Sousei no Aquarion: The Beginning Of The Legend

Author's Note: I only just recently saw the OVA's for this series, so I apologize that many things don't line up with everything that is revealed in them. Please don't critique me on that as I have decided that I will post this anyways seeing as I have almost half the story completed. I am incorporating all that I can from the OVA's that is essential to the legend of Apollonius, Celiane, and Scorpius.

Also I have seen several variations on all three characters names, so the spellings above are the ones I will be using for this story.

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Chapter 1: Remake

Dawning Light

"Regular Talking"

The night was lit by the torches carried by the people screaming as they ran. The screams filling the air with dread and fear as everyone looked to the sky. Nothing gave them away until they were within the torchlight, but by that point it was too late. Those close enough we're defenseless as they were lured in.

The alien creatures filled the night sky. Some landing amongst the fleeing crowds crushing houses and people alike.

This is what greeted everyone in the early hours of morning now a days. No longer was it a peaceful time to slowly wake up before the dawn, but a time of fear.

The crowds stilled as the presence of the things drew closer to the. A feeling of peace took over. Except one woman. She was helpless to do anything except watch as friends, family, and relatives were stolen away from her.

A man walked by in front of her breaking her from her stupor.

"No...No...No! Don't take them from me! David! No, please, no! Don't go! Don't leave me!"

Watching him walk in a trance like state to one of the things she couldn't move. Her legs were frozen in place.

Filtered light seeped into the dark starlit sky beginning to light up everything.

Reaching the thing cords of rope flew out of it wrapping around David.

The light broke over the horizon shedding its light onto the remaining creatures.

She watched in horror as he disappeared within the creature.

She was alone. Completely alone.

The light fell on her back, but didn't warm her body...

It chilled her to the bone as she watched the creatures disappear through celestial light colored holes in the sky.

She looked around in the growing light.

A single person remained besides her. His body stature was strong and reeked of authority and arrogance. His hair seemed to be on fire. He glanced around once before leaping skyward. Brilliant white wings that reflected the colors of the sun burst from his back powerfully thrusting downward. He flew into the lightening sky like a vengeful angel with his blood lust satisfied.

He disappeared into the rising sun.

A heart wrenching scream startled any birds still roosting nearby.

Darkness is surprisingly peaceful when you embrace it.

Nothing to worry you.

Nothing to harm you.

Nothing in general.

In the dawning of light there are far more things to be worried about.

Like watching your family and friends being abducted.

Your best lover being carried away into an entirely different dimension.

There is nothing in this whole world more painful than the light.

Or, at least, so I thought...

Eyes blinked open in the bright streams of sunlight through the gap between the window curtains.

Another day had dawned.

Another day of fear.

Another day of misfortune.

Another day to pass by in the hopes that nothing would happen to your loved ones.

Another day to choose to fight or flee.

She pushed the covers back off her naked body and shifted on the bed so that she sat on the edge, her feet touching the stone cold floor.

She stood up and walked to the window paying no mind to the bumps riddling her body in the cool breeze coming through the window and playing with the curtains on the way in.

She drew a curtain aside and looked out at the brightening orange horizon. The rising sun was casting a blood red and orange coloring over everything in its reach.

The normally brilliant blue ocean was a deep crimson red reflecting the sun and sky. The beach sand an even deeper orange than normal. The clouds dark and foreboding, but changing colors as the sun reflected off it.

She drew back from the window and reached for a set of clothes already laid out for her.

She picked up the bandaging and wrapped it around her upper torso binding her breasts closer to her body, then pulled on the lightweight, long sleeve, midriff shirt that hugged her skin tightly leaving nothing of her figure to the imagination.

She pulled skin tight, non-restricting pants on next before donning the combination of leather and metal armor that fit comfortably over her clothes. She pulled her reinforced boots on.

Last of all she brushed her long blonde hair back into a single bunch and tied it up in a high pony tail

Picking up her spear from next to her bed, she left the room prepared to face another day.

A knock on her door alerted her to the presence of another person.

She pulled open the door to see her friend standing there with a smile on his face.

"Good morning, Sunshine," he greeted cheerfully.

"Morning," she greeted in return.

He frowned at the lack of enthusiasm in her voice.

"What's wrong?"

He studied her face with concern. His eyes softened as he came to the realization of what was bothering her.

"You had the nightmare again." It wasn't a question, but a statement.

She nodded solemnly. Scorpius reached out and pulled her into his arms. Careful to keep the spear tip away from his head.

"Celiane, we will find them. I promise."

She shook her head as she felt a tear leak down from her eye and escape down her cheek. He held her tightly against his thick, muscular, and armored chest stroking her hair soothingly.

She relaxed in his embrace pressing her head deeper into his shoulder.

"Thanks Scorpius."

