Rachel's POV

I ran through the stone castle filled with joy.
I felt my heart pounding for the first time in years.
I stopped outside a door, inside was my Emmett.
I was about to enter when a voice spoke. "Emmett how do you feel about her?" "Aro, she is the air I breathe,without her I'm as good as dead."

My heart swelled at that, he was talking about me! "And Irina how do you feel about him?"
"If I was human he would be the beat of my he is so much more than that, he is everything I need and could ever want."
I opened the door just a crack to peer inside.
Aro was grinning. Emmett was hugging a light blond haired woman. I walked backwards,away from what I had just seen and heard.

I turned and ran. I don't know how far I got,but soon the pain took my ability to move.
I gasped for air, for my lungs were filled with was burning, and not like the vampire transformation burning.
Every atom in my being was on fire! Every time my heart took a beat it got worse.
I longed for Emmett smile that loving smile and touching that woman and the fact that the words he spoke were meant for her sent me into the fire.I tried fighting the pain.

Trying to stay alive. Oh what's the use? I don't have anything to live for anymore. I tried to let the flames take me. I almost stopped and tried to fight again.
But then I heard his voice,searching for me and calling my name. I held still and let the flames take me. It was worse than fighting, but soon I saw the dark mist coming. I heard Emmett's worried voice come closer. I mustered all my strength to say what I needed to say without screaming and thrashing in agony.
"I love you Emmett,but you are not mine.I hope Irina can fill your heart the way you did mine.I became human so I could be a vampire with I can see Irina already has that now I can I am dieing. But thank you Emmett, for showing me that it is possible to find love."
I took a deep breath,trying to remember his scent forever." I love you Emmett McCarty Cullen" With a sigh I closed my eyes for the last to never see the light of day again.

Emmett POV

She took a deep breath,"I love you Emmett McCarty Cullen." She closed her eyes and they didn't open.
I cried tearless cries. I cursed Aro to hell! It's his fault for the love of my life for dying in my arms! I put my lips to hers one last time. I also kissed her neck,remembering her scent. But when I put my lips on that pulse point, I felt it move. She is alive?!