At the very same time...

Dinemo awoke in a big room to the sound of his stomach. He looked around and saw Hori, Blaze, Kai, C.J., Kerouji, Lamervos, Gakote, and Skye and they were all wearing bracelets. Dinemo looked at his hand and saw a bracelet as well.

"Finally, you awoke." Blaze commented laughing. Dinemo was both angry and confused. [Right. This is what 'King Zeno' told us: the remaining 10 would be brought back to the mamodo world...but there's only 9] Dinemo thought. "Funny." Blaze laughed, "I thought making it to the finale 10 Mamodos would feel like an honor, but it's more like a pain.

"Wait, what's with the bracelets?" Dinemo asked getting to his feet.

"They nullify our abilities and they cannot be broken. They make it as if were on Earth." Gakote explained. Dinemo saw Kerouji in Frog form with the bracelet around his stomach and C.J. and Guinea Pig form with the bracelet over his back. As the 2 transformed back, the bracelet was around their arms. "See?" Suddenly, the floor started to shake as the 9 Mamodo were all elevated upward, each closing their eyes from the bright light.

When they opened their eyes, they saw that they were in a Colosseum Ring. At the top of it was King Zeno.

"Welcome Mamodos of all classes. Welcome to the Colosseum!" Zeno yelled as the crowd cheered, "This tournament will decide who will become the NEXT MAMODO KING!" he yelled as the crowd cheered. "The remaining fighters are Dinemo, Hori, Blaze, Kai, C.J., Kerouji, Lamervos, Gakote, Skye-" he paused as another floor elevated as one more Mamodo appeared, "And JURO!" Zeno announced as the crowd cheered even more. The 9 of them stared at Juro, all wanting to kill him, but now wasn't the time "And here's their human partners! Lee, Alice, Dakote, Ri, Vincent, Daniel, Media, Haily, and Ikura!" Zeno announced as the 10 humans entered the room through a door, each one holding a spell book. Each mamodo went to their partner.

"Here's how it works: Each mamodo has a bracelet, making it so as if they are on Earth, as they must battle each other in a tournament. The books they use all will burst into flames if a spell hits it, thus ending that persons chance to become king...or queen. The last one standing shall become that king...or queen." Zeno explained as the crowd cheered. Here's the order of the tournament."

Dinemo VS Blaze

Kai VS Gakote

Hori VS Kerouji

Skye VS Juro

C.J. VS Lamervos

The crowd cheered as they saw the line up. Lee and the others though didn't know what to feel.

"Friend against friend, Enemy against Enemy! Who will win!?" Zeno yelled as the crowd gave off their finale cheer.

These will be the fights for the tourney. I hope you give a GOOD LUCK review for who you want to win as if it matters.