The next day...

After camping outside, Lee and Dinemo made their way to the stadium, which was a lot bigger, to hear the crowd cheering.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Mamodo of all ages. We are down to the final 2 teams of the 1000 year battle of 100 Mamodo!" Zeno announced as the crowd cheered. Soon, they stopped. "The 2 teams have battle in this stadium for their battle." Zeno announced.

Lee and Dinemo made their way to the to main hallway to get to their battle, but they saw something...or a lot of someones. It was all the Mamodo that they teamed up with through the battle: Blaze, Hori, Skye, CJ, Angelo, Kerouji, Kai, Lamervos, Bite, and Gakote were standing in their way.

"What are you guys doing here?" Dinemo asked surprised.

"We came to wish you luck." Angelo cheered as Bite yipped.

"We don't need luck." Lee told them, trying to hide the fact he was scared.

"Trust me, you will." Skye told him.

"Just make sure you don't lose after beating me." Blaze told him with a serious voice.

"OR me." Kai said, still half asleep. Lamervos and Gakote gave the 2 of them 2 thumbs up.

"Thanks guys. We'll pound Juro to a shit!" Dinemo yelled as the 2 of them walked past their friends and into the eastern side of the arena to see Juro and Ikura on the other side with grins on their faces. "What's so funny?" Dinemo asked, annoyed by their faces.

"You, thinking you can defeat me. Dinemo, give now and I'll show mercy." Juro bargained showing off his new toothless smile.

"IN HELL!" Dinemo shouted, just then Zeno called the match to start.

"STOSEAR!" Lee shouted as the rocks around Dinemo's feet formed 2 long spears. Dinemo simply through them at Juro with great force, intending on killing the Mamodo.

"SHAPA!" Ikura quickly shouted as he and Juro quickly vanished in a dark ball of energy. They re-appeared on the left side of the arena without Lee or Dinemo knowing. "SHABEAM!" Ikura shouted, announcing his presence as to where he was as the dark beam came at the duo

"CRUTOR!" Lee shouted as a giant boulder came around Dinemo, blocking the dark beam. The boulder then started to roll and it suddenly rushed at Juro and Ikura at an incredibly fast speed.

"SHAEGRI! " Ikura chanted as the boulder's shadow wrapped around it and crushed it, but Dinemo was nowhere to be find. "WHERE DID HE GO?" Juro shouted, in somewhat of a panic. "Up their!" Ikura pointed out as Dinemo was in the air, a big fat grin on his face.

"Now, we hit hard. BOUOOST!" Lee called as Dinemo's body glowed Emerald and he fell at great speed, coming for Juro and Ikura with a fist ready to pound them.

"SHADOMEA!" Ikura yelled, and a giant dome, made of the shadows around them arose and blocked Dinemo's fist, but the spell shattered.

"My turn." Dinemo said grinning as he charged at Juro, and before Ikura could cast a spell, punched Juro right in the mouth, sending him flying into the stadium's eastern wall. "Now, for the..." Dinemo stopped as his body became heavy and Ikura nearly betch slapped him, but Lee grabbed Dinemo by his arm and moved him out the way.

"UNBELIEVABLE!" yelled Juro as he came out the wall, showing that he didn't lose 1 tooth...but 3 teeth! [for those who cannot do 1st grade math, 1 tooth + 2 teeth= 3 teeth. Everyone, except Ikura, burst into laughter. "You will pay! IKURA!" Juro shouted as he opened the spell book.

"ADSH CANEROIX!" Ikura yelled as Juro summoned a giant statue behind him. It had a lot of energy in its mouth and fired it out from his maw heading straight for them.

"NOT AGAIN!" Lee shouted, seeing the giant statue.

"LEE! READ!" Dinemo ordered, and Lee opened the book.

"DRANAKE!" Lee cased and Dinemo summoned his giant rock snake. The snake, with all its might charged at the statue's blast head on. However, the statue's blast was to powerful that it destroyed the Dranake spell, and the blast continued to an exhausted Dinemo and a tired and shocked Lee.

"AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We've won!" Juro cheered.

"TUNNELERIS!" Lee yelled as the blast hit where they were standing exactly 25 seconds before the blast hit. The smoke was thick and when it cleared, they saw a giant crater in the ground.

"YES! VICTORY! WE'VE-" Juro cheer faded as his victory party was cut short, as inside the crater was nobody and nothing. "WHAT...THE...HELL!" Juro screeched. "Where are they?" Juro cried.

Where are Dinemo and Lee? Stay tune to find out.