of Olette's rant sessions, where she would talk about mindless things. He did like Olette, he knew that, he was the only one who could actually be around Olette when she ranted about things, not even Pence could stay for more than a few minutes.

He was actually glad he stayed, somewhere during the middle of the conversation it had drifted over to Roxas. Though I made his blood boil, he was patient and absorbed the information he was receiving. Hey, you must know the enemy, right? Yes, Hayner had proclaimed war to Roxas, no one was going to steal Olette from him, no one. He wasn't Olette's boyfriend yet, keyword yet. He was going to be Olette's boyfriend, even if it kills him in the process. But first, what was so special about Roxas? Sure he had gravity defying spiky hair, an interesting look on life, and had a cool coat, but so what? If he tried, he could be just like him.

Hayner huffed as he tossed the orange ball carelessly on the floor, sitting up, scowling at the wall. Yes, he will be a better Roxas, one that will knock Olette off her feet for sure.


Jealousy, it can make anyone go insane with anger and hate. Though they might like the person, it can easily turn around with a simple flick of a wrist with jealousy. They are driven with hopeless longily with a person and when someone is in the way of the person and there crush, there personality will change instantly. Though it may be cute to girls when boyfriends or crushes are jealous, they can be dangerous as it clouds there judgment.


Cloud sighed as he busted another table, his eyes weary from lack of sleep and being overworked. He was hired as a waiter for a new café a couple months ago and has been overworked ever since. He was saving up for college. When he was in high school, he completely ignored his classes, traveling to other towns and completely forgetting about his assignments.

Though it was fun at the time, he had to pay for it later when he wasn't able to get in to college. Now 27 and without a degree, he was forced to go into a job at a Café Brioche. Though the pay was great, the long hours and flirtatious girls were finally getting him and were dragging him down. Stretching his abused muscles he strode over to the kitchen, smiling politely to the nearby girls, who sighed in delight as he escaped from view.

Plopping the table rag into the sink, Cloud leaned on the sterling silver counter top exasperation clear on his face. "I don't want to go out there," He whined, nothing like his usual personality, almost looking like a wounded puppy. He knew he had to though, he was the only male waiter, the one who had usually attracted the girls. If he wasn't there, they would lose more than half of their customers.

Cloud stretched once more before taking a nearby tray into his calloused hands. Straightening his posture and plastering another smile on his face, he slowly walked out of door and into the restaurant, where he was met with another round of sighs. Cloud chuckled under his breath as he strode over to a booth with amusement evident in his clear less blue eyes. Glancing slightly at his new customer, he realized it was another girl, probably around 13.

"Hello, I'm Cloud and I will be your waiter today, would you like anything to drink?" He asked politely as he put another charming smile. The girl looked above her menu and smiled pleasantly at him. She had curly brown hair but as it got towards the bottom it became straight. She had stunning green eyes and wore a striking amount of orange.

"Well I'm Olette and it's nice to meet you. I guess I'll just have some, fruit punch?" She introduced herself confidently, but got more unsure towards the end as it came out more like a question. "Of course," Cloud smiled cheekily as he scribbled fruit punch in messy scrawl as he excused himself from the young girl.

Taking the order to the soda jerk he waited as he watched the old man poor red liquid in a simple glass cup. "Here you go," He mumbled gruffly, sliding the fruity flavored drink to the young man. Saying simple thanks he walked quickly to the girl's booth, dodging waitresses and busboys on the way there. Finally reaching the girls booth, he slid the fruity drink to the girl who said a polite thank you as she sipped it slowly. Hearing the bell jingle, signaling there was another customer, he turned a 360 to see who it was before his eyes widened as he dived into Olette's booth on the other side.

With the simple action the Cloud had made Olette sputter her fruit punch all over the rich mahogany table. As Olette wiped her accident with a napkin as she gazed questionably at the older man. "What are you doing?" Olette whispered once she saw Cloud put his pointer finger over his mouth and shushed her. Silently, he pointed to the front door and leaning slightly out of her booth to see what all the commotion was about.

There was a girl, a pretty one at that. She had seen her before, she had seen her just that very morning, she had rich blond hair that had several braids that was tied with a blue hair bands, and was slicked back with a blue bandana. She had a cheesy grin on her face as she clear less blue eyes that had a slight resemblance to Clouds eyes. She was wearing a simple yellow tube top with silver strap along the front that and an orange skirt with yellow ribbons on the side. On her wrists to her elbow s was a pale yellow sleeves that matched her thigh high socks and blue boots. To top it all off was a fire orange sock that fade into a creamy yellow. It was Rikku, her older classmate and friend of Yuffie.

