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"I had reservations about Tamaki and my relationship from the start but every time I tried to speak to him about it, he just wouldn't listen. He ignored me, everyone really, if things were said that he didn't want to hear. About a week or two after we started going out, I realized that he was resentful of the time I spent around other guys. He became overly possessive and jealous. At first only other guys bothered him and then it got worse. Soon he didn't want me hanging out with other girls or, or even my father. You all knew, on a subconscious level maybe, but you still knew. Remember, he got Hikaru and Kaoru to back off on touching me, and only months ago, he never would have been able to stop them from harassing me."

"She's right," Kaoru agreed. "We never understood why but something about Tamaki when he confronted us compelled us to do what he wanted."

"Before we really knew what we were doing, we'd agreed to give Haruhi her space," Hikaru took up the story.

"That wasn't like us at all," they finished.

Haruhi nodded. "Pretty soon, he was keeping track of me – what I was doing, where I was going, and who I was doing it with."

"The phone calls," Hikaru murmured. "When Kaoru and I would take you out, you would get a lot of phone calls and texts. You always laughed it off and distracted us from wondering too much about it, and that was the end of it. So that was Tamaki, huh?"

She nodded. "Yes, it was. I tried to talk to him about it so many times, and yet he wouldn't stop. And then he started to…pressure me. He said he wanted, he needed, assurances that I really loved him. He kissed me whenever he felt like it and he expected me to not only allow it but to always actively participate in it. A few moths into our relationship, he decided he wanted more than just kisses."

"More," Takashi said slowly.

She glanced at him before quickly looking away. "Yes. More. He wanted us to sleep together. I told him I wasn't ready and, at first, he seemed fine with it. He…he accepted it and everything was good between us. Within a few weeks, though, he began pestering me about it again. He kept pushing for it, kept trying to go further than I wanted to. Eventually, I just got tired of fighting him so I gave in." She looked at her concerned friends with a solemn expression. "I said yes."

"You and Tamak did…that?" Hikaru asked awkwardly, fidgeting.

Haruhi gave a slight nod. "Yes, more than once. He enjoyed it and seemed to think that because I gave in and, well, actually felt pleasure during the a-act that I would want to have sex with him whenever he approached me about it."

Takashi felt the now-familiar pooling of jealousy in his stomach and tried not to think of Haruhi and Tamaki together, kissing and touching each other and then undressing…

No, he wouldn't think of it.

Kyoya frowned. "He didn't force you, did he?" He didn't like hearing all of this. He knew, knew in a way he didn't fully understand, that Haruhi was telling the complete truth and it made him so angry to imagine a defeated Haruhi giving in to a manipulative, uncaring Tamaki.

Tamaki, who had been his best friend.

She ducked her head and said, "No," and then continued in a nearly silent murmur, "Not then."

Hunny, still lying with his head in her lap, heard that last murmur and sat up in shock.

"Hunny-senpai, are you all right?" Haruhi asked, surprised by his abrupt movement. "Aren't you comfortable anymore?" startled.

He shook his head, pasting a bright smile on his cute face. "Yes, Haru-chan, I'm fine. I just decided that I'd rather sit up, that's all." He moved so they were side-by-side and then snuggled against her. "This feels good,' he commented happily. "I'll sit like this, if that's all right with you, of course." Maybe he had misheard. Haruhi had spoken so quietly after all.

She smiled faintly. "No, of course I don't mind. You're warm.' She sighed. "Now where was I? Oh, yes, I remember now. So our relationship continued and he got even more possessive. He made me give back the phone Hikaru and Kaoru had given me and instead he bought me a new phone, one that had countless pictures of him with me, of him alone, and me alone as well. He only 'allowed' me to have no more than six photos of other people, with the exception of my dad, who he knew he couldn't control. T-Tamaki would go through my phone and my call records to check things, see who I'd been talking to, that kind of stuff. If he found too many photos, he'd delete them and yell at me and shake me. You already knew he didn't like me talking to others, even if it was just over the phone. One day, while hiding from him in a janitor's closet at school just so I could avoid him until host club hours started, I decided enough was enough. I decided, I knew, that I had to break up with him."

The hosts thought back and remembered the day she spoke of.

That was the day she had reminded them of the pre-Tamaki-as-boyfriend Haruhi.

But then how did she go from that to the Haruhi they'd known for the past few weeks?

Haruhi grimaced faintly at them, as if she knew what they were thinking. "When I saw him at the host club, I told him I wanted to come over to his house on Friday and he, naturally, agreed. I went there and it was just Tamaki and me in his room. There was no one else at the house. Tamaki gave them all the day off so we could be alone, you see. He seemed to have no inkling that the last thing I wanted was to be alone with him. I knew I had to do it quickly, break up with him right away and get it over with. I thought it would be best." She shuddered. "We went to his room, he was talking about us, about our relationship, and I simply had to do it. I told him I couldn't be with him anymore, and he got so…angry. He got really, really angry. And when I tried to leave, I found that I couldn't. He'd locked the bedroom door, he had the key and he refused to let me leave. He didn't let me go and he didn't stop, no matter what I said, no matter how much I pleaded, no matter how scared I was and how many tears I cried." Tears pooled now at the re-telling in her large chocolate brown eyes. "You were right, Kyoya-senpai. He did force me. After I broke up with him, he snapped. He raped me all during that night and through to the early hours of the next morning. He hurt me again and again and then he untied me and fell asleep. When I felt strong enough and had stopped shaking, I got up carefully, terrified that he would wake and hurt me again, got dressed and went home. He didn't stir," she recalled with an almost absent air. "I guess he was tired after his long and active night."

