"Regular Talking"

"Maybe second chances don't always mean a happily ever after. Maybe sometimes they're just another shot at ending things better"


The castle was brimming to the peak with people as I entered the main courtyard. Looking around curiously I studied the brightly colored and extravagant decorations hung everywhere possible.

Those families with money to spare had gotten fancy suits and beautiful, elegant gowns for themselves and their sons and daughters, while those with little money made themselves look as presentable as they possibly could.

As far as the eye could see there were performers of all kinds surrounded by the audiences attracted to each of the displays. Music was being played in each room for dancing, theatrical effect, and keeping time for professional acrobats.

The crowds so thick it was next to impossible to move and yet I pushed forward keeping my mind to the task at hand and sparing the different entertainments no mind.

I was not here for the entertainment or the company. In the past I would have welcomed the distraction of a good party from my responsibilities, but I now have different responsibilities that must be completed, responsibilities that I was not even aware were there and needed to be done by someone.

In the past eighteen years I had grown to understand the nature of the world and the roles that the Shadow Angels and Humans each had. These tasks had been ignored or forgotten by all with the exception of Celiane and Apollonius. These two had been the only ones of their entire races to understand what their collective roles were. They were the only ones to understand the importance and necessity of peace between the two races.

They had surpassed the boundaries placed before them and taken those roles upon themselves. Their love for one another had been extremely strong and powerful.

Something I hadn't realized until too late.

I was to make amends for that tonight and begin the long process of creating a world where Shadow Angels and Humans would understand each of their roles in the future.

I pushed through the last of the crowd in the courtyard and broke through. I slipped through the large double doors to make the next venture through the crowds inside the castle's main hall.

Pushing passed the crowds inside the main hall I got to the far right side of the room.

In the wall there is a secret door meant as an escape route for the inhabitants of the castle. Very few knew of its existence and despite knowing all the locations of such doors I have never used any of these passages for emergency purposes before.

However tonight I will be using it not for an emergency or playing around in a crazy adventure, but to get where I needed to be without being seen.

I quickly pressed the panel on the wall with only the slightest audible click heard to say that it worked. I pushed opened the door from the wall and quickly slipped inside unseen by those nearby. As soon as the door closed I reached out and touched a panel to my right where a switch was placed to allow those with knowledge of its existence to utilize a light source powered by an unknown, ancient source.

The path lit in front of me and I started my journey forward. I followed the winding path until I came to a dead end where I placed my hand directly in front of me and pushed the door open to reveal a lit room beyond it.

I heard the song of a metal blade leaving its sheath in the room and found myself face to face with a young man in a ready stance to attack should the need arise.

I calmly stood in the doorway with a smile and admiring his similarities to the one I had once loved.

"There is no need to attack, Takimoto," I calmly stated.

Takimoto stared suspiciously at me, not lowering his blade or gaze.

"Who are you!? How did you find the passageways!?"

I held out my open hand with my palm up. I curled my fingers in to create a fist before opening it once more with a half filled steaming tea cup sitting on my palm.

"Those who ask the question already have the answer," I replied.

Takimoto's face betrayed his confusion, but he did not loosen his hold on his blade and still cautiously watched me for any sudden movements.

"Why are you here?" he asked.

I smiled and looked toward the window revealing the sky. "If you pursue the Ideal and look only at the sky, there are times when you lose sight of the flowers on the ground."

"What?" Takimoto continued to give me a questioning look confused as to what I meant by that statement. "I'm afraid I don't understand what you are saying, sir."

I brought the teacup to my lips and took a sip of the steaming liquid, turning my gaze back to hold Takimoto's.

Takimoto had lowered his sword without realizing it and now just stared at me confused.

My smile only widened, "Every man chooses the path they think is best at that time. But, in most cases, it will turn out to be a foolish decision. That is where the sadness of humanity lies."

Takimoto stood there speechlessly, his mouth opening and closing as he meant to say something, but found that what he was about to say didn't even make sense to himself.

"Who…Who are you?"

I gave an elegant bow still holding the teacup within my hand.

"I am only a simple magician who wishes to bestow advice upon the son of the mighty Solar Wing Apollonius and Beautiful Lady Celiane," I finally answered.

The suspicion that had been in his eyes before was once again present in the stance of his body.

"How do you know that name?!" Takimoto demanded.

"My dear Takimoto. Allow me to ask you a question that so many cannot find the answer for." I clapped my hands together drawing his gaze to them. "When you clap your hands together, what exists in-between?

Your right hand and left hand.

Angels and Humans.

Man and Woman.

Yin and Yang.

What is between them?!"

Takimoto continued to stare at me confused. He looked down at his own hands.

I silently watched him. There was so much potential there and yet, I already knew that I could do no more than I had already done.

:Good luck, my son:

I felt the touch of a small hand on my arm and the familiar castle walls disappeared from around me. I looked down at the young girl standing at my side.

"Great timing as always, Rena," I complimented.

Rena smiled showing her sharp canines. "Why thank you, Apo…"

I placed my finger on her lips interrupting her.

"I am no longer that person," I stated as I turned and walked away.

Rena smiled and shook her head. "No, you most certainly are not, Gen Fudou."

Author's Note: And this marks the end of the Legend that we are all introduced to, but never given the whole story. I hope you have all enjoyed this as much as I have despite the amount of time it took me to finally finish this story.

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