Chapter 2

Alice Pov

Her eyes were shining and a smiled played on her lips. Where have I seen her?

"Do I know you?"

"Ali? It's me! Ray! Don't you remember?"

I shook my head. Her eyes looked so sad. She could give my puppy dog face a run for it's money.

"You don't remember anything? The class room? Sherry?"

I shook my head no.

She asked the next two questions with fear that made me think she was gonna be sick with it.

"The Outlands? The Pit?"


"Well that changes sure do miss you obviously found the the vampire cowboy."

She kissed my check.

"I hope you stay here.I would hate to see you come this far just to be sucked back."

Then it hit me. Every thing! I remembered everything!

" Oh Ray Ray?"

Hope glinted in her eyes.


"You still owe me from saving your ass!"

We started hugging and jumping up and down. I think we were squealing too. But I don't care! I remembered and had my sister!

Jacob POV

Damn! How long can they do this?! If this doesn't prove she knows Alice then I don't know what will!

Jasper had to pull his wife away in order for them to shut up!

Summer had the biggest grin on her face, you would think she won a million dollars.

"Oh by the way Jacob? My name isn't 's Rachel.I didn't know if I could trust you. Sorry ."

" Nah your good."

She smiled at me, the went back to hugging Alice while jumping up and out the squealing! THANK GOD!
That was hurting my ears!

*When is Nessie getting home Edward?*

"Don't worry Jacob, Emmett and Rosalie will bring her home safe."

I looked at the clock and then my shoes. Then the door opened and in came my angel. I walked over to her and spun her around.

"How are ya doin Ness?"

"I'm fine Jacob! We had fun!"

'I'm glad." I kissed her check and noticed Emmett looking like he had just imprinted. I looked over to he was looking at. Rachel.

A smile spread on my face. Then Rosalie and her mate Tanya came in laughing and flirting.

All of a sudden Rose froze. Her nostrils flared. Her eyes, turned black even though she just came back from a hunting trip.

The next thing anybody knew, Rose had mouth on Rachel's neck. Everyone but Alice was panicking. Emmett held Rachel in his arms while everyone held Rose back.

There was no blood. We could see the hole in her neck where rose had tried to drink from. We all listened. There was no sound except the heartbeats of Ness and me.

Emmett looked like he was gonna cry. Rose hung her head in guilt and shame. Alice just looked annoyed.

She walked over and licked the place where Rose had bitten her. The Ray's eyes fluttered open.

She got up and looked around the eyes fell on me.
"I told you, I'm not dead but I'm not alive."