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Theresa smiled as she thought about the fact that Ethan and Gwen should be coming home from L.A. in the next couple of days. She has so much that she needs to share with Gwen. She still can't believe how close her and Gwen have become even after all that Gwen has done to her in the past. Theresa still has Ethan in her life and they are just the best of friends.

Theresa smiles as she looked down when she heard cooing noises. In the play pen that she had sat up in the kitchen as she cooked was six month old Antonia and six month old Raguel. Yes, the two babies are twins. She smiled when she felt two arms wrap around her from behind.

"Are you cooking or just spending time looking at our two wonderful children Theresa?" Fox ask.

Theresa chuckled and turned around into Fox's arms and wrapped her arms around his neck. "What brings you home so early honey?"

Fox bent down and kissed Theresa on the head. "Well I thought that you would like to know that Ethan called me today. Gwen, Sarah, and him will be home tomorrow. I invited them over for a welcome home supper. I figured we could spring our surprise onto them."

Theresa grinned and said "That sounds like a perfect idea. It's been hard keeping Antonia and Raguel a secret from them. And I can't wait to meet and see Sarah for the first time. I still can't believe that Ethan and Gwen has asked you and I to be her Godparents."

Fox just shook his head at Theresa's excitement. "So does this mean that maybe just maybe we can finally start planning the wedding? You said you wanted to wait until Gwen and Ethan were back from LA before doing so because you wanted Gwen's help."

Theresa jumped up into Fox's arms and wrapped her legs around Fox's waist. "Yes, we can now start planning our wedding as soon as they are here. Not only do I want Gwen's help but I also want her to be my matron of honor. Whitney is too busy to really be of any help and it always seems as if she doesn't have any time for me anymore. I think she is mad at me but I'm not sure what I did to her."

Fox bent his head down and kissed Theresa softly on her lips. "I'm sure everything is alright. Why don't you call and see if Whitney and Chad want to come over for dinner tomorrow?"

Before Theresa could answer Antonia started to cry so Theresa got out of Fox's arms and went over to the play pen and bent down to pick her up. Antonia quit crying as soon as Theresa picked her up. Theresa smiled and kissed her daughter on her head as she looked over and saw Fox bending down to pick Raguel up. She smiled even bigger as she saw the man she loved holding their son.

A/N 2: I know the prologue is short but this is where I wanted to stop it. Chapter 1 will be longer and you will see how Theresa came to have twins. Also in this story Chad and Whitney are not brother and sister. I hope you enjoy this chapter.