Of Saints and Sinners

Avenue Q ; not mine…obviously.

Summary: Post-play. The past is hard to let go of…especially when little orange monsters are running around Avenue Q. Lucy/Princeton/Kate. Oneshot...for now.

Here's an open-ended oneshot about Lucy and her what if's in life.

. . .

The church bells echoed on the empty cobblestone streets. Beautiful stained glass paintings of Saints and Sinners loomed overhead, their pale jeweled eyes glimmering under the harsh noon sun. Lucy walked on the pavement, feeling the intense sun gaze down on her and warm her freezing skin. Her white-blonde hair was loose, strands cascading down her back. She was clutching a prayer book in one of her hands, a rosary in another. After the 'penny accident,' she somehow knew that it was her destiny to be one of the faithful, god-fearing followers of the Almighty One. But sometimes, though, she felt as if destiny cheated on her. As if she somehow cheated her own fate.

The chapel was a sanctuary. A safe place where inspiration could always be found. A good place. Lucy sat down on one of the pews furthest from the main altar, jotting down phrases and lyrics she thought were creative. The morning prayers had ended a few minutes ago, but she hadn't really listened to what the preacher had said. She was busy wondering about the 'what if's' in life.

After Brian and Christmas Eve had moved away, and after Kate and Princeton tied the knot (in the same chapel she was sitting in) and after Gary had become a star again, she felt her (new) faith melt into the cracks in the pavement.

Even Trekkie Monster had found his place in life. He let go of all his porn, and helped teach at Kate's Monterssori School. He taught the little monsters about the Internet and arithmetic and languages. Rod and Ricky and Nicky were happy and contented and everything Lucy wished she was.

And from being the person every man wanted, she became the person who was nothing but the crumbling wallpaper in a moldy room.

. . .

"Aunt Lucy! Aunt Lucy!" Lucy could hear the soft pitter-patter of little feet running towards her. Her niece Eve and her nephew Cole enveloped the lady in a tight hug, tackling her.

"Aunt Lucy, Mr. Trekkie taught me how to operate the computer!" Eve said, showing Lucy her A+ in her Computer Education quiz. Lucy chuckled and hugged the young monster.

"Aunt Lucy, Uncle Rod gave me his book about Broadway musicals!" Cole told her as he pushed Eve to the side. He then unearthed a thick black book from inside his bag, "See?"

"I can see, Cole. And congratulations, Eve!" She laughed weakly; a forced smile on her-still beautiful face.

"Kids, don't badger your poor Aunt Lucy," It was Kate. And Princeton was trailing behind her. She'd been the maid-of-honor in their wedding; she and Kate finally successfully destroyed all the animosity between them.

"Oh, hey Lucy!" Princeton chirped, and Lucy instantly smiled – a true, willing smile.

"I think I found my purpose!" He continued as he wrapped his arms around Kate.

"Really? That's great! What is it?" She beamed at him.

"It's to be the best father in the world!" Princeton then hugged his two children and wife; a family hug, one could say. And it broke Lucy's heart.

She should've let him be clingy. She should've been nicer to him. She could've been there with him instead of Kate.

She should've accepted falling for him back when she still had the chance.