Scorpius pulled away from her staring into her eyes.

"Lighten up, Sunshine. We may not get them today, but we will get back at those monsters for all they have done to you and everyone else," he stated. Celiane nodded again.

"I know," she replied with a slight hint of doubt in her voice that Scorpius didn't appear to notice or didn't let on that he had.

He pulled away with one arm while leaving the other wrapped around her waist. He steered her through the building to the mess hall. Walking into the hall they were confronted with the noise of all the early risers muttering and talking with each other.


"...just this morning..."

" one noticed..."

Celiane frowned and pulled from Scorpius' grasp.

"There was another hit," she stated quietly.

Scorpius turned back to face her with a grimace on his face. "Ya."

"How many?"

"At least a hundred."

She sat down onto a vacant seat behind her.

Scorpius sighed and scratched the back of his head trying to figure out how to console her.

Celiane stared down at her hands that were resting in her lap. They were clenching and unclenching attempting to find a release for the inner turmoil of emotions.

Scorpius watched her fists as well and shook his head.

"Come on." He placed his hand on her shoulder, "You need to do something. I can tell."

He took her hand and pulled her up. He took the spear from the opposite hand leading her out of the mess hall and grabbing a practice sword on the way out.

Celiane quietly followed as he led her out the door and towards the beach. He stabbed the spear into the sand making it stay upright where everyone could see and avoid the blade. He unsheathed his sword and stabbed it into the sand next to the spear.

He pulled her farther down the beach.

"Here is what we are going to do. You and I are gong to train like we have never before until we drop from exhaustion. Let the others deal with guard duty for today."

He took off running down the beach and she followed. The cool morning breeze swept by them with the salty fish scent of the ocean. She pushed herself to run a little faster digging her feet into the sand to gain more momentum.

Scorpius glanced back with a smirk. He brought his hand to his mouth and loudly cat called taunting her to speed up. Celiane forgot her worries instantly as his cat call struck a nerve. She pushed herself faster, sprinting towards him.

His face lit up in surprise as he noticed her closing the distance that had grown between them.

He pushed himself faster and faster. She took a flying leap. Tackled his legs, locking her arms around his knees.

Scorpius quickly flipped over in her arms and kicked away.

Scrambling to their feet each took defensive stances.

Celiane feinted a hit to his left side. She whirled to the right at the last instant landing a solid punch in the right side of his abdomen.

He doubled over with a colorful curse in shock and pain.

She smirked at his helplessness. He jumped at her driving his shoulder into her abdomen clasping his arms around her legs. He stood up straight holding her figure over his shoulder.

Laughter escaped from her as she braced her arms against his back to avoid the blood rushing to her head.

Scorpius' laughter joined in. He gently set her down on her feet.

"Good," he said smiling, "you're laughing."

She blushed as she realized what his true goal had been all along.

He draped an arm over her shoulders pulling her close to him. She wrapped her arm around his waist. They turned simultaneously walking back up the beach to where the weapons were stuck in the sand.

The day was relatively peaceful with all the occupants of the base enjoying the peace and quiet. Many adults were chatting while watching the children running around laughing and shrieking their enjoyment to the world.

Every so often one of the kids would fall and have to be bandaged up a little or given a kiss on the injury before being sent back to playing.

Scorpius sat on a wooden crate full of food ignoring the sounds around him. He had a journal sitting on his lap that he was currently writing in. Every so often he would stop and sketch something next to what he had written.

Scorpius had made it his job in the base to record everything they currently knew and what anyone found out in the future about the strange creatures hunting the people. Everyone had the hope that if we weren't able to defend ourselves now, then future generations would have a better chance with the information to finish the job or to add to the journal for the generations after them.

The belief, among many, was that in doing this, one day a pattern or connection would be made that would determine what the creatures are and what purpose they hoped to achieve.

Celiane was sitting next to a pile of torn up armor and clothes with several other men and women. Each of them was helping to fix armor pieces and clothing depending on what they knew how to do.

Celiane looked up from the pile, after placing another piece of armor in the mended pile, to watch Scorpius for a moment curious as to what he was putting the journal.

"Celiane dear," one of the older women grabbed her attention. "Why don't you take a break. You've been working longer than the rest of us today. Take a break and get yourself some food," she said kindly.

Celiane gave the kind old woman a smile thankfully patting her on the shoulder. She stood and left for the kitchen. She grabbed two bowls filling them up with the stew that was being kept hot over the low crackling fire. She also pulled another log from the pile next to the fireplace and placed it upon the low flame. Everyone contributed to keeping the food warm because if you didn't, then people would be unhappy with cold food and no one would enjoy their company.

She picked up the bowls walking back outside to the courtyard. She scanned the area looking for the playing children so she wouldn't accidentally spill any hot food when one came barreling out of nowhere. They were playing with an old goat that seemed to tolerate being tugged by tail, horns, and fur on the other side of the courtyard. Nowhere were they could get into trouble by spilling the food in her hands.

