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Different situations bring out what is hidden from the world.

Phones buzzed to life throughout the William McKinley high school with incoming text messages, all from the same sender.

"W.M. Insider here with fresh, new news ready to spread the halls. Today, between 5th and 6th period, 'Puck' Puckerman, former varsity footballer and current gleek, had been charged with after school detention for the 'bullying' and 'unnecessary fighting' towards Finn Hudson. No one knows the cause of this fight at the moment, but sources tell us it could be because of a Ms. Rachel Berry.

Hudson fought back and gave Puckerman a 'fistful' of punches right back. Even though there were no charges against Hudson, for it was merrily 'self-defense,' he now sits in the nurses office nursing a sprained wrist along with a bunch of bruises up and down his body. While Puckerman nurses his bruises and scrapes as well in a different room.

As for this concerning Ms. Rachel Berry, no source can seem to find her at the moment. When we know, you will know. Keep inside the Insider.

-W.M. Insider"

The bed was soft against his sore muscles and bruised skin. His arm rested across his eyes; hiding the blinding glow of light above him. Only the sound of his deep, hesitant breath filled the room, having the foist drip water from time to time. Man this sucks.

The room's quietness became interrupted from the cracking of the now opening door. The nurse… He didn't bother to move, thinking that she would just tap him if she needed him. His eyes remained closed as the footsteps of the expected figure started getting closer before stopping.

"How are you, Noah." He jerked his arm away from his hazel eyes to meet with chocolate.

"Berry," he responded, having realization hit that she was the so called nurse from before, 'What are you doing here?" He spoke with a disbelieving and almost hurtful tone.

"Do you not want me here?" she asked kneeling down to make eye level with him. He avoided her eyes looking for anything on the ground to look at instead, "I can leave if you don't want me here."

The hazel eyed boy lifted his eyes back to hers, hesitating to speak as an unknown feeling took over him, "Uhm," he said trying to remember what he was going to say, "No, I, uh, just meant what are you doing here, when Finn is in the next room?" he said moving his eye contact from her eyes to the ground and vise versa whenever he could.

Rachel relaxed herself in her spot in front of him, sighing, "Mercedes told me what happened," she whispered in a hurt voice, "You two are all over the Insider too."

The sore boy groaned, flopping himself back onto the bed only to hiss at the sudden pain flowing up his back. The brunette raised herself lifting up and onto the bed slowly, "Thank you Noah."

Hazel met with chocolate holding their gazes before he broke the silence, "Not even you deserve something like that, Berry," he said averting his eyes to the ceiling.

The feel of a soft hand soothed the side of his face as it pushed to have him face her. Before he could register what was happening soft, pink lips connected with his own. The feel of her lips connected with him sent him a feeling that wasn't pain down his back, but a feeling that was unknown to him. The mo-hawked jock lifted him self slowly, pulling her up with him.

Rachel's hands found the hem of his shirt, lifting it ever so lightly to place her hands onto his tight stomach. Puck rested one hand on her cheek, the other holding him up for support. Rachel ran her hands up and down his back lightly as possible, feelings the swelling of his bruises, she pulled away shocked.

"Oh my gawd," she gasped lifting his shirt to look at the bruises, "what did Finn do to you?!"

Puck laughed lightly taking her hands into his, letting his shirt fall back down, "Nothing that I can't handle," he smirked, "I mean, he hurt himself more than he hurt me."

Rachel looked at him in confusion, trying to find out what could possibly be so funny about anyone being hurt. She looked down at their hands, smiling at the soft contact. Her chocolate eyes looked at him through her eyelashes, "Does it hurt?" she asked softly.

Puck looked offended, "I've had football wounds worse than these, and I've played with them, this is nothing," he said smirking, only to wince from the stretched muscles of his face.

"Noah!" she yelped in worry. Puck regained his composure, looking softly at her, surprising her that he could look so sweet.

"I'm fine, now that you're here." Rachel's eyes widened in surprise, "W-what?"

Puck smiled and leaned in to kiss her knowing that that was the only way to give her his answer that he could think of. Rachel, still confused, kissed him back as she raised one of her hands to rest in the end of his mo-hawk. Puck placed his hand at her waist, feeling the hem of her shirt. He slowly pulled away to look at the shirt, to notice that she was wearing jeans for the first time he's known her.

"The one day you pick to wear jeans and I want you," he said smirking at her now reddening face. He leaned in to kiss her once again ignoring the fact that she still had the 'shocked' expression still on her lips. The room began to heat up as both of them got more and more into the other.

Puck began to slip his hands under her shirt, pulling it up as he raised his hands up her sides. The sound of the door clicking open pulled Rachel from Puck, having the hazel eyed boy linger where they disconnected. Slowly, now glaring, he turned to see the source of the 'disturbance,' only to find a very intruding Jacob Ben Israel standing there with wide eyes.

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