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Privacy is never private when it comes to high school. Everyone knows that…

Everything froze around her except her slow moving or her breathing and body. Wide, chocolate eyes looked onto the screen in the center of her fashion model friend. There showed a picture of her shirtless form straddled over a very shirtless jock. He sat up holding her form closely to him. The memories of that moment, that hadn't even taken place fifteen minutes ago, began to flow through her memory.

"H-how… did they-" she tried thought back to that moment; there was no one in the room of when this happened, no one. Rachel grabbed the boy's phone, cradling it between her two hands, scrolling down underneath the picture.

'Welcome Back W.M. Insiders. As you remember, we reported today that Hudson and Puckerman - WMHS' star football players – had gotten into a brawl over, whom sources tell us, Ms. Rachel Berry.

No one was sure of if she was truly the reason for this fight, but with the evidence text to us recently I believe that the cat is out of the bag. As you see the picture entails that Ms. Berry is… expressing her thanks(?) to Puckerman. The source of the picture tells us he knows nothing more but that Puck expects a 'reward for his heroic acts.'

What will Rachel Berry do to reward his acts? And what 'acts' is she rewarding him with? You will know when we know, but for now stay inside with the W.M. Insider.

The sound of reoccurring opening and closing doors filled the halls, girls coming in and out of the bathroom before leaving for the comfort of their homes. The cool temperature of the toilet seat sent chills up and down her spin, her arms hugging her knees against her stomach. Dry tear stains marked her face as her breath scampered into any possible openings of her mouth to fill her nearly empty lungs.

The door creaked open after a long silence, indicating most of the girls had gone home. "Rachel?" a whispering voice filled the echoing, silent room. Rachel lifted her head up slowly from resting it across the tops of her knees. Puck?

Rachel connected her feet with the floor, slowly unlocking the stall and stepping out to the whispering form outside. Finn…

"Hey! Here you are." His voice was filled with a bit of a hop to it, "Glee has looked for you everywhere," he showed his dazzling grin.

"Here I am. What do you need?" she asked trying to keep her voice in check with her usual perkiness.

Finn stood there with a worried look on his face, "We have to practice our play list for regionals remember?" he asked thinking she must have hit her head or something. "We kind of need you to do that."

Rachel looked down at the floor. After everything that has happened today – going to Glee was the last thing she wanted to do, but regionals was a few weeks away and they really did need to work on their play list.

The lids of her eyes covered deep chocolate, hugging her form pushing the words out from the back of her throat, "I'm sorry-" she opened her eyes seeking anything but the figure in front of her eyes, "but I can't come today. I've been feeling sick all day… uhm- yeah, so I have to go," she shifted her feet and brushed past him stopping at the door before leaving, "Tell everyone at Glee I'm sorry."

Finn stood there slightly confused. She looks fine to me, I wonder what's up? At this moment an earth shattering scream filled his ears as another girl entered and attack him with her bag, yelling for him to get out.

"I'm sorry!" he whined covering his head with his arms to block the, what felt like a, cement filled bag from colliding with his head as he ran out the door.

The brunette opened her car door to her daddy's car placing her bag in on the floor before settling herself in the passenger seat.

"Hello super star; how was your day?" Rachel took a deep breath, using her acting skills to change the look on her face to her normal preppy self, before turning to him.

"It was great daddy. Thanks for coming on short notice, Glee was canceled." She lied unknowingly to her father.

"Oh why's that?" he asked focused on the road in front of them.

"Mr. Shue wanted to make sure we don't strain our voices to much before regionals, nothing big," she lied behind her sincere smile. Her father nodded in response, understanding the logic behind it. Rachel's face dropped slightly turning back to her view out her window; she didn't like lying to either of her dads, but what was she suppose to tell them? That she was practically a porn star now? Everyone must have seen those pictures… everyone… Well at least everyone who has W.M Insider on there phone. Rachel's face dropped. Everyone…

She watched each crack in the sidewalk speed pass as the car made its way down the road. Unconsciously she lifted her gaze higher to watch the colors of the houses flash by her eyes. She raised her arm to the edge of the door, placing her chin in the palm on her hand. What you must be doing right now…

The duo pulled up into the drive way of their home, Rachel - knowing the routine – grabbed her tote bag and draped it over her shoulder before letting herself. She closed the door before making her way around the car to her daddy's window. The window already rolled down, he leaned out waiting for her to come to him.

"Thanks again daddy," she smiled, kissing his cheek.

He grinned up at her before looking towards the house and his smile turned to a confused look, pointing to the house, "Do you know him?"

Rachel turned, still crouched to the height of the window to see the figure sitting on the steps in front of her house. She straightened her form before stepping back to see her father's face in the car.

"Uhm, yeah… thanks again for the ride." Her father nodded before beginning to back out the drive way, yelling out the window, "Me and you dad with be out late tonight for my boss' dinner meeting. Be safe."

Rachel turned with soft eyes, "Okay, love you." Rachel turned back to the figure on the steps looking at her worried.

Rachel took a deep breath before working her way to the front porch steps, her hands in her back pockets. She reached the form on the stairs sitting down beside the form already there.

"Hey…" she whispered trying to smile.

"Hi…" they spoke back.

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