Sorry if you think I took so long, but this is THE finale chapter of the series!

Juro and Ikura looked at the crater that remained from their ultimate spell, which should of destroyed Dinemo and Lee, but they're gone.

"How did they do that? Where are they?" Juro yelled looking around angrily. However, once he did, he saw Lee with his cap down over his eyes and Dinemo in front of him with a large grin on his face. "HOW?" Juro shouted as if he saw a ghost at Lee.

"Simple. TUNNELERIS!" shouted Lee and Dinemo quickly went underground. "And now, BOUOOST!" Lee shouted and Dinemo was glowing Emerald as he gave Juro an uppercut on the chin...hard! Luckily, Juro didn't lose any teeth this time.

"I have had enough of this nonsense! SHAEGRI!" Ikura chanted as Dinemo's shadow wrapped around him, weakly though. "We've wasted to much energy! How come their not tired?" Ikura asked looking at Dinemo, starting to break free of the still tight shadow.

"Simple, we held back a lot of energy from our Dranake spell." Lee said, still glowing bright.

"Ikura, emergency plan!" Juro said. Ikura closed the book, deactivating took off the device on his shirt [a few chapters ago] and pressed the button. Suddenly, a dark energy came over Juro and he began to transform. He's usual black hair [sorry for bad description when he first made an appearance] shot up on spikes, his silver cloak ripped and he became more muscular, he grew horns and sharpened ears, his black eyes [sorry again] went blood red. He looked like a monster. "YES! YES! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! This is power!" he shouted.

"What the hell did you just do?" Dinemo asked showing some shock in his voice.

"Did you think your pathetic friend Lamervos was the only Mamodo with technology? That tool we used has given my spells even more power!" Juro shouted in his much more deep voice.

"Observe. SHABEAM!" Ikura shouted. And Juro's usual beam from his hand was more powerful than ever before.

"MUPRO!" Lee chanted as the mud ball surrounded Lee and Dinemo, but it quickly shattered from Juro's enhanced power. "OW! That is tough." Lee commented getting up.

"We need to end this fast!" Dinemo pointed out as Lee turned a few pages.

"Lets see them beat this! TARRABLO!" Lee chanted and Dinemo pointed his hands to the ground as is began to shake! An earthquake had just begun and fissures quickly started opening up from the ground. One opened up under Juro, but he quickly grabbed his partner and jumped. Soon, their spell ended.

"Enough of these games. We must end this!" Ikura shouted.

"Lets!" Juro shouted.

"SHAFOR!" Ikura shouted as darkness started to surround Juro. Dinemo knew what he was doing...charging energy for a spell. So he ran at him and quickly tried to punch him, but was repelled from the massive energy being charged. "Face it, their isn't a spell in your book that can save you."

"Wanna bet! BOUOOST!" Lee yelled as Dinemo glowed Emerald again.

"That's it?" Ikura asked with a smug grin on his face.

"Nope. FISKA!" Lee shouted as Dinemo was covered in stone armor from head to toe. The armor still glowed Emerald. "This is where it ends."

"For you! "ADSH CANEROIX!" Ikura chanted as a giant statue appeared from Juro's shadow. The statue was much bigger from before and it seemed incredibly powerful as it charged more power from his mouth.

"DRANAKE!" Lee chanted as Dinemo summoned his stone snake, but this time the snake was covered in lava and it was much bigger. That's when the Adsh Caneroix blasted it's cannon like blast at the Drankake and the 2 spells collided however, Juro's spell was winning.

"Face it Dinemo, you and your partner were losers and you always will be!" Juro called as his spell was slowly overpowering Dinemo's. But, suddenly, their power was increasing and it was overpowering Juro's. "WHAT THE? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!" Juro shouted not seeing Blaze, Hori, Skye, CJ, Angelo, Kerouji, Kai, Lamervos, Bite, and Gakote give some of their powers to Dinemo's spell, making it far more powerful than Juro's. Than, with a thrust from Dinemo's snake, it rammed its way through the blast and collided with the statue, causing an explosion.

Once the smoke cleared, Ikura was unconscious, Juro was back to normal, Dinemo and Lee were exhausted, and Juro's book was burning.

" is this possible? You are an idiot! AN IDIOT!" Juro winned as he got up and Dinemo was standing on both feet.

"Maybe I am. But am the idiot who beat you!" Dinemo laughed as Ikura fully vanished.

"And the winner of the 1000 year battle is...Dinemo!" Zeno announced causing great cheer as Dinemo's friends came and congratulated. Zeno handed Dinemo a staff that doesn't do anything [it's suppose to be like a trophy] as his book Lee started to vanish.

"So...this is it?" Lee asked his now ex-partner. Dinemo just looked down, hiding a few tears. He knew this day would come, but he didn't want the time he had with Lee to end. They had their fights, but he enjoyed having Lee's company. "But hey, you won!"

"Still Lee. I will miss you. You were my 1st friend in this battle." Dinemo said. "I won't forget you."

"Likewise" Lee said taking off his cap and put on the red head Mamodo. "Think of it as a souvenir...King Dinemo." Lee said as the 2 shook hands as Lee vanished to his world.


After the battle, Dinemo became king and the Mamodo World was peaceful again. Their were no wars, nobody tried to jump another, and Juro was imprisoned in a cell that nullifies his shadow powers.

In the human world, Lee still lived alone, but was occasionally visited by his sister. Ikura just seemed to have disappeared and he was still visited by his new friends from the battle. All and all, their living good lives.

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