Takes place after a place to call my own.

Sitting by the fire place in Gibbs house Tony was ripping up the real estate paper's and throwing them in the fire. That was one dream that will never happen in a long time. The only thing that stopped him from getting mad was that the money went to help his father out, even with the fact his father was never there for him in the past at the end of the day he was still his father.

Watching the paper's burn Tony could not help but wonder about his father and how he was doing. He has a lot of questions to ask his dad but those will have to wait.

Why didn't his father just tell him the truth? Was he trying to protect him? But he found out by a computer, a damn computer that's what hurt him more then anything else.

Tony now felt even more bad for what he was made to do to Jeanne by the late Director Jenny Sheppard.

He may never be the same person again but he will try and be a better person from now on.

Watching from the door way. Gibbs knew that Tony the agent who he saw as a son will have along road ahead of him but he will get there. With the help of the team, his family.


Will write more drabble's soon.