He Makes Me Smile!

He sees me laugh.

When he sees me cry.

But I laugh at his smiles.

And he makes me sigh!

He plays with me when I'm down.

He plays with me when ever I come.

He is the only one for me.

Oh! Big Brother, I wish to love you more.

Will you wait for me a little bit more?

Can you love me when I'm older?

I want to hold you more.

I never want to grow up, when you make me sigh inside

I never want to grow up, when everyday you love my smiles!

Will you wait for me as I grow?

Will you come to me as I grow?

I want to hold you, and never let go...

Oh Big Brother please stay with me awhile.

Don't leave me here all alone.

We can run through the jungle singing a happy song.

Don't leave me standing here all alone.

Hold my hand and sing with me in song.

He sees me laugh when I cry.

He laughs along as we fly.

Big Brother you are my only love.

I wish that we can fly.

Away from here and together forever, you and I.

He makes me cry.

He makes me laugh.

He makes me sigh.

He makes me jump for joy.

He makes me smile.

He makes me smile...

Kaolla Su.

One shot of a love lost, or of a love yet to be. From a child who refuses to confirm her desires for a man she may never have!

Peace All,