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It was another stressful day for Annabeth. Her senior year was wearing her down tremendously, even with her god given intelligence. Studying for exams and writing essays kept Annabeth busy all day. She had already gone over all of her notes and read through the text book's material several times. Once she saw the words start to float off of the page, she knew it was time to take a break. Annabeth sighed heavily, putting her books aside.

She had to relax. She had been putting so much stress on herself with all this studying. She had to get rid of all this stress and just relax for once. Percy was right, she did over-work herself. Speaking of her boyfriend, she hadn't seen Percy in almost a week and a half. Going to separate schools put a space in-between their relationship. They tried to see each other whenever they could but because of the finals (that were almost over with, thank the gods!), Annabeth had found no time to see her boyfriend. Sure they Iris-messaged, but Annabeth missed being with Percy in the flesh. The one thing that she wanted to do was see him, and that was exactly what she was going to do right now.

Annabeth would never admit this aloud, but she was very anxious throughout the drive to Percy's. When she had reached his apartment, she sprinted up to the door, knocked three times, and waiting impatiently. Annabeth smiled when she heard the familiar voice calling out, "I've got it, mom!"

Annabeth grinned broadly when she saw Percy. She enveloped him in a hug.

"Annabeth," he breathed into her ear, sending chills up her spin. Her heart fluttered and she sighed contently.

"Hi, Seaweed Brain," She grinned, pulling away from Percy.


"Annabeth! It's so good to see you, dear!" came Mrs. Jackson's voice. Sally came into the living room and gave Annabeth a bone crushing hug.

"Hi Mrs. Jackson, it's great to see you too," she smiled, "I've missed being here." She said, looking directly at Percy.

Sally couldn't contain her wide smile as she looked at the couple in front of her. "I'll just… be over there," She pointed aimlessly, her words unacknowledged.

The couple sat in Percy's room, catching each other up on the past week. Annabeth kept asking Percy about school and how his classes were going. He seemed uncomfortable when she mentioned a few classes, but he brushed past the subject, shrugging indifferently.

Percy was more interested in Annabeth's lips than anything else. She didn't mind though. Kissing Percy was like breathing, effortless and mandatory. Being in his arms made Annabeth forget any stress she had, but when it came time to leaving she was dreading going back. She sighed begrudgingly.

"I should really get going. I still have some work to go over, but I'll see you tomorrow…?" she trailed off.

When she looked up at Percy, he seemed… off. He was avoiding looked at her in the eyes. She had noticed he had done that a couple of times while they were talking in his room, too.

"I kind of have something after school." He said hesitantly. "Nothing big," he hurriedly said, "just an assignment I didn't finish. So I have to stay after school hours." He was looking anywhere but at her.

She raised her eyebrows, not sure whether to believe him or not. There was definitely something wrong. He was hiding something, but she wouldn't push him to tell her. Before she could say anything, Percy quickly spoke again, "But my mom is going to a spa tomorrow. Somethin' about needing some time for herself. She asked me to tell you because she wants to have some 'girl bonding' time." He rolled his eyes, "And plus, you are really stressed. This would be good for you." He put on a sweet smile.

Annabeth thought about it. A visit to the spa did sound good, and she really did need to relieve some stress. But she was still suspicious of Percy.

"I guess… that does sound really good-"

"Great! I'll let her know." She gave him a small smile, not sure what to think of Percy's strange behavior. He grinned at her and kissed her goodnight.

The drive home was quiet. The radio had bothered Annabeth's thinking, so she shut it off, annoyed. Why would Percy lie to her? Well, she couldn't be certain he was lying, but he sure seemed to be hiding something, that much she could tell. Why would Percy lie to her? It sounded funny to her, because Percy had never hidden anything from her.

Annabeth shrugged the doubtful thoughts away. She was just jumping to conclusions. If Percy had anything to say, he would tell her. And if he was hiding something, he would eventually tell her… Right?

She reached her building, making her way to her dorm. Her roommate was already sleeping. That left Annabeth unable to do much, so she figured she'd go to bed as well. She tried not to let thoughts of Percy and confliction cloud her mind. She would just have to trust him. With that positive thought, she dozed off.

The next day Annabeth was feeling a bit more optimistic. Seeing Percy had definitely cheered her up and going to a spa today would relieve any lingering stress.

When Annabeth arrived at Percy's, Mrs. Jackson was already waiting outside for her. The drive to the spa was quick. They checked in, and the kind receptionist took both ladies to the back to get changed into robes. An assistant then took them to a big, open room where other women were being pampered.

Sandra, the assistant, led them to various stations where Annabeth was also pampered. Her stress melted away from the minute she stepped into the place, and now she was enjoying this heavenly attention.

They were led to massage beds, and the masseuses began their massages with their magical, talented hands.

Sally had excused herself for a moment. If she hadn't tapped Annabeth to let her know, the demigod wouldn't have ever noticed. She was in heaven. Pure bliss. She had died and went to the fields of Elysium. The massage felt incredible up until the part where the masseuse left to get more supplies.

Annabeth groaned, wanting heaven to continue. She waited impatiently, tapping her fingers against the bed. There were two loud voices coming from her left. She glanced over and saw two girls, around the age of 18 maybe, talking animatedly about something. One sounded distressed, while the other sounded consoling.

