No one seems to be able to figure out just why I had to write this, what I have Edward thinking that I had not been able to find in any other version and it's driving me NUTS! So here is my answer:

"Don't make me say it" I do not believe that Edward was capable of saying the words "I don't love you" that day (or any other) to Bella. The only thing he said to shake her hold was "I don't want you to come with me" and I finished the phrase in his head. And he darts away so fast because any longer and he would have had to deal with her tears, and it would have been even harder on himself. I just find it funny that no one else ever notes that he NEVER told her he did not love her. In fact he made it a point to tell her that he would always love her.

There, I'm happy now.


I have new things I want to mention. First, from reading "Her Blood Sings" an EPOV of New Moon from just before Rose calls him onward, I am reminded that one of his problems was that given that he read all minds but Bella's he underestimated her feelings for him. He'd seen so many teenagers move on from "heartbreak" that it seemed at easy for humans to do as ripping off a band-aid.

Also, once he comes back, Bella may have not made him suffer, but then he had already suffered, hadn't he? It may have been Edward's FAULT that the two of them were in such agony, but they were both in agony form the pain of their loss. He suffered just as she did. He did not get off easy.

Finally, I think the three days he remained after deciding to leave, when I feel he was reluctant to follow through with his plan and he was saying goodbye to her slowly, he was so closed off that it was probably that which made it so easy for her to accept that Edward no longer loved her. He had already been acting like it the last few days.

just new thoughts.