What Makes you Happy

By: xzeox195

Authors Notes: Just something i wrote one night. I'll admit its not perfect or great but it was fun to write and hey writings like therapy for me. Please R&R

What Makes You Happy

Relena Peacecraft sat alone in her room, laying in the light falling down from the full moon outside. She lifted her hand and let the diamond ring on her hand into the light of the moon and let the reflection dance across her room. In only a matter of weeks she would be wed to Charles Richard, the second chairman of the ESUN. They had met at one of the annual balls held in honor of the peace obtained in AC 195, while they were close in age and held the same views they were the perfect match.

She smiled, remembering the night he had proposed. He had taken her out on his yacht, and had confessed his love for her and hopes of a future together. She had immediately accepted, tears in her eyes. She continued to admire the way the light reflected off the ring, thinking of the promise it held.

She jumped when she heard a soft thud on her balcony. She got up from her bed, fear beginning to course through her veins. A dark figure loomed on her balcony, not attempting to hide in anyway. She instantly relaxed when she recognized the mess of brown hair, belonging to the lone figure of Heero Yuy. Relena opened the balcony door, her fear replaced by curiosity.

She stepped out onto the balcony towards him, "Heero what are you."

"Relena, what makes you sad?" Heero replied cutting her off, causing her to stop midstride.

"Heero what are you talking about, whats going on?" She replied confused, tilting her head trying to see his face that was hidden under his hair.

"Please, just answer the question." Heero said barely above a whisper.

"I am sad when I can't help those in need, or when I hurt my friends. Heero what is this about"

"What makes you angry?"

"Heero would you please tell me what this is all about?" Relena said hoping to get some sort of answer from him.

Heero looked up at her briefly, his eyes a flurry of emotion. The usual cold walls he put up, broken.

"Heero, I am angry when I am helpless to do anything to help those around me. When the world is to pig headed to see past their own violence and fight against the peace you and so many others have fought to obtain."

"What makes you happy?" Heero asked looking up at her. She felt as if she could see into the depths of his soul, those eyes that had captivated her so long ago still had that effect on her.

"Heero, I am happy when I make people smile or laugh. When I can achieve the impossible for others, which they could only dream about. I am happy when I can help others, and when I can give those that have given up hope in life a new life to live." Tears began falling down Relena's face as Heero stared at her, the moon reflecting down off of his face.

"Relena don't marry him. Of all the questions I just asked you, you didn't mention him at all. I may not know a lot about love, but I know enough to tell you that he should be part of those answers. You should be sad when he's had a hard day or when you say something that hurts him. You should be angry when someone has hurt him, and you should be happy when you see him smile or laugh. I'm not here out of selfishness or because of the jealousy I feel towards him. I'm here because I want you to be happy and I'd do whatever it takes for that. If you feel you're making the right decision then I support you, I just needed to voice these thoughts."

Heero looked into her eyes one last time as he turned and jumped from the balcony to the ground below. A soft breeze kissed Relena's face as she watched Heero run off into the night, and ever so slightly her engagement ring slowly slipped off her finger, falling onto the balcony.


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