Kindergarten Zombi'ko

AN wellcu,m to my new story "Kindergarten Zombi'ko" or da jaoenese name "Supah Kawii Hocky Chibiko Adventure"and prepz if u don't leki this one u can fuk off and go to heaven(geddit cuz im a satanist an I hate heaven!?) I hope tis betteah it's for all da goffik pplz who beilved in me an are to shy to revow. it bout gurl zombi'ko,an kit kat bars. Luv yea Tara,Margit(who heaped with da spellin) and xxxbloodytaredroppsxxx U ALL ROX!

Ch.1 Rod Rox

In a goiffk room were there was a dead body an mood all around 2 lil gurls were gettin ready to have a "good" time "wif" a new friend. Kat and Anna(AN:they from WarioWare for all you nubz an perpz),they had gone over a tolded goffik makeover an were now satanist. There look comprezz of 2 goffik loli dresses each, wif a lil blood on da end of their skirtz ,they also had on withe eyeliner and color contacks,(red for kat and crimson red for anna(A/N: they not DA SAME SHIN((if u wasn't a prep u'd no dat)and there har color was da same(pink=Kat an orange=Anna) andddddd their fav things were for Kat cutin herself an for Anna it was goffik protry, an killing flowerz,they also used snipers witch(geddit?) Were much better then retarded sowrdz.

Is tthis really gonna work,bitch? Anna said as They pushed da big gocffen into the middle of the wroom were the pentagram was. "Yea sure" Kat shouted back at her as she turned on da tv,and and S4 League match was on and dare was there fav fighter waz on, wh o was named Margaret,and looked just liek Margit from "No More Heroes 2". "Owwww" Anna said "I lick her so much she rox"she contined "I lick her too,sis." Kat said

Atffer watchin Marid Teabag her apointments, They put on dare goffik ebony blak coverz an became to get to work. They lit da lightz to an MCR songs and be can to get to work. T hey were summin a demon but not just any demon they were sumanin Zombi'ko(AN:from house of da dead EX go PLAY IT.) Zombiekoko was 15 when she died so she would be 13 now an 18 in hell(place from they was sumin her from) Da goffen started to rise in da hair an turned red as it exposed an Anna shit hersever cuz she was liek dat.