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Chekov was bored. He had been sitting at the controls all day, waiting for something interesting to happen. He looked over at Spock who was reading a book which had mysteriously appeared on his desk. The Vulcan's crazed eyebrows were levitating further and further up his face, getting closer and closer to that perfect bowl haircut. Wouldn't it be funny if that was made into a flourescent pink moheican... No. That was another story. That eyebrow was really gettting on his nerves. Chekov had to do something about it. Furtively, he looked around. Kirk was snoring in his chair, a tribble neatly perched on his head, but other than him and the target Vulcan, the bridge was deserted. Perfect. He tiptoed over to Spock, careful not to wake the captain, and dragged him into the turbo-lift.

"You are a Wulcan!" Chekov yelled as the turbo-lift doors closed. Was there a flicker of emotion there? Please, please say it was, he thought. He tried again.

"You are a Wulcan from ze planet Wulcan and you haff stupeed pointy ears and annoying eyebrows. Hmph!" There it was again - a flicker of emotion. YAY!

"I am NOT a 'Wulcan'. I am a Vulcan," came the stern reply. "Say it properly. V-u-l-c-a-n."

"You are a W-w-w-w-f-f-f-fulcan?" The Russian's first outburst had already awoken the dozy captain and he now stood in the doorway of the turbo-lift (which he had managed to open in his sleep). He stood there, mouth hanging open, like a gormless goldfish, and suddenly ran away, screaming "Spock's turned into a B.O.P.! HELP!"

Overhearing this, Scotty, the ship's awesomest engineer EVER, got very confused and began to run around yelling "Spock's turned into a Klingon warship!"

Dr McCoy, upon hearing this, exclaimed "YAY!" and the whole crew of the Enterprise was in chaos, most thinking that Spock had just died. Puffs of smoke and sparks started to appear, courtesy of Mr. Scott, who wanted to add some dramatic effect, and amidst all the ker-fuffle, sat Chekov, looking very self-satisfied and smug.

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The End. Ish. Possibly.