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"You really don't know anything about babies?" Chase asked the young brunette

"Not really, I've never spent much time with kids"

"Didn't you have to do pediatrics and NICU rotations when you were in med school?" he asked

"Yeah, but those are patients. It's different. I was their doctor, not a babysitter." she said

"It's not so different really"

"Very true" she said, laughing

Just as she said this, Rachel started crying.

"What do I do?" Thirteen asked Chase nervously

"She probably just needs a diaper change. Here, hand her to me"

Remy carefully handed the little girl over to the blonde doctor. He quickly checked her diaper.

"Yup" he said "she needs to be changed"

"I don't know how to change a diaper"

"Don't worry, I do. I'll show you how it's done"

With that, Chase grabbed the diaper bag, quickly pulling out a navy blue changing pad, a clean diaper, and a travel-sized pack of baby wipes. He set the pad on the glass table, put Rachel on it, and proceeded to change her diaper. He made it all look so easy.

"Where did you learn to do that?" Remy asked Chase, impressed with how much he seemed to know about children.

"I loved spending time in the NICU when I was in med school. I actually thought about becoming a neonatologist."

"Well by how easily you just changed Rachel, I'd say you would have made a good one"

"Thanks" he said, smiling "You want to hold her again?"

"Sure" the younger doctor said, thinking that she should probably take more responsibility for the baby, as Cuddy had asked her to be Rachel's sitter for the day.

"Do you want kids?" she asked Chase suddenly

"Yeah, I mean, if I ever find someone to have kids with" he said

"Sorry" Remy said quickly, remembering his recent split with Cameron

"It's no problem" he reassured her quickly, knowing what she was referring to "What about you? Have you ever thought about having kids?"

"I think I would like that, but with my Huntington's and everything….plus I don't think I would make a very good mother, considering I don't even know how to change a diaper"

"Don't be too hard on yourself; half the nurses in pediatrics can't properly change a diaper."

"Cuddy isn't going to be back for at least another hour, and we don't have a patient so if you want to we could go down to the cafeteria for coffee." the younger doctor asked hopefully

"I'd love to"

Remy let out a quiet sigh of relief, hoping Chase wasn't just coming to the cafeteria with her to make sure she didn't screw up while watching Rachel.

A couple of minutes later, Remy was sitting at a table in the cafeteria, Rachel in her arms. Chase had gone to get coffee for both of them and a bottle of milk for Rachel.

"Here you go" Chase said, handing Remy a coffee as he approached the table. "Decaf for you, regular for me, and milk for Rachel"

"Thanks" she said gratefully, holding the baby in one arm as she took a sip of the coffee. "Do you want some milk Rach?"

Rachel smiled and started sucking on the bottle that the doctor was holding near her lips.

"See, you've got the hang of this" Chase said, watching Remy hold the bottle for the little girl."

"Your daughter is adorable!" A young woman exclaimed as she passed the two doctors table

"Oh, she's not…." the brunette started

"Thank you" Chase interrupted, smiling at the woman

"Why didn't you tell her?" Remy asked after the woman had walked away

"Is it really a big deal?" he said simply

"Thanks for helping me with Rachel, I don't know what I would have done if I was alone with her"

"It's no problem" Chase said, laughing

"Do you want to take the coffee's back upstairs?" Thirteen asked "I don't want Cuddy to come back and freak out thinking I ran away with her daughter"

"Sure, let's go"

As they were walking back to House's office, Chase carrying Rachel while Remy finished her coffee, they passed Wilson in the hallway.

"What are you two doing with Rachel?" he asked curiously

"Cuddy had an emergency meeting" the young doctor explained "She should be done soon"

"Oh…okay" the oncologist said, slightly surprised that Cuddy would ask Thirteen and Chase to watch Rachel. "Well if you need any help, I'll be in my office"


Remy and Chase made their way back upstairs, by the time they had reached House's office, the little girl was half-asleep. They spent the next fifteen minutes talking about former patients and experiences in med school, until Cuddy walked in the room.

"Hi Dr. Hadley" she said, obviously frazzled "Oh, hello Dr. Chase"

"Hey" the younger doctors said in unison

"How was she?" Cuddy asked

"She was great, we changed her diaper and gave her a bottle. I think she'll sleep for a little while longer" Remy said, smiling at her boss

"Wow, thanks" the older woman said gratefully

"It's no problem, she was a little angel."

"If you need us to watch her again, we'd be happy to" Chase chimed in

"Oh" Cuddy said, slightly taken aback that they were so willing to spend more time with her daughter. "Yeah, I'll remember that"

With that, Cuddy packed up Rachel's stuff, strapped the baby into her car seat, and started to leave.

"Thanks again" she said

"No problem" Remy replied

"You liked watching her didn't you?" Chase asked

"Yes" Remy admitted

"Do you wanna go get some lunch?" the male doctor asked

Remy was slightly surprised, but happy "I'd love to"

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