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"You've helped me too Remy. Since Allison left I haven't been doing anything but working. You're really an amazing woman."

With that, he kissed her.

It was sweet, and simple. Not hurried or filled with passion, but that was good, because both Remy and Robert wanted to take this slow and enjoy it.

After a few seconds, Rob pulled away.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow at work" Remy said


After giving her one last quick kiss, he left, and Remy shut the door behind him. After taking a second to think about the past few hours, Remy Hadley took off her shoes, and walked into her bedroom to get ready to sleep.


One hour later, she was lying in bed. It had been a long time since she had been this happy. Who would have ever thought that she and Robert Chase would end up going on a date together? And that it would go so well? Neither of them were perfect, she knew that. They both had some major issues to work through. But maybe that's what made it so easy for them to be together, the fact that they knew what it was like to be in the other ones shoes, something that most others did not understand.


At home and in bed, Robert Chase reflected on the nights events. Remy had looked gorgeous, she seemed to be a different woman from the plain-jane doctor he worked with everyday. She talked a lot more too. She was…happy. Then again, so was he. They had both been through a lot in the past couple of months. She had learned that she was dying, more quickly than she could have ever imagined. He had killed a man, and lost the woman he loved. But they didn't have to think about those things when they were together. They had fun, enjoyed each other's company. And there was definitely a spark between them.


"Oh God, you two slept together didn't you?" House asked, rolling his eyes.

Both doctors were baffled, where did House come up with this stuff?

When all of his 'ducklings' gave him confused looks, he continued. "You haven't looked at or acknowledged each other since you walked in here, so either you are in a huge fight, or you're trying to act casual when all you want to do is jump each other. And since I would have most likely heard about a fight from the nurses, you must have had sex."

"I can assure you, I did not have sex with Chase" Remy said

"As interesting as this is, we have a patient" Foreman interrupted

"You're not interested in whether or not your ex-girlfriend had sex with the wombat?" House asked him.

"Foreman's right, we have work to do" said Chase, before Foreman had a chance to answer House's question. He was not particularly interested in knowing if his coworker still had feelings for his- girlfriend? Now that he thought about it, he didn't really know if Remy was his girlfriend or not. They had only been on one official date. He made a mental note to talk to her at lunch.


All morning, Chase had been distracted. A relationship with Remy was not going to be easy, he knew that. In addition to the fact that she was slowly dying, they both had a lot of issues to work through before they could even think about being whole once again.

But hey, what the hell? Things couldn't get much worse than they already were.

At 1 o'clock, both Remy and Chase finally had a break from their current patient. Meeting up in the lunchroom, they both knew that there were things to talk about before they could move forward as a couple.

"Hey" Chase greeted his coworker nervously.

Sensing his apprehension, Remy replied, "Do you want to sit down?"

After they had gotten settled at a table with their food, Chase decided it would be best to get right to the point.

"Where do you think this is going? Us, I mean."

"Um…" Remy hesitated, "Well, I like you. Uh, maybe you already knew that. And I'm making an effort here. An effort to be committed, I mean. I haven't done commitment in a while. I'd be willing to be in a committed relationship to you though. I don't know if that's what you want, but I think I'd like that. You know about the Huntington's though, and I wouldn't blame you if that sent you running for the hills. Sorry, I'm rambling and I didn't even give you a chance to talk…" she finished.

Smiling to himself at how cute she was when she rambled, Chase replied, "I think I'd like to be in a committed relationship to you too. And I don't want you to think that I'll run away just because you're…"

"Dying?" she finished for him.


"I don't have a lot of time though, you know. We all saw what marrying a dying man did to Cameron, and I don't want you to do that for me."

"I'm not Cameron. And I want to be with you." He said simply.


"So, we're like together now?" he asked, smiling.

"Yeah, I think we are."