"Rikku?" She breathed as she was suddenly pulled back by Cloud who had a wild look on his face. "What's wrong? It's just Rikku," She said, looking at the man who was just fine a minute ago.

"No, it's not just Rikku, it's Rikku Strife, my younger sister, I haven't seen her since I left Hollow Bastion. And that was 4 years ago. Do you know what will happen if she sees me?" Cloud said emphasizing the words for the younger girl.

"If she's your sister, you should talk to her. She won't be mad as long as you have a legitimate reason for leaving her. Besides better late than never, right?" Olette said knowledgably as Cloud nodded. With new determinations he strode over to the front of the café, not looking at his surroundings. Tripping over one of the bus boys who had many plates stacked high, they fell on one particular booth.

"Ahh!" A feminine squeak snapped Cloud out of his trance at he looked to a booth on his left side. A college student with thick curly brown hair and nature like green eyes was looking around her, tears welling up in her eyes as laughter filled the café. She was head to toe covered in scraps of food ranging from strawberry crepes to strawberry crepes. Cloud instantly felt guilty, knowing that it was fault. He tried to help her, but he was pushed away as the girl raced out of the café, sobs wracking her body.

Looking at Olette, who was shell shocked, then to Rikku, who didn't know what was going on, to the door where the unknown girl left through. He had a choice to make. His sister or the girl he potentially embarrassed. Groaning, he raced out the door , intending to follow the girl.


Ah, a classic decision. Though it may be a simple one, your decision could affect both lives. If he had gone after his sister, the girl may have been crying in an alley way, if he had gone after the girl, he may have never seen his sister again. He had to follow his heart and it was pointing to the girl, but was it for better or worse?


"You have to do WHAT?!" Riku yelled the last part out loud, drawing some unwanted attention from his classmates who were also in the courtyard.

"Not to loud," Sora shushed as he tried to get his best friend to calm down. He had just told him his punishment and he hadn't taken it too lightly. "But, what about our plans! How are we supposed to go to the parties if you are supposed to be cleaning up old people's butts!" Riku yelled at his friends.

Sora twitched again, "Riku, for the last time, I'm going to be helping a patient who is as old as me. Cleaning old people butts are for elderly homes anyway. Besides, I am allowed to go to parties and school thingies after the first 2 months." Riku, who was still mad, couldn't help but feel better when Sora said this. At least he could still see his best friend. "Fine," Riku sighed in defeat as Sora grinned as he hopped to my feet.

"Well then, can you drop me off at the hospital, I got my license suspended for 6 months," Sora added all to cheerily as Riku rolled his eyes as he took a pair of keys from his pockets. "Let's go," Riku said as he jingled the keys.

It was not soon before Sora was waving at a Silver Expedition as it rolled out of the driveway. He did a 90 degree turn to face the hospital, which was a painted a calming blue instead of a usual white. Pushing the glass doors open, he breathed in the scent of medicine and sick people, which made him gag shortly after. Walking leisurely to the front of the desk, he asked for Squall Leonhart, which the desk lady told him to go to level 4.

Walking to the chrome elevator, he pressed the illuminated button repeatedly as the silver doors open to reveal a classy elevator. Walking into the elevator and pressing 4, which responded by turning into a bright white. The doors slide close as it started to go up, the small screen changing numbers as every level Sora passed. Finally reaching level floor, the silver chrome doors slid open as Sora stepped out warily. Looking side to side, he realized that the only person in the long hallway was a young man, about in his late 20s wearing a white lab coat.

Looking side to side, Sora hurried to the man, who was currently leaning on a wall, hiding behind a plant. "Um, are you Squall Leonhart?" Sora asked warily since the man scowled once 'Squall' was said. "It's Leon," Leon said gruffly as he pushed himself on the wall until he was standing by himself, "You must be Sora, right?" He asked as Sora nodded eagerly.

"Well, as you have heard from Ansem, you were going to help me with one of my newest patients," Sora nodded remembering what Ansem said, "But now, I have two new patients. One of them is around 14, broke her left leg but nothing to serious. This job is easy you just have to give her medicine and talk to her. Or you can help me with a very hands on, harder one. This one has a mental illness, saying she sees things that are not there. She is around your age," Leon recited as Sora nodded, listening intently, "So you can choose which one you can help me with," Leon ended as Sora was deep in thought.

Who should he help? The easy one or the one who really needs his help. "Err-, can I do both?" Sora asked hesitantly as Leon arched his left eyebrow.


So, they have decided. Now let's see if they can face the challenges from their decisions.



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