It has been 2 weeks since the battle. The school is fixed, but Lee home schools himself on his computer.

"HEY LEE!" Dinemo yelled, waking up Lee from his bed

"What?" Lee asked him seeming tense. When he got a look at Dinemo he saw him...FADING! "Whats happening to you?!" Lee asked frantically.

"Not just and the book also." Dinemo told him calmly, as if he knew. Lee looked at his arm ad saw he was...fading?!

"WHAT THE?!" he yelled grabbing the book. It too was fading. "What's going on?!"

"Something I waited for a long time." Dinemo responded to him as the 2 of them vanished.

2 hours later...

Lee awoke in a big room by the aroma of a chicken wing dangled from over his face seeing Alice.

"About time you awoke." said a calm yet irritated voice...Roy. Lee looked around seeing Alice, Roy, Dakote, Ri, Vincent, Daniel, Media, and Haily all in the room. Lee was past confusion.

"What's going on?" Lee asked kind of hostile.

"You really slept through it?" Dakote asked. Lee nodded. "Well, we've bee played by the Zeno, King of the Mamodos, and Ikura." Dakote told him as a Mamodo walked in. His was tall, had a white cloak, silver hair and pale blue eyes.

"Hello. I am Zeno, ad I'm not in league with Ikura or Juro." he told him in a sinister voice.

"Then why are we here?" Media asked demanding.

"Simple. As the finale 8 teams, I decided to pit you against on another in the mamodo world. For my amusement. The last team standing will face Ikura and Juro in the finale battle 1 on 1." Zeno explained.

"So, were just toys?!" Haily asked in a somewhat scared voice. She calmed herself quickly, trying to keep her cool. "Wait. If the finale fights are here, why are we here."

"You will see soon enough. But, tonight is when you rest for tomorrow, you will have 2 hours to talk and plan before you battle. Sad-your greatest friends are now your opponents." Zeno said laughing as he walked off.

"I guess this sick, twisted game isn't over yet." Lee said.

"It never does." Vincent sighed.

What do you think of the plot. And if you don't know how Zeno became King, I'll tell you. He killed Zatch 1 night and being his brother, took the throne. Sad TT.