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Mutant and Proud

I know it may sound cliché, but I didn't want the night to end .We didn't go back to the party, and I don't think anyone missed us; the place was completely crowed, and I learnt that there's no party like the Xavier Institute party.

Peter and I decided to spill everything we were keeping from each other .It seems that every time he tried to tell me about his feelings, I'd come with another story and shut him out. I realize I tend to do that, but, come on; I was oblivious to his intentions!

"I'm sorry" I started to play with his hand to try to hide my embarrassment. We were content on sitting on the ground ,which was funny considering that he made the ground seems smaller than it was due to his gigantic form ;just listening to the party downstairs.

"Don't be .it's my fault I didn't tell you sooner" I kissed him, one more time. The more I did that, the more natural it became.

"It's pointless to regret the past. All we can do now is to think about the future" I smiled at his features that were set on me. We talked about all kinds of things; and our pasts were one of them. But, the most important, was the future.

"True. Besides ,I don't think it'll be much of a surprise when we tell the others" I raised an eyebrow at him "I'm just saying that they might not be as clueless to each other as we were" I laughed and kissed him, this time ,falling on the ground with my boyfriend.

Yep, he might be right about the others.

"So, I'll see you tomorrow" My smile completely took over my face .We were outside my dorm room .I don't know at which point, but the party was over and so was the cleaning. So Peter, being the completely loving guy as always, insisted on taking me to my room. At least I got to spend more time in his arms.

"I'll be here" He leaned down to give me one more kiss, when he heard Dr. Grey coming towards the corridor, and our goodbye had to be cut short.

So, it was with that same smile that I entered my room, and thought that, by the time, everyone else would be sleeping.

I couldn't be more wrong.

"OH MY GOD, THERE SHE IS!" Kitty almost scared me to death .all the lights were out, apparently not to seem that anyone was awake.

"Tell us everything, NOW!" Jubilee didn't even seemed like she was tired, and the Cheshire grin on Rogues face scared me a little.

"Tell you girls what?" I tried to play it cool, but I couldn't wipe of my smile, and my blush wasn't helping much either.

"Don't you come with that crap on us, Alice. What happened?" Slowly, I made my way to my bed, taking my coat off and shrugging to them. When I put my head on my pillow and closed my eyes, is that I said, like it was no big deal.

"We kissed" The entire room erupted with giggling and questions that followed until morning.

If I did have the power of X-Ray, I'd see Dr. Grey walking by our door, with a smile on her face.

We barely slept, and I don't know where the girls got all their energy. Apparently, they all had a blast at the party and were very tired. But not enough to wait for me.

"Peter and Alice, sitting in a tree…"Kitty really is something! But if she doesn't stop singing this song for the billionth time, I might grow a thorn on her forehead!

"Ok, seriously Kitty?" It wasn't me, but Rogue that snapped at her .Patience has it's limits .Also, the fact that we were all craving for breakfast didn't help much.

"Alright girls, let's g…ahhh, look who it is!" Right on time! There it was, my muscular mutant prince.

"Morning everyone" even from the female barricade that formed between us, I could easily see it. One of the perks of being a giant, he told me.

"Good morning to you too Peter. Had a nice time at the party last night?" Jubilee asked and I could see the color forming on his cheeks .Poor Pete.

"See? I told you he'd blush. You owe me 20 bucks, Kitty" She slapped the shorter girl arm as they passed his way.

"Oh man!" We could hear Kitty indignation as she passed straight the wall and followed the rest go the group for breakfast.

"Hi" when we were left alone, I wasted no time on going to him.

"Hi" He kissed me with the same passion as last night, and we would take longer, if Rogue hadn't appeared.

"I just forgot my…"She stopped when she saw us. We split at the sight. Her eyes were so sad, and I knew what she was thinking, she could never have this kind of contact with anyone. "Sorry, I'm just going to go now" With her eyes downcast, she left.

"Poor Rogue" Peter said when she was out of the room.

"We shouldn't have to make her go trough that" one of the things that were easy for us is that we understood each other. We didn't have to exchange all our ideas for comprehend what the other wanted. It was just easy for us.

"We won't" Which is why we left for breakfast, not touching, but side by side.

Peter and I always worked well together. But after we admitted our feelings, it was almost as if we were one.

The best way to explain this was on the Danger Room sessions. Each time we were paired together, we were invincible. It also helped the fact that my powers were much more in control and it was more like an extended limb every time I grew a whip of thorns.

I could only master my powers under one of the worst experiences I've had since I got to the Institute.

The School was invaded by Stryker and his men. Of course, at the time, I didn't know his name or why he was there. I've just met Mr. Logan, who seemed a short and slightly grumpy man, nothing much to think of him. I've lost sight of Peter; that night we were already sleeping when they came in, and only saw him outside, when I managed to surprise two soldiers who were trying to kidnap a group of the youngers.

It was a relief that my powers worked for the first time. Even better that we were outside, in the middle of the woods.

"ALICE!" They came running towards me when I could set them free. There were helicopters and SUVs everywhere, and we had to hurry and go straight for the designated safe houses.

We escaped the psychopath, but he wasn't the only one we faced.

We've dealt with difficult problems, and more than once, I wouldn't think I was going to make it. But Peter always gave me strength.

We've experience fear and lost .And all that would suffocate me if it wasn't for the friendship and love I've found at the Xavier School.

We grew up, and so our love. When we graduated, Peter and I decided to live nearby, at a farm we found and could be use as a safe house if any circumstance required.

With him, I could face anything.

The world was a cold one to mutants. Not everywhere, but with new government laws everyday, diminishing our freedom, it was difficult to feel free. Especially if you were a young mutant.

It was around this time of frighten, that he proposed to me.

I really wasn't expecting this. Peter has always been very romantic, and we already acted as a married couple .I never assumed that he would give me a ring and proposed to me at the same place that was always so special to us: The Institute attic.

Our wedding was simple. Dr. McCoy performed our ceremony and all our family was present.

I meant family, not as blood related. With time, I've learnt that there's two types of families: the one you were born to, and the one you choose to be a part of.

And that's what the X-men are: my family.

My name is Alice Rasputin, and I am a proud mutant.

The End

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