She made her way around various groups of people and the projects they were working on. She sat down next to Scorpius. She set down her bowl of stew and offered the other one to him when she saw him stop writing.

"How's the recording going?" she asked curiously.

Scorpius handed her the journal and took the stew eagerly.

"There are still no patterns or connections between anything as of yet," he grumbled through a mouthful.

She flicked him in the head. "Don't talk with your mouthful," she scolded.

He shrugged reaching over he flipped the pages of the journal to the pages he reserved for rumors that hadn't been confirmed.

"There are rumors going around that some of the creatures have been seen with a humanoid appearance. Some are even describing the creatures as Angels. No one has been able to confirm if this is true or just an exaggeration of what someone saw when those creatures appeared."

Celiane shook her head in disbelief. "Why would an Angel want to take us away? I thought Angels were supposed to be harbingers of good fortune and truth."

Scorpius shrugged taking another bite of his food.

Finishing the mouthful he added, "From what I know of the old religions. Angels were revered as immortal winged beings who worked under God's power to care for humans."

Flipping through the pages she eyed the detailed sketches throughout. One she was very familiar with was the creature that collected the humans. Everyone referred to them as Harvesters because they acted like a farmer harvesting his crops.

She flipped back to the page with the angel rumor, then continued to the next page where he noted his research of angels in the old religion. In the middle of the page was a beautifully done sketch of a very muscular and handsome man wrapped in a cloth with brilliant white wings spreading from his back and flaring out to either side. He held his arms out on either side as though he was embracing the sky.

"Is this an angel?" she asked pointing to the sketch.

Scorpius looked to the picture she was pointing too and nodded.

"Your sketches are beautiful, as always."

"Thanks, Sunshine." He handed the bowl back to her and she returned the journal. "Now let's hope we can come across some useful information to help us get through this." Celiane's stomach rumbled. He chuckled, "You should eat your stew."

She glanced down at her forgotten stew. Picking it up she settled herself against him to watch while he continued writing down the speculations and information he had come up with today.

She took a bite of the stew. Something felt like it was crawling up her arm. She brushed whatever it was away from her. The feeling persisted having not been brushed away from her.

She looked to her arm instantly confused when she saw nothing there.


Looking up at him she noticed his surprised look. She followed his gaze to take in the courtyard. Everyone had frozen in what they were doing. The children had halted in mid step. The adults drinking had liquid dripping down their face. Adults with food were either in the process of swallowing or bringing food to their mouths. Animals were still moving around just as the two of them were.

As one everyone turned to face the door leading outside the courtyard.

"Scorpius, what's going... No. It can't be!"

"It is," Scorpius confirmed, "Celiane, we must get out of here. Everyone is in a trance except for us. We need to get out of here while we can."

He turned to look at Celiane only to find her face glazing over with fear.

"It's them...No, David. David! They have David!"

Her body trembled as she was racked with the fear from the past.

A man walked by in front of her breaking her from her stupor.

"No...No...No! Don't take them from me! David! No, please, no! Don't go! Don't leave me!"

Watching him walk in a trance like state to one of the things she couldn't move. Her legs were frozen in place.

Filtered light seeped into the dark starlit sky beginning to light up everything.

Reaching the thing cords of rope flew out of it wrapping around David.

The light broke over the horizon shedding its light onto the remaining creatures.

She watched in horror as he disappeared within the creature.

She was alone. Completely alone.

"Celiane! Snap out of it!"

Shaken awake she clung to Scorpius.

"Scorpius, don't leave me. Please, don't leave me," she begged, her entire body trembling in fear. Her voice cracking under the strain.

Patting and rubbing her back consolingly, Scorpius kept an eye on their surroundings.

"It's alright, Celiane. I'm here. We will get him back. We will get them all back."

Looking down Celiane in his arms he sighed. "This is not going to be fun, but we really need to get out of here. There's nothing we can do with them all in a trance."

He tucked the journal and pen into his breast pocket, sheathed his sword into his belt and attached her spear to the back of his armor. He slid his arm under knees to pick her up while she insisted on clutching his shirt still in hysterics.

He carefully walked across the courtyard to the opposite gate from the direction that everyone else was walking in. Slipping through the door he raced away from the base watching the sky for any of the creatures that may have spotted them escaping.

:Two wingless ones are not caught by the hypnotic spell: a man with red hair that appeared to be in flames, observed.

A man with flowing white feathery hair glided over to join him in front of the viewing spell. He watched a wingless one carry another wingless one away in their arms :Let them be. They can't do anything even if they can resist the spell:

:Whatever. Let me know if there is any fun to be had: The red haired man glided away bored.

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