A/N: Here's a little bit about the Camden family & some of their friends. Since there are so many characters now and I've skipped several years since the previous story, I figured this would help you keep them all straight!

Camden Family:

Annie Camden - Annie still stays at home, even though the twins have graduated from high school. She also watches Lucy's kids while Ben and Lucy are at work, as well as Simon and Rose's daughter during the school year. She is widowed. Eric died of a heart attack almost 8 years ago.

Matt Camden (38) - Matt is an OB/GYN with a private practice in Glenn Oak. He is married to Sarah Glass Camden, and they have twin boys, Liam (9), and Keller (9).

Sarah Glass Camden (36) - Sarah is a pediatrician with a private practice in Glenn Oak.

Mary Camden Riviera (35) - Mary teaches at Glenn Oak High School and is also the girl's basketball coach. She is married to Carlos Riviera, and they have a boy, Charlie (11), and twin girls, Ava (9) and Erica (9).

Carlos Camden Riviera (36) - Carlos is also a teacher at Glenn Oak High.

Lucy Camden Kinkirk (32) - Lucy is married to Ben Kinkirk. (To read Ben and Lucy's love story, please read The Love of My Life.) She was previously married to Kevin Kinkirk, Ben's brother, a police officer, but he was shot and killed in the line of duty. She is co-minister with Chandler Hampton at Glenn Oak Community Church, the same church her dad pastored before his death. She and Kevin had 3 girls and 1 boy, Savannah (10), Erin (7), Eric (4), and Allison (4). Lucy was pregnant with Eric and Allison when Kevin died.

Ben Kinkirk (34) - Ben works as a firefighter for Glenn Oak Station 14.

Simon Camden (28) - Simon is a guidance counselor at Glenn Oak High School. He is married to Rose Taylor Camden. They have one girl, Kaitlyn (3). (For a little bit of Simon and Rose's love story, please read Goodbye and Hello, the first story in this series.)

Rose Taylor Camden (27) - Rose is a social worker for the city of Glenn Oak.

Ruthie Camden Petrowski (25) - Ruthie is a stay-at-home mom. She is married to Peter Petrowski. She and Peter have one boy, Daniel (3). (For Peter and Ruthie's love story, please read Goodbye and Hello.)

Peter Petrowski (25) - Peter owns an accounting firm.

Sam Camden (20) - Sam is going to be a junior at Glenn Oak Community College. He has been dating Amy Palmer, a girl he met at college, for almost six months.

David Camden (20) - David is going to be a junior at UCLA. He has been dating Leah West, his high school sweetheart, for nearly four years.


Chandler & Roxanne Hampton - Chandler is co-pastor of Glenn Oak Community Church with Lucy. He is married to Roxanne, who was Kevin's partner at the Glenn Oak Police Department before he died. Roxanne is eight months pregnant with their first child.

Chief Michaels - Chief Michaels is a long-time friend of the family. He is police chief of the Glenn Oak Police Department. He is getting ready to retire from the force.

Captain Ryan Stevens - Captain Stevens is Ben's captain at the firehouse. He is a father figure to Ben, and has gotten to be good friends with all of the Camdens.

Richard and Rosina Glass - Richard and Rosina are Sarah's parents. Richard is a Jewish Rabbi. They live in New York.