I always love the X-men movies and Colossus is one of my favorite I decided to make a story about it.

It starts after the first film.

A huge thanks to my beta xStarletx and maltesegirl50 that helped with the creation.

This is my first attempt to a x-men story,so tell me what you think.

Also,I didn't forget my story "Wild flower".Hopefully I'll post another chapter soon.

Three months ago

When I was little, I used to believe in fairies.

It's a silly thing, I know that now, but I always thought that it was amazing, the way they could shape a forest or a garden with their powers in the books I used to read.

I always liked flowers.

I don't know why, maybe because I always lived in the big city all my life so there wasn't much green where I lived.

And then, one day, it happened.

I was coming back from school with my friends, and then a plant appeared right in front of my house. I know I was supposed to leave it there and continue to talk with my friends. There were more important things to think about the time, like homework or silly a crush.

Only the plant that came out of nowhere grew under a ton of concrete. I'm no botany, but I know that something like this is very hard to happen.

The next day it grew, the roots were all of the houses on my street. Expect mine. My dad had to call the municipal services to come and cut the tree that appeared out of nowhere, because it was dangerous and was ruining the neighbors' houses

But, the funny thing was that I wasn't alarmed by the tree. Because, for some weird reason, I knew that I was responsible for that.

It was from that day on that I started to pay more attention to my surroundings; another plant started to grow near my window, and my room was on the second floor, far from the ground. All the plants that my mom bought became incredibly beautiful. Which is very odd, because she usually forgets them and it only lasts three or four days tops. But that plants seemed to get a life from it's own.

I was ecstatic! What did that mean? I have heard on the tv about people with abilities, but was I really one of them? Wasn't that all my imagination?

But I've always been so normal! To the point to boredom. I mean, I just removed my braces and my dream is to become a librarian. A librarian! How lame is that?

So I went to see for myself if it was really true. I went to the market and bought a bag of seeds that people use to feed their birds, and focused. I didn't know what to expect, I'm not Poison Ivy! I just kept picturing the seed growing and blossoming into a grown plant. And I did it! Just like that!

I was so happy! I mean, I've always been the boring type of person, so far. But now? This is great! I couldn't wait to tell my parents about it! They'd be so happy for me.

Little did I know.


"This is not happening. It's all a dream, and when I wake up, I'll find out that this just a horrible nightmare." I keep telling myself that ever since I got to the airport. But when I open my eyes, I see that this is all really happening. And the only thing that I can say is that this is all my fault.

"Attention please, all passengers bound for New York, United Sates, please address to gate six C." The voice of the board was very clear.

So, this is it? I give one last look at my surroundings to see if I notice any familiar face in the crowd mixed with all those people who were saying their goodbyes. But there was no one.

I look down but I'm not crying. What's the point? To some employee comes and ask me if I need to call someone? Call who, my parents? They're the ones who banished me in the first place.

And now I'm going to another COUNTRY, where I don't know ANYBODY to learn God knows what!

"This isn't real, it's just a nightmare"

"Attention please, all passengers bound for New York, United Sates, please address to gate six C."

I open my eyes again and grab my backpack while I pass security. So, this is really it.

"New York, here I go."

I know it's short,but if I have reviews,I'll update faster.