"Y-your fa-father? Where was he?" Kaoru whispered, his voice shaking.

"He wasn't home. He was still at work – I knew he would be as he'd told me Friday morning – and so there was no one to see me, see the state I was in. It was what I needed at the moment. Privacy." Haruhi gasped softly, feeling as if some of the burden of knowing Tamaki's true self had been taken from her shoulders. It had been truly horrible to be the only one who seemed to know there was a dark and evil side to his personality that the host club king had hidden from everyone else.

But now the others knew. She wasn't alone anymore.


The howl of pain and rage shocked Haruhi from her reverie and she quickly looked up to see what was going on. That had sounded like…

Takashi dropped to his knees after his cry, clutching his middle with both of his arms, fighting his need to hunt Tamaki down and destroy him, to rip him apart limb by limb. He'd hurt her. Tamaki had assaulted kind, gentle, beautiful Haruhi. Takashi had to avenge her. Destroy the one, the monster, the parasite, who had treated the woman he loved in such a sickening, cruel way.

The other boys were all torn between the desire to immediately hunt Tamaki down to annihilate him, and the urge to comfort a hurting, vulnerable Haruhi.

The decision was taken from them when Takashi abruptly slammed his fists on the floor, his whole body shaking with the force of his fury. A low, anguished, word-less roar erupted from the deepest recesses of his chest. When he slowly raised his head to stare blindly at the others in the room, they saw a wildness, a wrath, in his eyes that terrified them and shocked them into cautious stillness – none of them, not even Mitsukuni, had ever seen the usually-gentle giant in such a state.

In that moment, Takashi was purely primal male, consumed by the need to avenge his beloved.

"Tamaki…will…pay," he growled, his teeth bared. His dark eyes burned and his muscles clenched. "I swear it, Haruhi. He will not get away with his actions. I don't care how powerful or rich his family is."

Kyoya, Mitsukuni, Hikaru and Kaoru all looked at each other and then nodded, completely in agreement.

Haruhi gazed at them, pulled out of her thoughts, and was confused. "Huh?"

"We're going after Tamaki, Haru-chan," Mitsukuni said simply, hugging her. "He can't get away with what he's done to you. There's no way that will be allowed. Don't worry anymore, Haru-chan – Tamaki will get exactly what he deserves."

"Yes, Haruhi, he will, but for now I think it would be beneficial to relax and rest. Tomorrow is soon enough to begin our plans and to put them in motion." Kyoya went over to Haruhi and gently assisted her in getting to her feet, moving cautiously when Takashi let out a growling protest at him being even vaguely forceful in his movements. He didn't want to set Takashi off when he was in such a volatile state, but he wanted to get Haruhi in her room so that she could take it easy. It would also have the added benefit of aiding the male hosts in calming the biggest host down. At the moment, his primitive nature would only let him see other men as threats to Haruhi. "Kaoru, escort Haruhi to her room and get her settled." His eyes pierced Kaoru and they had a moment of understanding.

Kaoru was the best person to tuck Haruhi into bed – he was the gentlest and the others, namely Mitsukuni, had to be here to hold Takashi back from his vengeance, just in case.

The younger twin complied quickly, going over to a worried and distracted Haruhi, and proceeding to propel her to her room. "Come on, Haruhi," he said, falsely cheerful and purposely acting as if what she'd suffered had never been revealed. "Let's get you into bed so you can rest. You've, uh, been through a," here he swallowed and had to blink back tears, "a lot and a good night's sleep should make you feel much better."

"What about Mori-senpai?" she asked, fixing her gaze on Takashi who was staring at Kaoru with mistrustful eyes, his alert stillness hinting at his readiness to attack any and all to protect Haruhi. "He doesn't seem to be doing well."

Kaoru smiled down at her affectionately and began moving faster. "Oh, he'll be fine. Mori-senpai just needs some time with the guys." He nodded subtly at Kyoya as he left the room with Haruhi, hoping that the guys would be able to calm Mori down.

Kyoya breathed a small sigh of relief when he noticed that Takashi had immediately gained some of his clear-thinking awareness back when Haruhi had exited the room; when she left the place where a threat against her had been revealed. Of course, Takashi would have to be near Haruhi very shortly so that he would be able to remain content and to feel like he could protect her if needed.

For now though they had to talk about what strategy to take regarding Tamaki Suoh. Action had to be taken quickly so that Haruhi would be able to heal from what had happened to her.

Kyoya sighed and wearily rubbed his face.

He dreaded what was to come.

Tamaki had been his best friend, more of a brother than Kyoya's actual brothers. And now he had to essentially destroy him; had to make sure that Tamaki could never hurt Haruhi, or any other girl, again. He had to stop Tamaki before he did something even worse.

Haruhi was not lying about the atrocity Tamaki had committed and the friendship Kyoya had shared with him previously could not be allowed to interfere with what had to be done.

Tamaki had to be stopped and it was the rest of the Ouran Academy host club who would do it.

Kyoya would not falter; he would let no one hold him back from catching a rapist, even if that rapist was not only a member of the illustrious Suoh family but also his ex-best friend Tamaki.

He would act, no matter how much it hurt Kyoya to do so.

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