"I just can't believe him! How could he just do that to her? What a lying, cheating ass," one proclaimed heatedly. "Ugh, I know. Men are such pigs."

One of them caught Annabeth's eye, and she quickly looked away, face flaming.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry," Annabeth apologized.

The girl chuckled, "Don't worry about it. Hey… you look familiar. What school do you go to?" the girl asked bluntly.

Annabeth was taken aback at the girl's response. She had expected her to be angry or upset.

"Oh, um, a boarding school, Cedar Hill…" Annabeth trailed off.

"Ah! That's where I've seen you. We go there, too. I'm Sarah, and this is Ashley," Sarah said, gesturing at her friend and herself. She seemed friendly, but Annabeth had never seen her or Ashley before.

"Oh, and don't worry about it. We tend to be loud when we talk," Ashley giggled.

"I'm Annabeth. I'm sorry if I sound nosey, but you two seem really upset…," she trailed off, not sure if she was treading in safe waters. But she couldn't help her curiosity. Sarah, it seemed, didn't mind. Her eyes lit up, as if she were getting a present.

"We were just talking about how disgusting guys can be, ugh," Sarah explained, making a face.

Ashley piped up, making a disgusted face, "One of our friend's boyfriend totally cheated on her, the pig. That just shows you that men cannot be trusted."

Annabeth thought about that for a moment and decided to be brave and put her two cents in, "Well… I don't necessarily think that all guys are like that. I'm sure there are some guys who are faithful." Annabeth smiled, thinking of Percy.

The two girls looked at each other then burst into giggles.

"Lemme guess," Sarah spoke up, "you have a boyfriend." This wasn't a question.

Annabeth nodded, still smiling. "Oh honey, of course you think that! He must treat you like you're his world," she chuckled.

Annabeth frowned at her words, her eyesbrows furrowing. She was slightly annoyed by what Sarah had said.

"I know what you're thinking, and Percy is definitely not that kind of guy. Trust me," Annabeth said confidently.

"Wait, so you two go to separate schools, right?" Ashley asked.

"Yeah, but it's not like that," Annabeth answered, afraid of where this was going.

"Don't you ever wonder what he does when you're not around? I mean, he goes to a different school. He could be seeing his mistress," Sarah said seriously.

Annabeth was not going to believe this. It was crazy! "Percy would never -"

"Never do that? Sweetie, that's what all girls' want to believe about their guys," Ashley stated.

"Honestly, he's a seventeen year old –"


"- eighteen year old, hormonal guy. Need I explain more?" Ashley raised her eyebrow, looking squarely at Annabeth.

Now Annabeth was conflicted. She wasn't one to believe so easily, but they made some reasonable points. He was still young and there were plenty of girls who would throw themselves at him. What was to stop him?

Yesterday he had avoided her eyes whenever she had asked about school. Was there another girl from his school? He was hiding something, Annabeth was sure of that. Was he playing her? Had he suggested this trip to the spa? Now the only question left to ask was, "Why?"

"Annie,"- Annabeth dismissed the nickname -, "what do you think guys' want most?"

When Annabeth didn't answer, Sarah continued, "Sex! They want sex. Have you two… you know, done it yet?" she asked shamelessly.

Annabeth's face was flaming. No, they hadn't. Although Percy hadn't ever brought up the subject verbally, he sort of implied it whenever they made-out, but Annabeth always stopped him.

Annabeth shook her head, and the girl looked at her sadly. "Awe, don't worry honey! There's still something you can do," Sarah grinned mischievously, "you can seduce him!"

Sarah had said it a bit too loudly, causing some women to look their way curiously.

"Seduce him?" Annabeth flushed, "How?" She felt so weird asking.

Ashley rolled her eyes, "Put something sexy on, some make-up, do you hair, and viola! He will only have eyes for you," she smiled.

Annabeth took their words into consideration. Doing this could stop Percy from even thinking about sneaking around. And if he already was… No, she wouldn't think of that, because Percy wouldn't do that. She didn't want to lose him, and mentioning this would only make things worse and awkward.

After much thought, she decided she would go through with it. This was ridiculous. She didn't even have any proof! She nodded to the girls, pretending she agreed.

Her masseuse returned shortly after their conversation ended and began her magic once again. But Annabeth could not relax. Not after the conversation she had just had.

After the massage, Sally returned, and they got dressed to leave. Annabeth left the spa feeling just as stressed as before. Sally had asked her multiple times if she was alright, but Annabeth shrugged, put on a smile, and assured her she was fine.

They arrived at the apartment, 'Finally,' Annabeth thought, relieved. All she wanted was to go home and sleep. She thanked Sally for the day out and promised she'd visit soon.

As Percy came down from the building, Annabeth left, not bothering to greet Percy. She may not have any kind of proof or solid opinions on the matter, but he wasn't exactly the person she wanted to see at the moment.

Percy was confused and a bit surprised, "What was that about?"

"She seemed a little distracted after we left the spa. She must have not seen you, sweetie," Sally consoled.

Percy only nodded and headed back to the building.

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